Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Daddy's Little Girl

Since Rossi gal is a baby, she loves to nibble. Till now, she still nibbles. And she only loves to nibble on Daddy.

She did nibble me on a couple of (rare) occasions for just that few precious moments, and that's about it. She didn't like nibbling on me. She will look for her Daddy Dearest to nibble on instead.

She loves to nibble on Daddy's thigh against his shorts. When he's not around, she will nibble on his shorts. Dunno why. =_=

Everyday without fail, she nibbles Daddy at every chance she gets...when he watches TV, eats his meals, surfs the net and lies on the bed. She also nibbles him till he sleeps every night.

Regardless of what anyone has to say about nibbling...To Daddy, it is their own 'special' way of bonding. He loves and welcomes it. I must say, I do feel kinda 'jealous' over this.

But what to do, She is Daddy's little girl.

Daddy simply laughed & said, "I get the nibbles & now you get the kneads. Fair and square." :D

We had a good laugh. Whatever. Life's too short to waste on insignificant stuff.  

Video of Rossi gal nibbling on Daddy.

My darling looks so cute with her nibbling. I love her focused expression as she nibbles. She really concentrates on her task at hand. Oh, love those pearlies too. ;p 

Thursday, June 13, 2013

What a Lovely Sight!

On a recent morning walk with Rossi gal, we saw a beautiful rainbow.

The rainbow stretches from one end & gently arches down to the other end over the fluffy clouds. We stood, mesmerised by the lovely sight before us. Its captivating beauty simply took my breath away.

It feels so surreal, to witness the magnificent work of nature spread out in all its splendour before my very eyes. The pictures do not do the rainbow justice. Nothing compares to admiring it there & then.

I feel so touched. This is my first time seeing a complete rainbow. It is very rare that I get to see a rainbow, much less a complete one. On those few occasions whereby I'm lucky enough to see it, I only get to see a partial one, never a complete one, until now.

A snapshot taken of my sweet darling with the rainbow as the backdrop. 
Notice there is a second rainbow appearing on top of the first one. :) Love this shot.
Seeing this beautiful rainbow lifted my spirits. It gives me hope. There had been some frustrating times, but they seemed to fade off somehow with the sighting of the rainbow. Perhaps Nature has its own unique way of soothing one's mood.

It also impresses upon me to be more open & see the bigger picture, instead of viewing things in a narrow or one-dimensional way.

What a beautiful & insightful morning.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Rubie Eating Her Raw Quail Bone

For weeks, I have been feeding Rubie the chicken wing tip for her bone content. I give her 1 tip each week and it seems sufficient for her. I observed that bone requirement is quite low. She poops on an average of 3-4 days. Her poo is nice and solid so far too. I have also begun feeding her liver, but I didn't increase her bone intake. Despite this, her poo routine and texture remain unaffected.

As she is still quite new to bones, I will bash up the wing tip with a meat hammer each time before feeding her. Bashing it up helps her to eat it more easily. I wanna give her more time to get used to eating raw bones.

In fact, I'm already thankful that Rubie is willing to eat raw and able to take bones.

As Rossi gal is having whole quail today, I decided cut out a part of the quail to let Rubie try. I took out the drum portion for her. I fed it as it is, without bashing this time. I wanna let her try eating it as it is.

After weeks of bashing, this is the first time, I'm feeding Rubie bones without bashing. Besides, quail bones are quite soft (softer than chicken bones). I believe Rubie can handle it.

I offered the quail drum to her this morning. Instead of the soft, pulped wing tip tat she is so used to, now she gets a solid raw bone wrapped with meat.

Initially, she sniffed & licked at it, probably wondering how to tackle it. I tried to help her by holding the drum to her mouth and encouraging her to chew on it.

After more licks and sniffs, she finally went into action. She took the quail drum into her mouth and began working on it.

Video of Rubie munching her quail bone.
Link to video: Rubie eating her quail bone

Well done, Rubie! :)

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Happy Moments

Our first family outing to Pasir Ris Park...


Together at Gardens by the Bay, Bay East...

My favorite shot of them...

Celebrating Daddy's Birthday & Rubie's first celebration with us...

Rubie's expression when she sees her cat condo for the first time, priceless...

Hoping for more happy moments to come in our journey of life together.