Monday, November 16, 2009

My Cutesy Home Bakery - Cakes and Muffins

Over the previous weekends, I have tried my hand at baking cakes and muffins. It is definitely a lot of trial and errors plus hard work. But Rossi is worth all my efforts. She loves them too! 

Blueberry Peanut Butter Cake

Banana Carob 'Rabbit' Cake

Banana Muffins

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Visit to an Infamous Place

On Saturday afternoon, Hubby and I, together with Rossi visited the infamous farmway that most of us were so familiar with. As mentioned in one of my earlier blog entries, Rossi was born in one of the many breeding grounds there. We went to the place where we got Rossi. Before we even stepped into the display area, an unpleasant stench welcomed our arrival. Despite this, we blocked off the smell in our minds and marched in.

It was a pathetic sight. The puppies there looked so sad and lethargic, seemingly not interested in their surrounding. Most cuddled together with their fellow cage mates and slept their time away. Some laid on all fours staring at the viewing public with uninterested, half-lidded eyes, while some others simply sniffed around their cage mates in the tiny cages, lost in their own little world. They didn't behave as what puppies rightfully should. It seemed to me that they have either lost their puppylike-ness with the stressful, interminable hours trapped in the tiny spaces or they might be sick in some way.

Poor pups.Their very reason for existence was simply to wait and get sold, in order to earn profits for the greedy, unscrupulous breeders. No one cared about them, as long as they served their purpose. But for those that didn't fulfil their appointed mission, I shuddered to think what fate the heartless people had in store for them. There were so many of them and more new ones were also coming in to fill in the empty slots, it was really quite impossible for every one of them to get sold.

We also saw some Papillon pups for sale. Same with the other pups there, they looked tired and probably sick in some way. One particular male papillon was mindlessly chewing on his paw non-stop for as long as we were there. His paw was all red and he looked very uncomfortable. We also noticed that all the Papillons had patches of skin peeling off their noses. It looked like some kind of contagious infection and this was very disturbing. What disgusted us further was the exorbitant price tags on these pups!

But the people there couldnt care less about any of the pups there, as long as they generate the income to feed their greedy, twisted minds! These bunch of fools! Do they honestly think we consumers are idiots or what? Do they really think everyone would be cheated into spending such money on sickly looking pups?

Witnessing this reminded me of the time when I first took Rossi home and saw her furless little face. They told me its a common symptom and she might even lose more fur somewhere else later on. But I have 3 different vets telling me this was definitely uncommon. One of them did a test and Rossi was diagnosed with Bacteria Infection.

One male assistant there even had the audacity to come up to Rossi and tried to play with her. My hubby immediately turned her away from the guy. Then I followed up with a firm and loud "NO" in Rossi's direction, but was actually meant for him. He seemed to take the cue and backed off quickly. No way would I let his filthy hands that are covered in innocent blood touch a strand of fur on my baby gal! Absoutely No Way!

What was comforting to me and hubby was the fact that Rossi was very alert and active when we first saw her. She was also very responsive and had a good appetite when we saw her eat during her meal time. She was very different from the Papillons we saw that day. Other than the kennel cough and bacteria infection she had when she first came back, she was a tough little cookie. Her issues were resolved in a short time too.

My heart goes out to all the pitiful pups I saw there, but at the same time, I am very relieved that Rossi is safely with us, in our care and the comfort of our small, cosy home, which has also become her permanent home for the rest of her life.