Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Going Raw

Rossi gal is officially on a Raw Diet. The idea to go Raw has been at the back of my mind for quite a while. I have read so much about the benefits of a Raw Diet. 

During her last visit to her Vet, Dr Ly, he too recommended a Raw Diet for her. I'm delighted to meet a vet who is fine with the idea of a Raw Diet. I would say many vets here would not be in favor of it and those whom I have met definitely do not encourage going Raw.

So now, Rossi fal is finally on Raw and loving every bit of it!  
This is what she is having now.                                                     
 "Sushi Meat Rolls"

I will come up with more variety for her in time to come. :>

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Rossi's Yummy Treats - Quick Updates

Rossi gal loves all her treats Passionately!
Here goes all the Yummy Treats I have baked for her recently!

"Baked Lamb Meat Balls"

"Cheesy Apple Sauce Biscuits"

"Cheesy Apple Sauce Muffins"

"Carrot Muffins"

"Banana Carob Muffins"

Rossi's Yummy Cuisine - Quick Updates

Been a long time coming..here it goes, all the new yummy food Rossi gal had been munching on all this while!

Raw Croc Meat

"Simple Croc Fare"

"The Return of the Croc"

"Chunky Venison"

"Flights of Delight"
(Mix of Duck and Turkey Meat)

"Minced Turkey Porridge"

"Sliced Fish Soup"

"Salmon Sunrise"

"Steamed Shark Steak"

"Lamb Shabu Shabu"