Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Finally to the Vet - Blood Test

Yes. After 4 years, I finally brought Rossi gal in for her blood test. Yea, I know she is long overdue for her test. I'm guilty of procrastinating the inevitable. 

I know I have to get her checked at some point in time, but I really hate going to the vet.

My fat cat, Rubie, went along too for her test too. She has been with us for almost a year and has not been to the vet for any check (for the same reason).

Rossi gal's blood test results

I'm so glad that my Rossi gal cleared her blood test. :)  The vet said she is looking good, except for her skin.

Rossi is diagnosed with atopic dermatitis, a very common issue, according to the vet.

Since the day I took her home, she has been experiencing issues with the skin, fur loss...rashes...demodex.

She is especially affected by the weather and environment. When the weather gets hot, her rashes start popping out, only to subside when the weather gets better. Then when the environment is dusty, she also gets affected. It doesn't help that the haze is back now. Sighz.

Through Daddy and my observation, we do not think it's food-related. Now we know it's really not. Even if there is no cure for atopy, we will do our best to manage her condition.

The vet was saying, if we could move to somewhere with a cool climate, e.g. Australia, it would do good for her skin. I wish too, but not possible, yet.

What matters most now is, there is nothing wrong with her, other than her skin(something we have to work on). But all in all, she is a healthy gal. :)

I also did a comparison of her current test results against her results 4 years back. Her overall readings have improved significantly from her last test. :) I attribute this to her diet. I believe diet has played an important role in her well-being. 

Daddy & me believe too, that Dr Dobias' Green min has contributed to her health as well. She is into her 3rd jar of Green min now.

This also impressed upon me that we are on the right track for Rossi gal, what we have been doing for her. Daddy agrees. We will definitely continue in this direction for our darling.

Fat cat's blood test results

My fat cat, rubie, cleared her blood test too. :) I must say she is quite sturdy for a 10 year old gal. 

Other than having a higher BUN value, she is fine.

It's not a biggie. The vet just asked if we have been feeding her a lot of meat and advised us to reduce her meat intake. He told us to include some mashed pumpkin to her meals. Zzzzz.  

I simply smiled and looked away.

He is a nice vet, but I couldn't agree with him on this. Carnivores dun eat pumpkin. Neither is my fat cat getting any.

Till the next test. ;)

Signing off with a few fave photos of my darling & her nanny.