Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A Simple Celebration

I have my most important persons, Rossi gal & Daddy, and the new addition to our family, Rubie (aka fat cat), celebrating my birthday with me this year.

It was a simple & heart-warming celebration...with the people I love, a pretty cake & a short lovely message. How sweet. Nothing beats having the ones you love and who love you by your side.

Both gals are attracted to the glowing candle, in different ways. Rossi gal is watching the bright flame with a mixture of fascination & curiosity, while Rubie is staring down at it like it's some evil thing. ;p

There have been some nagging issues that I have been struggling with. Among them, there is a particular one that worries and frustrates me so much that my whole mind is totally overwhelmed by it, to the extent that I cannot concentrate & I get paranoid very easily. Luckily, I have Daddy going through it with me.

The celebration does help in distracting me for a while from it all. I needed this.

The maliciousness surrounding me is of no significance. I have no time or energy for petty stuff. There are important matters I need to focus on.

My only hope is for this particular issue to be resolved very soon. That's it.