Monday, November 16, 2009

My Cutesy Home Bakery - Cakes and Muffins

Over the previous weekends, I have tried my hand at baking cakes and muffins. It is definitely a lot of trial and errors plus hard work. But Rossi is worth all my efforts. She loves them too! 

Blueberry Peanut Butter Cake

Banana Carob 'Rabbit' Cake

Banana Muffins

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Visit to an Infamous Place

On Saturday afternoon, Hubby and I, together with Rossi visited the infamous farmway that most of us were so familiar with. As mentioned in one of my earlier blog entries, Rossi was born in one of the many breeding grounds there. We went to the place where we got Rossi. Before we even stepped into the display area, an unpleasant stench welcomed our arrival. Despite this, we blocked off the smell in our minds and marched in.

It was a pathetic sight. The puppies there looked so sad and lethargic, seemingly not interested in their surrounding. Most cuddled together with their fellow cage mates and slept their time away. Some laid on all fours staring at the viewing public with uninterested, half-lidded eyes, while some others simply sniffed around their cage mates in the tiny cages, lost in their own little world. They didn't behave as what puppies rightfully should. It seemed to me that they have either lost their puppylike-ness with the stressful, interminable hours trapped in the tiny spaces or they might be sick in some way.

Poor pups.Their very reason for existence was simply to wait and get sold, in order to earn profits for the greedy, unscrupulous breeders. No one cared about them, as long as they served their purpose. But for those that didn't fulfil their appointed mission, I shuddered to think what fate the heartless people had in store for them. There were so many of them and more new ones were also coming in to fill in the empty slots, it was really quite impossible for every one of them to get sold.

We also saw some Papillon pups for sale. Same with the other pups there, they looked tired and probably sick in some way. One particular male papillon was mindlessly chewing on his paw non-stop for as long as we were there. His paw was all red and he looked very uncomfortable. We also noticed that all the Papillons had patches of skin peeling off their noses. It looked like some kind of contagious infection and this was very disturbing. What disgusted us further was the exorbitant price tags on these pups!

But the people there couldnt care less about any of the pups there, as long as they generate the income to feed their greedy, twisted minds! These bunch of fools! Do they honestly think we consumers are idiots or what? Do they really think everyone would be cheated into spending such money on sickly looking pups?

Witnessing this reminded me of the time when I first took Rossi home and saw her furless little face. They told me its a common symptom and she might even lose more fur somewhere else later on. But I have 3 different vets telling me this was definitely uncommon. One of them did a test and Rossi was diagnosed with Bacteria Infection.

One male assistant there even had the audacity to come up to Rossi and tried to play with her. My hubby immediately turned her away from the guy. Then I followed up with a firm and loud "NO" in Rossi's direction, but was actually meant for him. He seemed to take the cue and backed off quickly. No way would I let his filthy hands that are covered in innocent blood touch a strand of fur on my baby gal! Absoutely No Way!

What was comforting to me and hubby was the fact that Rossi was very alert and active when we first saw her. She was also very responsive and had a good appetite when we saw her eat during her meal time. She was very different from the Papillons we saw that day. Other than the kennel cough and bacteria infection she had when she first came back, she was a tough little cookie. Her issues were resolved in a short time too.

My heart goes out to all the pitiful pups I saw there, but at the same time, I am very relieved that Rossi is safely with us, in our care and the comfort of our small, cosy home, which has also become her permanent home for the rest of her life.                                                      

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The "BottomLess Pit"

Yeah, it's Rossi, The "BottomLess Pit". She is 24-7 ready for food. Even if she has just eaten her dinner less than one minute ago, when she smells food, she pants and whines like she has not eaten a single thing all day! She can just keep eating and eating and eating all the time!

We have tested this..When she is already sleeping soundly from all the vigorous exercise, just a soft whisper of "mom mom" (it means food) to her, her big ears stand up straight, her nose starts sniffing the air and she will leap from her bed and make a mad dash for the kitchen, her tail wagging and mouth watering while she sits in front of the kitchen door, guarding it like a vigilant soldier. If she gets impatient from the waiting, she would emit little pitiful whines to hurry us.

She has an amazingly voracious appetite that belies her lean frame. Despite gobbling on so much food, she remains so slim. Her tummy is practically flat and we could feel her ribs beneath a sturdy layer of flesh when we touch her body. However, she is perfectly healthy and has an ideal weight. No idea where all the food has gone to.

We could only attribute her slimness to her high power activity level everyday, helping her to lose all the calories.(*So that she can eat some more! What a strategy!)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Small Gal with a Very Big HEART

Rossi, my love, you are always there for mummy and daddy, especially when we need you.

However, many times, it is always our personal commitments that left us with no choice and have to leave you to stay alone in your little home during these times. I do feel bad whenever I have to leave you at home for long hours due to my work. At times, I do think it is in some way, unfair to you, because to us, you are a very essential part of our lives, but to you, we are your whole world. Regardless of this, you give us your love so unconditionally and generously. In return, all you ask of us, is just some of our time and attention.
Every morning, when you know I have to leave for work, you would let me cuddle you in my arms and watch me quietly as I pass you your toys and walk out of the door. Then you patiently wait for me to come home to you. When I am finally home, your face brightens up like the shimmering christmas lights, as you warmly welcome me home. I love the way you smile as you look up at me. To me, your smile is the sweetest and most angelic one I have ever seen. I guess no body can smile as sincerely and beautifully like you do.

Whenever daddy or mummy is down, you would always try your very best to cheer us up in your own little ways. Your little innocent ways would always touch our hearts and lighten up our burdens. Then you would stay close to us and assure us that we are not alone. You are always so sensitve to our feelings and thoughtful towards us during our dull moments. (*Though you can be very playful and notti at times, we understand that you just want to have fun with us. Sometimes, you do get a little overboard with your playing, but that's ok, we know it's unintentional.)

In the past, whenever I came across other furkid owners relate touching stories of their special bonds with their furkids, I could not understand and did not truly believe that such bonds could be possible, at least, not in my case, as I was insanely terrified of all furry kids, big and small. I was so sure then, that in my heart and my household, there will never, ever be any room for a furkid.

But evidently, I am so very wrong! A special baby gal, small as you are, has miraculously found your way into the depths of my heart and etched your place strongly and permanently there. Now, I cannot imagine gettting through each day without you by my side.

Some time back, I read somewhere that furkids have a shorter lifespan than us, as they have to be furkids for 10 lives before they can become a human in their next lifetime. Thus, due to their shorter lifespan, each year of their lives is equivalent to an average of 7 years. Their average lifespan is about 15 years. Though 15 years itself is not a short time period, it is not sufficient for me.

Rossi Darling, how mummy wish you could be with me as long as I live! I want to grow old together with you by my side! In my heart, I know this is not possible, so for as long as we live, we will make our lives together fruitful and worthwhile. No matter where we may be, mummy knows our hearts will always be together.

Mummy's only wish for you now, is to grow up healthily and happily.
And one more thing... Smile for mummy everyday.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

It's been a long long time coming...An Update Finally

Hello...its been a long long while since I last updated my blog. .Cos my hands are full with my naughty baby gal, ROSSI !

She has just turned 9 months old and is turning into a little terror at home! Well, she can be really sweet too...Like how my hubby likes to describe her, she is just like a "little gremlin" in the movie, who transform into a little devil when it touches water. (*By the way, she also hates Water, except the the water meant for drinking. She hates to bathe. Every week, when she hears the running water flow into her bathtub, she whines. Every night, when she sees the pink container filled with water meant for cleaning her body,she runs for her dear life! )

Just Last Tuesday, she nearly gave me and hubby a heart attack! We got her a new Alligator squeaker toy(*as shown in the left picture). She has always loved to play with squeaky toys and we bought various types for her to play since she was with us. There was never an issue at all, until Mr Alligator came along. In the morning, before we left for work, I gave her Mr Alligator,which she happily accpeted. In the afternoon, my hubby went back home during his lunch hour and to his utter horror, Rossi chewed on to Mr Alligator's head and place it in front of him proudly, like she won a trophy! Poor Mr Alligator! He was ruthlessly "mutilated"and "bodyless". Hubby searched high and low for the remains of his body,but he couldnt find them at all. Solemnly, he informed me that the body must have been "eaten up"by our Rossi.

Perhaps, Rossi hates the "Buaya". That's why she destroyed him.

I saw the head of Mr Alligator and got the shock of my life! Just imagine by looking at the picture, only the head is left...the whole body, including the 4 legs, tail and eyebrows are swallowed by Rossi!! OH MY GOD! I didnt manage to take a picture of the leftover head, even though I had wanted to, cos it was all too traumatic for me. I was so worried that the swallowed pieces would pierce through her intestines and cause internal bleeding! Both me and hubby were wild with worry the whole time. We closely monitored her for any signs of discomfort, but she was still as active and greedy.

At last, at 2plus am on Wednesday morning, she started vommitting pieces of Mr.Alligator out. There were really alot of big orange pieces! It was watching a horror movie. Then for the next few days, every round of her poo and vomit consisted of Mr.Alligator's destroyed remains. We took her to the vet on Saturday Morning to have her checked up. Luckily for her, the vet said she should be alright, as she managed to purge out ingested objects from her system, but he sternly told us, NO MORE SQUEAKY TOYS for her.

Today is exactly 1 week from her ingestion. I still see a couple of orange bits in her poo. I really hope Rossi has learnt her lesson from this incident, though the vet did warn us that they will NEVER learn and will DO it again!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Rossi is Back In Action!

Its been more than a week after Rossi's spay and she is doing well.

Last Friday, before me and hubby took her to the vet during the morning at 9plus am, she was looking up at us with pitiful eyes, asking for food, but we couldnt give any to her, as she couldnt have any food before her spay surgery. We felt the heartache, but did not give in to her for her own good. Then during the car ride to the vet, she vomitted some yellowish gastric juices, an obvious tell-tale sign of hunger.

The feeling was terrible. I was worried sick for her spay. The vet did a general body check up for her and asked if we wanted to do a blood test for her, which we agreed readily. (Actually, I had wanted to request for the blood test to be done too and was very glad the vet initiated it.) We were advised that the surgery would commence around 11plus am. With that, the vet carried her away. My tears threatened to roll down, as I saw a blur Rossi being ferried away, not knowing what's going to happen next. I couldnt take it anymore and quickly scurried out of the clinic and once outside, my tears flowed down freely. My hubby, being the more rational one, requested the vet to give us a call about the blood test results before proceeding with her surgery. Then he stepped out of the clinic. I knew hubby was terribly worried for our little gal as well.

I kept crying while hubby told me we must be strong for our gal. Then less than an hour later, the vet called to say her blood test results were normal. She also said though normal, there was still no guarantee that she wont be sensitive to anesthetics. But based on the results, it was okay to proceed, so I gave the go-ahead for the vet to do the surgery, but repeatedly reminded her to be careful with the administration of anesthetics and take care of my gal. Before hanging up, she assured me they would be very careful and do their best.

It was a tormenting time for me and hubby. I was overcome with worry, while hubby began an eating spree to take his mind off his worries. We also made a trip down to the Kwan Imm Temple at Bugis Street to pray for our gal's surgery. (A few days earlier, we went to Loyang Tua Pek Kong Temple to pray for her too.) This is how much we love our gal.

Then at 1pm, there was a call from the clinic, I hesitated to pick it up cos I was so scared...but hubby prompted me to take the call. I took the call and the clinic staff informed me that we could pick our gal up between 2.30 to 3 pm and she had woken up. OH...What a relief! My tears again rolled down uncontrollably, but this time, it was tears of joy! My hubby was all smiles after he heard this. It was a huge boulder lifted off our minds! All the mental agony the whole time was gone! We could finally relax. As there was still some time before picking her up, we had a short coffee and snack session at a cafe.

At around 2plus pm, we made our way to the clinic to pick up our darling. Once we stepped into the clinic, I went straight to the counter to ask for my gal and the assistant promptly brought her out. The moment my hubby saw my gal, he sprang towards her and held her close to him. I was overjoyed to see her too, but I had to remain at the counter for the other assistant to advise me the areas to take note when we care for her. Our gal was so glad to see us, reaching out to shower me and hubby with kisses, even though she looked tired. The vet came over to us and told us that she was a very good gal and the surgery went very well. Rossi did not exhibit much reaction to the anesthetics and she awoke very fast. We were so glad everything went smoothly for our gal.

She slept through the car ride. When we got home,she tried to walk around the house, but we prepared her bed and encouraged her to sleep, which she did. At around 8pm, we gave her a little food and water, which she finished up. Both of us slept together with her for the night, monitoring her every move and carrying her to her pee tray every 1-2 hours to see if she wanted to relieve herself.

Then on the next day onwards, Rossi was already running around the house and wanted us to play with her. She even tried jump onto the sofa. We had a hard time restraining her movements and really feared her actions would tear her wound, but luckily, her wound seemed fine.

On Saturday, we took her to the vet for a review. Vet said she's doing very well. We also noticed that after her spay, she seemed more active and greedier. (Well, before her spay, she was already active and greedy, now it's even more than before!) At the same time, I felt that she have also become more loving and cuddly than before.

I really hope she knows how much Daddy and Mummy love her!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Rossi's Spay on Friday

My hubby and I have scheduled Rossi to go for her spay on this Friday at Namly Animal Clinic. It was a concensus between us that we would spay her in due course for health purposes. We have read up quite a bit on the pros and cons of spaying her before her first heat. For us, the pros definitely outweigh the cons. We want Rossi to live a long, healthy and happy life. We do not want to expose her to any major health risks.

One of my colleagues questioned me on why I am letting her go for spay and did not consider letting her have a litter before spaying her, as he believed in letting a dog give birth at least once before sterilization. I told him straight away that I do not want Rossi face the possible risk of major illnesses and as well as the risk of complications in child birth. I love Rossi too much to risk losing her through illness or child birth.

On the other hand, I am also aware of the risk factor present in every surgery. Though spaying is a routine procedure for the vet, it is still a major surgery, considering the risk involved and the fact that she is going under the knife. I have heard of recent case where a 6 month old doggie passed on due to some complication. It is really saddening and at the same time, worrying to hear of this. My heart goes out to this owner who had just lost her doggie, while I also worry for my gal who is going through the procedure. But this spay procedure is inevitable, as it is for her health's sake. Even if I do not let her go through the spay now, I would still have to let her go through it later in her life. If she goes through the spay young, her chance of reovery is higher, as compared to going through it at a later age.

But I have also read many successful stories of doggies having a smooth spay procedure and healing well. Still, I am worried for her. I hope my Rossi gal will have a smooth sailing spay. My hubby and I are behind her all the way.

We have also taken a week's leave to care for her after her spay. This also brought about another round of questioning from this same colleague. He asked why do I waste my leave to take care of Rossi, when I could just leave her at home to heal on her own? Needless to say, to him, Rossi is just a dog and he felt that I do not have to do so much for a mere dog. This really got on my nerves! I retorted back heatedly that Rossi is not just a dog to me and my hubby. To us, she is part of our family and when a member in our family goes through a major surgery, it is only right that we take time off to care for her. With this, he finally shut up. I could'nt imagine these words coming out from a fellow dog owner with two doggies at home!

Rossi, you are a strong gal. Daddy and Mummy will be there for you all the way! Aja Aja!!

My Baby is Growing Up!

Finally, I have time for an update. Its been over a month since my last entry.

My baby is growing up into a fine gal. She is going to be 6 months old this coming saturday. Like any mummy, I am brimming with pride for her as I watch her grow day by day from a little furby into a fine, well-boned young girle. Till date, she has dropped 9 baby teeth, which I kept them securely in a container. I remember when she dropped her first tooth, my hubby was so excited. From then onwards, we were vigilantly screening our floor for her teeth whenever we walk or mop the floor, as we do not want to miss out on any of her dropped baby teeth. An obvious sign of having another dropped teeth would be the traces of blood seen on the toy she had been chewing on.

She is also getting smarter, more obedient and more affectionate as she grows up. Me and my hubby love her more and more with each passing moment. To us, she has a sweet and independent character. She loves to shower us with endless kisses on our faces, hands, arms, legs..literally wherever she can get her lips on. The first thing she does when she wakes up each morning is kiss me, followed by her daddy. She would not make any noise to wake us up. When we are both at work, she would be at home on her own, never throwing any tantrums when we leave the house each morning. Then when we are back from work, she would be overjoyed, jumping up and down, nudging us with a toy in her little mouth to play fetch with her. She is fast in learning a new thing and good in responding to a command.

What amazes us recently is that she knows the right place to do her business in two different places that we have been to. The first place is our friends' house, where they have two poodles. The second place is the pet shop, where she has been going to for grooming. (The pet shop owner also owns two doggies that roams about freely in the shop.) On the occasions where we went to these two places, my gal was able to find the right designated potty areas(that was meant for their dogs), to do her business. Our friends and the pet shop owner were also amazed that she knew the right place to do her business even when she was at a different place.

Naturally, as her daddy and mummy, we were extremely proud of her. She is indeed a beautiful addition to our little family.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Rossi's First SKC Dog Show

Yesterday, we went to the SKC Dog Show with Rossi. It was our, as well as Rossi's very first SKC Dog Show.

It was exciting for us to see so many doggies and their owners gathering at one big place. There were stalls selling various stuff and we bought a herbal spray and frisbee for our gal. There were also Doggie competitions going on. We were especially drawn to the agility competitions. It was our very first time seeing doggies going through the agility obstacles and it was so cool. Someday, we also hope Rossi would have the opportunity to join the agility competition and have some fun with it.

There were many doggies of various sizes and outlooks. We saw quite a number of toy doggies dressed up in cute clothing and some were wearing little shoes. They were all so cute! Then there were also those gigantic doggies, whose sizes intimidated us abit and our gal was abit nervous when they were near. We also saw 2 other Papillons around there and were quite excited about it. We managed to have a short chat with a nice couple with an adorable 3mths old male old Papillon. As the Papillon community locally seemed rather small, we seldom get to see them often. So far, we have only seen 3 other adult Papillons during the occasions we took Rossi out for walks. (Though Rossi is a mere 4mths old, she looked bigger in size than the adult Papillons we saw. Probably my gal is just big boned? Or she eats too much and thus, grows bigger? Well, we aren't too sure.)

Coincidentally, my hubby also bumped into his ex school mate and girlfriend at there. They had lost contact since the secondary days and reunited at the Dog Show. Then amazingly, they also owned a female Papillon! But their Papillon was still at the pet shop and currently, they were waiting to bring her home. (It was actually his girlfriend who noticed Rossi and stopped in her tracks, then from here, my hubby saw his ex school mate. That's how they saw each other again. ) The guys did a quick catching up on the old times, while we, the gals, chatted about our furkids. Contact numbers were exchanged and we would arrange to meet up again. What a small small world!

It was an interesting and eye-opening experience. We look forward to attend more shows like this in future.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

My Darling Rossi Gal

Time flies. It's been quite a while since my last update. I was very occupied caring for my girl. Till date, she has been in our little family for over a month and she is going to be 4 mths of age on this coming monday.

Admittedly, it is tough work taking care of her. Daily, we would clean her living area, clean her paws+body, settle her meals and play with her. On alternate days, we would give her a dry bath and brush her. She sheds alot of fur, as she is starting to lose her puppy coat, thus regular brushing is required. Everyday, we also have to wake up early for her sake. Though its tough work caring for her, she is a great joy to us and we love her very much.

She can be so naughty at times. Sometimes, we get so frustrated with her till we wanna smack her buttocks! But there are times when she is so terribly sweet that she melts our hearts.

Every night, she would go to bed quietly when we switch off the lights and prompt her to sleep. (She do not like to be cuddled to sleep, unless she is very tired.Usually, she would fall asleep in her little home, while I stay somewhere near outside her home.) In the morning when she wakes up, she would wait pateintly for us to awake before reaching out her little paws for us to carry her. She never try to wake us up by barking or whining or any noise as what some other doggies might do. Another amazing thing about her is, she is not scared of the thunder. When thunder comes, she would just go to her bed in her cage and nestle there silently. However, she is terrified of water. Whenever it is bath time, she would complain non-stop all the way and she would even try to escape from us.

Our neighours and their kids adore Rossi. She loves being around people too and is very friendly towards them. When she have doggie friends around, she enjoys running and playing with them. Recently, our friends have gotten a new family member, a very adorable female black poodle, named Cheezels. She is also Mocha's new playmate. They invited us over to their house and Rossi had a great time playing with Mocha. Cheezels wanted to join in the fun, but due to her tender age, it was not suitable for her to come out and play yet. Therefore, the little gal could only protest from her cage while watching them run about.

Also, during the workdays, Rossi seems to know daddy and mummy needs to work and leave her at home. Usually, hubby would go off first as he starts work earlier. I would accompany her for another half hour or so, before I go off. Rossi would either play her toys close to me or climb onto me and nestle in my lap while playing her toys. During times like this, I really hate to leave her at home for work. I know she wants mummy to stay with her. When I try to move away from her, she would bite onto my clothes or pants to stop me from leaving. I would have to dis-entangle her from me gently and leave her in her home.

Her eyes would then follow me wherever I go in the house. When my eyes fall on her, she would reach out to me with her paws, call out to me with a little sound to catch my attention. Then she would sit on the floor, wagging her tail like a good gal, while looking up to me with her innocent eyes. I got to go to work, but I could not resist her gestures. So, I would pick her up in my arms and baby her for a while before placing her back into her home. Then I would give her a couple of her favorite toys and a rawhide to play with. Slowly, I would go to my room, take my bag and leave quietly. Rossi would be watching me as I leave, quietly too.

I really miss her when I am at work everyday. How I wish I didnt have to work...but then again, if I didnt work, I would not have the ability to provide her the luxuries I want to give her. With this in mind, I would march off to work. When I am home in the evenings and during weekends, i would give her all the time I have, to compensate for her solitary daytimes. But so far,I would say my darling gal is still doing okay. When hubby and I got home from work, she would rush to reach out for us and shower us with overwhelming kisses.

All I wish for my darling gal is, for her to be healthy, happy and comfortable with her surroundings. I know she will love us unconditionally and we want to give her the best we could.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

My Baby Gal is Coming to 3 Months Old!

Time Flies. My adorable, mischevous, hyper and at times, stubborn little gal will be 3 months old this coming Saturday. She has been with us for 2 weeks. More or less, she is getting accustomed to her home. We hope she will settle down comfortably in time to come.

At this time, she is still at her teething stage, so she literally bites/chews on anything she can sink her tiny teeth into. The vet has advised that this is a very common issue for her age and when her full set of teeth grows, she will drop the habit gradually. On our part, we are also trying various ways to stop her biting/chewing, while hoping at the same time, she can grow up faster and stop this habit soon.

Since Rossi came home, we realised that she has gained a bit of weight. At first, we thought it was her fur that had grown longer and fluffier, giving the impression that she has increased in bulk. However, when we carry her, we could feel her frame weighing upon us. We could easily lift her up with one arm when she first came back, because she was so small and light. Now, we could feel the strain after awhile if we only use an arm to carry her. Also, whenever I give her a tummy rub (she seems to enjoy a nice tummy rub!), I could feel a small pauch on her pinkish belly. Guess we got to give her more exercise to keep her in shape.

In the past few days, we have stopped putting her into her cage for bed. We let her sleep outside her cage, so that she feels cooler and could go to "toilet"on her own whenever she needs to do so anytime at night, without having to call out for us. When it's time for bed, we would switch off the living room lights, turn on the light stand and pass her a doggy soft toy, which we call "Mei Mei", to accompany her. It is also meant as a cue to let her know that its time for her to sleep. She seems to know this and would usually hold on to Mei Mei, chew it all over then fall asleep eventually.

When she is asleep, hubby would usually go to his study room to surf the Net, while I would go to our bedroom to watch TV. Occasionally, we would peep at her from where we are, to ensure she is sleeping well.

Although she can be so naughty at times, I still love her alot. When I am not at home with her, I would think about her and worry over her well-being. Then once I knock off from work, I would dash to the bus stop like the road runner to catch the bus home to be with her ASAP. My hubby thinks I display symptoms of separation anxiety (Anxiety resulting from not being able to see her).

Whenever hubby or I am annoyed with her for being naughty, she seems to be aware of it. She would start to become very quiet and tame like a good gal. Later, when we go over to pick her up, she would kiss us with licks here and there. We can't stay mad at her for long. (Normally, she is quite stingy with her kisses! She only gives us licks of kisses automatically in the morning when she wakes up, in the afternoon when she has her lunch and at night when we come home. Whenever we ask her to kiss us, she would just give one small peck on our faces. Sometimes, after pecking me or my hubby once, she would reluctant to do it again even when we ask her to do so repeatedly!)

Another thing about my baby gal is, she might look and feel fluffy like a little soft toy, but she doesn't like to be cuddled, nor does she like to be held for too long. Whenever we cuddle her, she would struggle to come loose with her mini paws. Then everytime we hold her to clean her up after her pee/poo or to walk about or just to sit around to watch TV, she would try to wriggle herself free from us and start protesting with her impatient little whines. Sometimes, hubby tries to imitate her whines and his act would stun her into silence!

What she really loves, is to run and jump about in the living room freely on those agile, slender limps of hers. When she got tired after all the activity, she would rest with her legs slightly apart and paws perched on the floor. After awhile, she would begin her activity all over again. In short, she is a bundle of endless energy. Playing with her is a sure-fire way to lose weight. No diet needed! (Great for Hubby!)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Zen of Sleeping

Something lighthearted to share here...Through our observation on our little furkid, she has various sleeping styles and postitions. She has her own favorite sleeping corners in her little den and loves to sleep on the floor outside her cage, most likely, because the floor is cooling.

One thing we have noticed is, she could not stay still in one position or one sleeping style. She can wake up here and then walk to sleep at another corner. Sometimes, she sleeps with her toys and at times, she sleeps with my old shirt. Recently, we even caught her sleeping at her toilet pan!

We have managed to capture a few of her cutie sleeping styles, which I term as "The Zen of Sleeping": -

"Sweet Mummy-Gal"
This is Rossi sleeping with my old shirt. Probably the shirt makes her feel mummy's with her and she feels secure sleeping with it!

"I Want my Bone-Bone"
Rossi is asleep with her bone toy. Most likely, she is craving for something, perhaps a bone to chew on? I got this bone for her from Precious Thots, its actually a support for resting the wrist while navigating the computer mouse. I thought it's really cute, so I decided to get it for her.

"Wat's UP"
Rossi is sleeping on her back with 4 paws up, right outside her cage. This is one of her favorite sleeping corners.

"Dun Disturb Me"
Another picture of Rossi sleeping on her back with paws up at yet another one of her favorite corner. We notice that she likes to sleep at the four corners of her den. Maybe she feels safer sleeping against the wire guards.

"The Cliff-Hanger"
Rossi is hanging her head over the edge of her toilet pan. We didn't know how she ended up sleeping in this manner. She was chewing on her donut at this corner, while we were watching TV. Then when we turned to look at her later, she was asleep like this. Hubby quickly grabbed his hp and snapped a shot at this funny sight.

A Matter of Integrity

Okay, back to the vet visit.

A lady vet attended to Rossi. Besides Rossi's sneezing problem, we also asked the vet to do a checkup on her.

Firstly, the vet checked Rossi's apparent sneezing and diagnosed it to be "Kennel Cough", a common sickness that could arise in a kennel environment housing mulitple dogs. We were told that Rossi was not sneezing, but in fact, it was a cough. A cough mixture was then prescribed for her to consume.

Then the vet proceeded to examine Rossi's body, hind legs, paws and eyes. She also noticed the fur loss on Rossi's nose area. Then she took samples of her fur for a culture test to determine the cause of this fur loss. She told us that this fur loss was not normal and needed to be checked if it was a fungal infection. At the same time, she also swapped a cotton bud on one of Rossi's ears to check for ear infection.

Then the vet told us that Rossi had slipped kneecaps on both her hind legs, which was most likely due to genetics. For now, there would be nothing we could do for her legs and as they did not seem to affect Rossi, she told us to monitor for any limping and if need be, we could opt to correct her legs through surgery at a later age. As for the fur loss, we would have to wait another three days to know the result.

Generally, the vet told us that there was nothing serious with Rossi, it's just that we got to monitor her cough and legs. As Rossi 's 3rd vaccination was approaching, we asked if she could still take her vaccine. The vet said No, we got to wait for her cough to get well before doing so.

Three days later, the vet called me. The result for Rossi's ears was fine, but the result for the fur loss on her nose area was negative. The fur loss was due to a bacteria infection. I got a shock and was very concerned, but the vet assured me that the antibiotic present in the cough mixture could help in her fur loss and if it did not help much, a medicated shampoo could be given to her. She advised that we could bring her back for a review if we were unsure.

Rossi's cough seemed on and off. During the weekend, especially in the morning, she was coughing quite harshly. Over the weekend, hubby and I slept close to her den to monitor her cough situation. Then on sunday, we decided to take her to another vet to obtain a second opinion. The second vet we went to, gave us the same diagnosis as the first vet for Rossi's cough and fur loss. He also gave Rossi an overall check up and told us that she was fine and there was no cause for concern. But he also advised against letting her take her 3rd vaccination. He told us to delay it for another week or two until Rossi got better. After a visit to this 2nd vet, our hearts felt more relieved.

Now, here comes the integrity part.
I am referring to the integrity of the place that hubby and I got Rossi from. We got her from one of the reputable local pet farms. Believe me, I very very much want to announce the name of this unethical pet farm, but I could not do so, as doing so could spell trouble for us.

The people at the pet farm told us that the fur loss on Rossi's nose area was very common. Later on, the hair on her forehead might also shed off. They advised us to let her take some omega or fish oil supplement and she would be fine. Very Obviously, what they told us was a whole shitload of BULLSHIT! They were lying through their rotten teeth!

Also, initially, Rossi was transferred into a cage by herself after we placed a deposit for her (half of the selling price). We wanted to take her home, but were not allowed to do so, as she was not fully 3 months old yet. Then on the day we went to pick her up, she was sharing her cage with another 2 dogs. The scenario was, 3 dogs sharing a pathetic cubicle with barely enough space to even sit! But we did not say anything about this at that point, as we just wanted to take Rossi out of the cramped living quarters and put her into the nice, cosy home we have specially prepared for her. Before the other 2 dogs joined Rossi in the cage, she had no signs of fur loss during those times we visited her. It was when those 2 dogs joined her out of nowhere, that her fur loss occurred. I really suspect that the bacteria infection that caused Rossi's fur loss was due to this.

It was very obvious to us that they squeezed the 3 poor doggies in the small cage, because they wanted to free up new cage space to put up new dogs for sale and feed their hungry pockets. The fact that they did not take care of Rossi even after we paid them a deposit really pissed me off!Because of their irresponsibility, Rossi had fur loss and kennel cough, which delayed her 3rd vaccination.

The least they could do, was to inform us that Rossi was not well, then we could take action and provide her the necessary medical attention. But instead, they kept quiet about her condition. Luckily, I insisted on bringing Rossi to the vet on her 2nd day with us. I could not imagine what would have happened to Rossi if we did not seek medical attention for her in time.

These people have no conscience! Their conscience is apparently consumed by GREED! Such scheming, heartless and inhumane bastards! They are not fit to be called humans! They are monsters! Their vile acts make me feel disgusted and sick to pits of my stomach! I am surprised that these two-legged creatures could even sleep at night after all their evil deeds!!

Now, there is nothing we could do. If we complain against them, they might offer a new dog in replacement of Rossi and we do not want this. We only want Rossi and No other dog can replace her in our hearts.

I want to take this opportunity to strongly advise whoever is reading my blog, to be very careful with any pet shop/farm that you purchase your dogs from. Check through your doggies' carefully and if you see or feel anything amiss on them, be it their physical appearance, behaviour or temperament, please DO NOT simply just believe any explanation by the personnel at the pet shop/farm. It would be best to verify any doubts with a vet. I would suggest taking your dog to the vet for a checkup ASAP after collecting your dog.

I am sharing my own experience here, in hope that others can learn from my case and be more well-informed, so as not to get cheated by any unethical breeder out there.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Biker Rossi

Yes, exactly as the title suggested, Rossi got on the bike.

Actually, we brought her to see the vet on the bike. As Rossi had a sneezing problem and some fur loss at her nose area, I was very concerned and bugged my hubby to take her to the vet for a checkup. The vet was not too far from our home, probably 4 to 5 bus-stops away. At first, I had wanted to carry Rossi in the doggie bag and walk over if no cab wanted to take us.

However, hubby disagreed. He said that even though the clinic was not far, walking would still requite a fair bit of time and stamina. As for cabbies, we had also heard of many cases whereby they refused to take passengers with pets. Therefore, he decided that we bring her there on his bike since the distance was not too far. He said, all I needed to do was to put her in the doggie bag and hold her close to me. Also, we just put a collar on her and secure the collar to the latch in the bag as a protection. Then all should be fine.

I was quite skeptical about the bike idea initially, as I personally found it risky for Rossi, especially when she's still so small. What if she got stressed and tried to jump out of the bag? What if I didnt manage to hold on to her tight enough and couldnt stop her from jumping off? I was also worried that a Traffic Police might spot us doing this and penalize us. But hubby insisted it would be all be okay.

We placed Rossi in the bag and I placed her on my lap, holding her close as I sat on the bike. Once ready, Hubby zoomed off. He rode at a slower speed than usual. During the journey, Rossi hid herself into the bag. I held her as close as possible, while assuring her that it was alright and she did not have to be afraid. I was also nudging hubby to slow down further too. Eventually, Rossi calmed down too and put her little head out of the bag's opening as we reached our destination safely.

On the return ride home, I reminded hubby to go slow for Rossi's benefit, while I did my best to put her at ease. This time, Rossi poked her head and a mini paw out of the bag! I was so afraid that she was going to jump off! I tried to get her to go back in, but she insisted on havinig her head out. As she was not wearing any protective gear like helmet or goggles, I tried my best to cover her face with the palm of my hand. I didnt want foreign particles in the air to hit any part of her face, especially eyes. But to our relief, she did not get jumpy. In fact, she seemed to enjoy the ride!

When we reached the carpark and parked the bike, we praised her lavishly for her bravery on the bike and for not getting nauseous from the ride. It was then that I realised that without my knowing, Rossi had loosen herself from the collar! And I did not know about it! Oh gosh! I was shocked! This meant that if she were to jump out from the bag, there might be a possibility that I might not be able catch her in time without the help of the collar. Luckily, she was fine.

Bravo!! Our darling is cool little biker gal!
The name, Rossi, suits her more than ever!

Rossi's First Few Days at Home

It has been a busy week with Rossi back home. Now, I finally have time for some updates.

We have set up a cosy corner of our living room as her very own little home. It consisted of her cage with a red bed, blanket and a metal pan covered with newspapers for her toilet needs. We placed a few pieces big pieces of metal guards to surround her little home, while ensuring she had ample space to move around within the guarded area. The cage would be her den where she could sleep, rest or hide and the outside area would be her "territory".

The moment she stepped into our house, she was jumping and running around with Little Mocha. It was fun to see both doggies play together. Rossi was not really afraid of her new surrounding, as we thought she would. But she bit almost everything she came in contact with. (She's still at the teething stage. I also read on the Internet that this is how puppies play together and this is their way of showing they want to play.) We just hope she would pass her teething stage soon. At the same time, we would also have to teach her to express herself in other ways other than biting.

We placed a light stand and a ticking clock beside her cage. (We have read on the internet that puppies are afraid of the dark, so having a light nearby would be good. Then a ticking clock has a calming effect and could help regulate their heartbeats.)

When night came, we placed her into the cage gently with a doggie soft toy that we have prepared beforehand for her. (The soft toy is to let her have some form of security by having something to cuddle while she sleeps.) As we were very concerned that she would whine in an unfamiliar environment, we couldn't sleep, especially on the first few nights.

We were monitoring her throughout the nights, peeping at her every now and then from our room. To our amazement, she did not whine at all and slept till dawn! Wow...we were so relieved. We believed that the light, clock and soft toy did a wonderful part in putting her at ease.

The next challenge would be to train her to do her toilet business in the right place. Well, this was defintely not an easy task. I held a container filled with vinegar in one hand and tissue in the other hand, ever ready to wipe out her toilet marks when she peed/pooed at the wrong areas. Then we put samples of her pee and poo into the metal pan, so as to let her know that this was the place to do her business. After the vinegar wipe outs here and there, on her 3rd day, hubby and I saw the light.

We went out for a couple of hours to purchase something at the pet shop. I was talking to my hubby, wondering when she would know where to do her business. At the same time, I was also concerned that she would do her business all over her little home while we were out. Hubby was telling me, we just have to clean after her if she misqueued during our absence.

When nearing our doorstep, I was bracing myself for the accidental mess of pee and poo to come into sight as hubby opened the door. We were rendered shocked when we looked over to Rossi's little home. She was sitting outside her cage, quietly waiting for us and her pee+poo were deposited into the metal pan! No accidents! We saw the light! She knew where to do her business. Then from then onwards, she would do her business into the metal pan.

She also recognized that the cage was her den and would not dirty it. At night when she slept in her cage, she would call out to us to let her out to do her business. Initially, we did not know. We thought she was just whining to get attention, so we ignored her. Then she got no choice but to empty her bowels in the cage. But we noticed that she did it at the far corner of her cage, away from her bed. Therefore, we took note to wake up when she called out to us at night and let her out to " go toilet".

We wanted to train her up to be able to stay alone at home when we were outside or at work, thus we began a series of going outs and coming backs, starting on the very next day. She did whine, but her whines were not loud nor continuous and we ignored her. By and by, we increased the time we stayed out. This was to desensitize her of our absence and also to let her know that we would definitely come home to her. Of course, we left toys and water for her. We have also left the radio playing and the fan functioning continually. I must admit, this was a heart-breaking exercise, but somehow, Rossi must learn that when Daddy and Mummy were not at home, she got to play by herself, then when we were back, our time would be all hers.

As of now,it's her 7th day with us. I would say she is still doing fine. She is not the type of doggie that barks at the slightest sound or whine non-stop nor is she a loud speaker. She is happiest during her meals and at night when we spend time playing and bonding with her. During the day, she would usually sleep outside her cage, on the floor of our living room.

One good point about her is, she is not easily affected by noises around her. There was an occasion when it was raining with loud thunders and she was sleeping. I myself was admittedly shocked by the loudness of the thunders, but she just reacted by waking up for awhile and looking around briefly, then soon, she fell asleep again.

She can be really naughty at times, but she also has her merits.
To us, she is our sweet little gal.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Rossi's First Car Ride

We waited for the groomer to do the necessary stuff like bathing, cutting of nails, trimming of fur and cleaning of ears for Rossi before taking her back. After the grooming was done, Hubby carried Rossi in his arms gently. Her appearance had changed from the last time we seen her. At 11 weeks now, she had grown up. Previously, her ears were slightly drooping downwards. Now, they stood erect, showing the potential graceful "butterfly" ears she would have in her progression to adulthood.

Hubby held her gently in one arm, as she was so small and light. Initially, she was trembling uncontrollably. This was normal, as she was leaving a familiar surrounding. We assured her by stroking her, telling her that it was okay, Daddy and Mummy would take good care of her. Then we brought her over to our friends who were waiting for us outside the Pets' Supplies Store. When our friends saw her, they were delighted. They began stroking her and helped to put her little mind at ease. Adorable little Mocha, her very first friend, was also introduced to her. Slowly, Rossi stopped trembling and was more relaxed.

We bought a couple of things from the pets supplies shop and proceeded to take her home in our friend's car. As we were afraid that she might get nauseous and vomit in the car, hubby placed a big plastic bag directly below her while I held a towel close by to wipe her mouth if she did vomit.
The car ride began. We were alert and ready for her at anytime. As the car moved, our heartbeat accelerated. We did not want to be caught unaware if she vomitted. It was quite a long way home too.

Throughout the car journey, we tried to keep her occupied by talking to her. Our friends helped too, by petting her and getting her to socialize with Mocha.

To our amazement, Rossi remained calm and showed no signs of nauseousness, other than appearing to doze off and we quickly roused her to stay awake. When we reached home and got off the car, Rossi was fine! We were very proud of our little gal!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Rossi is Coming Home Today!

"R"-Day is finally here!
Yes! Today's the day our baby gal comes home!

Thinking back, when we had to wait for another month or so before bringing her home, the wait felt so draggy to me. Each day, the minutes seemed to crawl into hours like a lazy snail. It looked like it would be a long while before Rossi would join us.

But strangely, now, when Rossi is ready to go home, it feels like time has passed me in a blink of an eye. How ironic...Time had appeared to slow down previously, but all of a sudden, time seemed to speed up like a racing horse dashing for the finishing line.

Alright, I got to finish some office work now and go off at mid-day to fetch Rossi, so that's all for now. Ciao!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Coming of "R"-Day

The arrival of "R"-Day is drawing closer than ever.
In a matter of hours, Rossi will be coming home.

Around this time tomorrow, our buddies and adorable little doggie friend, Mocha will be with us to fetch Rossi back. Rossi is such a lucky little gal to have so many of us welcoming her home!

I have also specially bought a pretty pinky doggie bag for her to rest during the journey home tommorrow. As some puppies might have the tendency to experience motion sickness, we would be putting a couple of thick towels into the bag,just in case she feels nauseous. I do hope she could withstand the trip home somehow.

It was a busy night yesterday. My hubby was washing our clothes, bedsheets etc + hanging them up and changing our bedsheets, while I was putting + throwing away some books, magazines and unwanted stuff to clear up some space. Tonight, we will be mopping & vacuuming the floor + doing some last minute cleaning up. We wanted to ensure our more important household tasks are done, so that we can devote our time over the weekend to orientate Rossi with her new surrounding and ease her entry into our little family.

I am concerned as to how well she would be able to adjust to her environment and how long she would take to get comfy with it. In any case, she is still a baby and she doesn't know us yet. Standing from the viewpoint of her innocent little mind, she would be walking away from everything she knows and suddenly venturing into a foreign territory with people she is unfamiliar with. How scary and stressful it must be for her...

Then for the first few nights, it is possible that she might whine / cry in her new sleeping area. But to our knowlege, it would be best if we just leave her alone to whine / cry, as she would get used to it gradually and stop her whines / cries. I just hope I would somehow have the will power to ignore her whines / cries. Or rather, I hope my hubby would be able to restrain me if I show any telltale sign of wanting to baby her.

Well, I think all in all, time is the factor. Given ample time, she should be able to get used to her new home nicely, but it is definitely more difficult for her at the begining. I just could'nt help feeling worried for her, especially when I am a first-time owner and do not have firsthand experience in having a dog.

Hubby and I just have to work together and do our best to help our little gal settle in. With patience and love, I believe we can do it.

Monday, March 23, 2009

A Little Something About Me

I used to be extremely terrified of dogs, even miniature dogs like the Chi Hua Hua. Never in my wildest imagination, Never, would I ever ever think of owning a dog, because they scared the wits out of me !! I could even go weak in my knees when I could spot a dog a distance away (say a 100 metres or more) from me. When I had to go to friends' homes who had dogs, I would demand them to chain or keep their dogs away, if not, I would rather not set foot into their houses! My fear was so intense that I would choose not to go to any homes with dogs if I had a choice!

This fear in me began since I was young. At a tender age of 7, I started fearing dogs when I heard my teacher telling me in one of the lessons, that an injection would need to be administered should anyone be bitten by a dog. It was most likely the part about injection combined with the anticipated pain of the dog's sinking teeth into the flesh that greatly shaken me.(though I have never once been bitten by a dog.)

So, the question, what brought about my amazing transformation from a dog-Fearer to a dog-Lover? Read on to find out.

During the Chinese New Year, I made a resolution and it was to overcome my fear of dogs. How did I do it? My hubby had a cousin who owned a female greyish-white Schnauzer named Pepper. Every CNY, I dreaded going to visit at this cousin's house, because I was terribly scared of Pepper. I was literally perching at the edge of the chair/sofa and hanging on for my dear life everytime I was visiting there. Then the funny thing was, Pepper seemed to sense my fear and tried to inch near me at every chance she had and this set my pulse racing by the seconds! I had to scream for my hubby or his cousin to restrain Pepper like a mad woman on the loose!

For this CNY, it was different. I took several deep breaths and mustered my courage as I was walking closer to his cousin's house. My hubby was cheering me on, telling me I could definitely do it, as the dog won't bite. As I was nearing the house, I could feel the familiar weakening in my knees and it caused my strut to falter. My hubby made fun of me, saying that I was so adamant in overcoming my fear to the extent of appearing so brave, but when I actually had to do it, I went soft. At this point, I told him, no matter what I must do it, somehow.

I must admit, it was tough at first, because as usual, Pepper was at the doorstep, barking ceaselessly at me. (She can be a little too "chatty" sometimes.) I was abit hesitant to step into the house at first, but hubby gave me a nudge and I went in. Pepper was following me closely. We sat down and my hubby told me to stay still while Pepper sniffed at my feet soundly. I stood stiff like a soilder and felt Pepper's fur (+saliva) brushing at my feet. After a few minutes, Pepper turned and strolled off and for the rest of the time, she did not disturb me anymore. So that's all to it. (*Picture of Pepper is unavailable, as I didn't manage to snap a shot of her.)

The next stop, I went over to my friend's house with two Chi Hua Huas. One was a fair and fleshy male with neat short fur,named Mickey, while the other one was a brown and graceful female with fluffy long fur, named Wah Wah. These two doggies were very sweet. When I went into her house, they welcomed me with heartwarming gestures like snuggling up to me and lying on my lap. Their warmth really brightened up my day.

After this, I went on to another friend's house. She and her hubby had a male toy Poodle puppy, named Mocha. He was black in colour, with a lithe body and a cuscade of soft, naturally curled fur. Mocha was a very affectionate and energetic little doggie. The moment I went into the house, he leaped up to me and showered me with many licks of kisses. During my time there, I spent my time playing and petting him. When he got tired after the playing and running about, he would lie down with his mini paws stretched out on all fours and rest. I would take this chance to smooth my hand over his curly coat. Mocha was really fun to be around!

It dawned upon me that there was really nothing to fear with doggies afterall. They were warm and fun-loving companions. I also began to realise why so many people love dogs. At this point, my fear evaporated like vapours. I wasn't afraid of them anymore (with the exception of certain huge dogs whose size still intimidate me a little, but I could still be near them, knowing that they wouldn't hurt me).

So, this is the story of me conquering my long time fear of doggies and of course, the rest is history.

Waiting for Rossi to Come Home

Hubby and I made a firm decision to get Rossi. We made the necessary arrangements and would be bringing her home this coming Friday.

Before this, we got a whole lot of preparation to do, which began from getting neccessities like her crate, bedding, playpen, bath products, food to miscellaneous stuff like her toys, treats, etc, etc. We were compiling the list of things to prepare and the list extended whenever we thought of anything we missed out. Besides this, there was a whole lot of reading up to do on how to housebreak, housetrain, maintain and groom her, etc etc. (We are first-time doggie owners, so it is important for us do our "homework" to equip ourselves with the essential knowledge in caring for our Rossi.)

In another four days, Rossi will be coming home. Her coming home also means that the actual task of taking care begins and the knowledge we have acquired would be put into use. However, head knowlege versus actual hands-on experience can be two entirely different issues. It is easy to obtain a variety of information from convenient sources like the Internet and books, but putting this knowledge to task might prove to be a lot more difficult than we imagine.

On our side, we are mentally prepared to work through the difficult phase with Rossi, especially in the first few months. When we are able to settle her down at our home, it would be easier for us to care for her for the rest of her days with us.

We are counting down...Tuesday...Wednesday...Thursday...And KABOOM!!!
Its FRIDAY!! And Rossi will be Home!

"Rossi sweetie, Mummy can't wait for you to be back! Mummy hopes you will be a sweet little gal who loves Daddy and Mummy. And we love you too!"

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Why "Rossi"?

Why did we choose "Rossi" over all other names? In the first place, it doesn't sound exactly feminine, considering she is a female and it doesn't sound like a doggie's name either.

So, why Rossi? Actually, this name is given by my hubby. He named her after a popular and skillful MotoGP racer he admired greatly. Anyone who is a fan of MotoGP will know by now who this particular racer is. (Yes, that's right! it's HIM.)

When he proposed this name to me, I was like, okay, it's a cool name. I would also like for her to be a little "toyboyish". Besides, judging from her cute antics and hyper movements, I don't think she is exactly a docile little gal.

Therefore, this is it. Rossi will suit her just fine.

How I Met Rossi

It was “Love at First Sight”. From the moment our eyes met, I know in my heart that Rossi is the one for me.

When I first saw Rossi, she had just awakened from her afternoon nap. Her lovely tri-colored hues caught my attention. Her body is covered in flowing shades of black and white with a small patch of brown on her cute bottom, while her face is wrapped in velvet black with markings of brown on her brows and cheeks. What a pretty little girl! (By the way, she is a Papillon Pup. At this time, she is 2mths+ old. )

Then she started to notice me and turned to look at me. At this point, our eyes met and I felt an instant connection with her. Rossi has a pair of gentle and soulful eyes. I simply love her eyes. Her steady gaze followed me as I moved around her vicinity.

It was like her eyes could talk and convey her thoughts. I know this might sound far-fetched, but I could really feel her eyes telling me that she wished to come home with me.

She was not like the other puppies around that barked continuously when it was time for food. Instead, she was quietly waiting for her food and ate heartily when the food was given to her. This was another aspect that drew me even more to her. I couldn’t bear to leave the place and continued to watch her for a long time. Before I left, I silently told her in my heart, to wait for me to come back for her.

This is first time that I feel such a bond with a doggie. I also read somewhere that a doggie chooses her owner, just as much as we choose our doggie. When we have found the right doggie, we would be bonded with her from the very first meeting and we will know in our hearts that this is our doggie. After reading this, combined with the bond I felt with Rossi, I believe she is meant to be my doggie.

When I told my hubby about this, as expected, he dismissed it as a wishful part of my thinking and commented that I think too much. At the same time, he was hoping to open up our options to look around for other doggies before we decide on which one to get.

Well, despite what he might think, I trust my intuition. I was also not that keen to look at other doggies, as I could not get Rossi and her expressive eyes out of my mind. For the next few days, I began to bug him endlessly about Rossi. Slowly, his thoughts began to come around and he relented, saying that Rossi might just be the one. Perhaps my bugging worked its magic. (Or was it Rossi who somehow wormed her way into his heart?)