Monday, February 25, 2013

Natural Dish Liquid & a Safer Insecticide Alternative

I have been washing Rossi gal's bowls, utensils, knife, scissors and cutting board for holding & processing her meats with vinegar. But somehow, other than vinegar, I feel a need to use some other form of washing agent to wash them, especially when I slice through fatty parts of the meat with the knife or scissors. The knife or scissors can get quite oily.

I have also been using vinegar to clean the floor since Rossi came home 4 years ago. Vinegar is a cheap, natural and a quite effective cleaner. It was recommended to us by our frens, who was using it to clear off the markings made by their dogs while they were still pups. I used it for this purpose as well.

While it is fine for us to use the regular dish liquid (for eg. Mama Lemon Dish washing liquid) from the supermarkets, I do not feel so comfortable using it on her stuff. Therefore, I decided to source for a more natural dish liquid just meant for her bowls and such. 

I have been using the laundry wash of the same brand (Seventh Generation) to wash her towels & toys + our clothing with satisfactory results. We are now into our 3rd bottle of the laundry wash. So far so good. Thus, I decided to get the dish liquid under the same brand for washing her bowls, etc.

One thing I like about this dish liquid, is tat it is odourless, doesn't have tat thick consistency like the regular dish liquids and washes off quite easily.

Lately, Daddy had been toying with the idea of getting insecticide to terminate some peskies in our place. I told him No, cos the fumes from the insecticide could be harmful to our darling. I do not want to risk it, so I told him that we will go source for a safer alternative. And we found this:  

There is another brand available for the same purpose, but the sales lady told us that this brand is more popular of the two. Many of their customers bought this one. So after some consideration, we went ahead to get it.

As per the indication on the bottle, it may be used around food, humans and pets. It can kill and repel peskies like ants, roaches, fleas and mosquitoes. Looks safer than the regular insecticides.

Daddy started spraying it around where it's needed. There are some mini peskies flying around, which is likely due to the construction that is going on directly opposite our place.

The smell of the spray reminds me of essential oils. It doesn't have that strong chemical smell emitted by the insecticides. After using it, we noticed that the number of peskies have reduced significantly too. We are quite happy with the spray. :)

Friday, February 22, 2013

Rossi gal & the Whole Quail

On day 2 of CNY, I bought Rossi gal a new treat. Other than beef, this is another item that I have been looking forward to get for her.  

I like it that she can eat the quail "whole prey". It is a small bird, so she can handle it quite easily. On the 4th day of CNY, she had her first quail. Nothing wasted, she finished up the whole bird. :p

Last night, she had her 2nd quail. I topped it up with some lamb & beef to make it a heartier meal for her.

Time to get more quails for darling. But before that, here's a short clip of her enjoying her quail. ;p

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Pepper the 'Terror'

Before Rossi gal was in my life, Pepper was a 'Terror' in my eyes.

Pepper belongs to one of Daddy's cousins. Since our dating days, Daddy and I would go over for visitation at this cousin's house during CNY. Every year when CNY approached, the thought of visiting his house stressed me out, for Pepper the 'Terror' would be standing vigilantly at the door barking out. Every time, we would hear her continuous hearty barks the minute we set foot on the floor and walked along the corridor towards the house.

Pepper is quite a vocal gal, so her barks would persist all the way till we step into the house. She would then sniff us all over and follow us wherever we go. As usual, my heart would be racing and I would hold on tightly to daddy's arm for my dear life, while whispering to him, "I'm scared. I'm scared." I wanted to scream each time Pepper came near me, but as daddy's other aunts and uncles around, so I would suppress the urge to do so. His cousin or aunt would then come to my rescue ASAP and herd Pepper off.

We would usually hang out in his cousin's room, sit on his bed to watch some TV program. Pepper would also hang out with us in the room. 99% of the time, my eyes would on Pepper to ensure she didn't come near and I would sit cross-legged to the far corner of the bed to prevent her from touching me at all.

Besides being vocal, Pepper is also quite inquisitive. She seemed to know I didn't want to be near her, but still, she would walk to and fro in front of the bed, lingering as close as she could get from where I was sitting and stare intently at me. The silly me would nudge daddy and tell him, "she is staring at me...she is too close...I'm very scared...Can your cousin carry her and dun let her walk around??"

Whenever it was time to leave the house, it was a welcomed relief for me. But Poor Pepper would have to be held back by his cousin for me to walk of the house 'safely'.

Those were the days. LOL. Things changed after I have Rossi gal. 

On the very next CNY (after Rossi came home), Pepper is the 'Terror'..No More. When I stepped into the house, his cousin and aunt were expecting me to react in the terrified manner I always did. Instead, they were shocked with mouths agape when they saw me lift Pepper into my arms and carried her around with me. I guessed I caught Pepper by surprise too, for she suddenly stopped barking when I carried her and she had tat surprised look on her face. For the rest of my stay, she laid in my arms calmly, as I caressed her little head and body.

That was the most relaxed visit I have at his cousin's house after all these years. It was also the last I saw Pepper, cos I stopped going for CNY visitation there.

Pepper is still looking pretty good, as seen from the pictures. She is 10+ yrs young & counting. They are taken by Daddy on CNY Day 2 this year.

Below is an earlier blog post that I have written a few years back. There is a part about Pepper, but I didn't manage to post a pic of her then.

A Little Something About Me

Monday, February 4, 2013

We Met a Kitty

Me and daddy are not into cats. We are not cat lovers. We are not cat people.

However, this particular kitty has captured our attention. In fact, daddy is drawn to her the first time he met her. For me, I find her very docile and sweet. She seems like a very good gal.

Then her owner told us that she is indeed very docile and calm. She knows what she can and cannot do.

She was very curious about us when she first met us. We saw her watching us from where she was. She let us near her and allowed us to touch her. On the next occasion we met, she flipped on her side, wanting me to give her a belly rub and greeted daddy in a similar fashion like our Rossi gal.

After that, both of us couldn't forget her.

We dunno her name, so daddy calls her 'little tiger'. In the following pictures, you will see why he calls her so.

The kitty with expressive eyes.

Her 'tiger-like' striped marking. This is daddy's reason for calling her 'little tiger'.

We think she has nice markings and a pretty coat. She has this strip of shiny black furs lining the length of her back that I really like. Correct me if I'm wrong, she looks like a Domestic Shorthair.

She's an unforgettable kitty.