Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Rossi Gal's Yummy Menu of the Week!

Over the weekend, I made another stew and a small salad snack for Rossi gal.
Here it goes,

"Hearty Duck Stew"

Made with Deboned Duck Meat (from a whole duck), Red Kidney Beans, Pumpkin, Celery, Cabbage, Red Pepper(or Capsicum) and Romaine Lettuce. Nice colours and tastes nice too! Both Rossi gal and myself were munching on pieces of meat and slurping on some of the soup while waiting for it to cool down.

"Mini Garden Salad"

Still had some Romaine Lettuce and Celery left after making the stew, so I decided to make a healthy, low calorie snack for Rossi gal. A toss-up of Raw Romaine Lettuce, Raw Celery and Apple mixed with Plain Low-Fat Yoghurt, finished with a topping of yummy Blueberries.

It feels great to see Rossi gal eating and enjoying the food I make for her. I also feel assured, knowing that she is eating a healthy diet that I specially prepared for her. No doubt, a home-made diet requires some time and effort. But seeing her happily munching up her meals and smiling sweetly up at me after each meal make me feel its worth all my effort and time to make food for her. 

Monday, May 10, 2010

Rossi Gal's First Taste of Exotic Meat

Lately, I am pretty into making stews, not just for Rossi gal, but also for hubby and myself. Hubby insisted on getting some exotic meat for Rossi gal at this particular specialty meat shop that we discovered. He specially chose a lean cut of Rabbit Meat for our sweet little darling!

Raw Rabbit Meat

This is the finished product, "Rabbit Stew". 

I used the Rabbit rib-bones that are left after deboning the meat to do up a broth. The Deboned Rabbit Meat together with Sweet Potatoes, Carrots, Celery and Lentils are then added to broth for stewing.

The stew tasted sweet.The rabbit meat tasted kinda like chicken though. Rossi gal kept running into the kitchen to check out the stew while I was cooking it. I took some bits of the rabbit meat and let her have a first taste of it. She absolutely loves it and wants more! At this time, the Rabbit Stew is already gone..All finished up by Rossi gal, she made sure she munched up every bit of meat and licked off every drop of soup! LOL! ;P

Someone asked if this is meant for human consumption. Well, in my opinion, the answer is very obvious. Don't the ingredients shown look human edible? Also,the fact that I love Rossi Gal so much to cook her meals, would I let her eat food that is less than Human Grade? 

Perhaps I might have mis-interpreted the question. Perhaps this individual was trying to ask if this is meant for our personal consumption or for Rossi Gal. But either way, I view it as an insult. I feel offended. I could not help but have the impression that this individual may be trying to imply that Rossi Gal supposedly should not be given such "Gourmet Food". I tried, but still, I could not find it in my heart to give any benefit of doubt.

I do not see why my Rossi Gal, my loveable, loyal and innocent baby gal should eat anything less than Human Quality. To me, she deserves to have the best I could give her. Thus, in my opinion, if there is nothing constructive to say and also to avoid any form of misunderstanding, its perhaps better to remain silent.

My Cutesy Home Bakery-Banana Cheese Muffins

I tested a batch of muffins with the bananas and cheddar cheese. I'm pretty happy with the result. The blend of bananas and cheese gave the muffins a nice shade of yellow. They smell good too! As always, Rossi gal is a fervent fan of all my bakery stuff!