Friday, September 21, 2012

Brushing my Darling

Brushing my darling's furs is a daily routine. To me, it is akin to brushing my teeth everyday. It is an essential activity in her time-table.

I believe that other than diet, supplements and grooming products, the regular brushing of furs also helps to contribute to a nice & healthy coat.

The act of brushing might seem like a simple process, but it does brings about a number of benefits, which include; prevents entangles & matts, removes dead skin cells, loose furs & dirt, stimulates & distributes the skin's natural oils, controls shedding, enables the pawrent to discover skin conditions like hot spots & lumps and also, promotes bonding between the pawrent & furkid.

Brush for brushing her furs & Comb for combing her ear fringe
I enjoy brushing my darling and she enjoys being brushed too. She would lie her body relaxingly on my lap as I brush her. I like the feeling of having her warm little body spread across my lap. It warms my heart. This is our exclusive time together, where we quietly enjoy each other's company. It is a mutually satisfying experience for us both.

I do encourage pawrents, who have not been brushing their furkids, to pick up that brush and start brushing.  

Monday, September 17, 2012

Shopping Time & A New Item

Ok, time to add some bright & cheer to my blogging space. :)

Yesterday, I had a great time shopping with my frens. We went to a few places & shopped for the neccessary meat supplies & stuff for our darlings.

After the shopping, we had a nice lunch together & did wat gals love to do most...chatting...chatting...& more chatting. ^^ It was fun.

Our shopping for the day, bagged & boxed up, fitting snugly into the boot. :p

This natural laundry liquid was one of the items on my shopping list. It is a new item, my first time getting it.  

I got it specially to wash both Rossi gal's & our things like clothing, bedsheets & such. As she shares our bed and sticks to us everyday, it's only right that we use the same wash for our stuff as well. 

I do not know how good this product is, but based on the label, I like that it is "natural", "safe" and most importantly, "hypoallergenic".

The word, "hypoallergenic" especially captures my attention, as I'm looking for something that can eliminate or at least, minimise any possiblities of skin reactions. (For my darling's well-being)

There are some more items on my wish list for darling. Eventually, one by one, I will get them all for her.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Be Myself

I just want to be myself and not what anyone else wants me to be.

I used to be very bothered about how my frens and other people think of me. Eventually, I realise that I should not be. I should be myself.

Like  what a fren recently said to me recently, if you need to Not be yourself in order for your frens to like you, these frens are not needed. This is so true. What she said, really speaks to me.

I used to have frens, who always think they are right about everything. They expected me to agree with them and do things their way for Rossi gal & some other stuff. However, they are not always right, though they like to think they are. Well, I dun need such frens too.

I have been feeling down and thinking alot lately. And as I think, I get angry at myself and those so-called frens I used to have.

I get angry with myself for trying to mould myself to their standards.
I get angry at them for trying to manipulate me.

My recent blog posts have been outbursts of anger and frustration. Hopefully, my next post will be a positive one.

Till then.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Get out of my Sight

Get out of my sight! I dun wanna be frens with selfish people.

Get out of my sight! I dun wanna be frens with self-obsessed people.

Get out of my sight! I dun wanna be frens with irritating people.

Get out of my sight! I hate people that only care about themselves.

Get out of my sight! I hate people that don't know when to stop.

Get out of my sight! I hate people that treat Rossi gal as a guinea pig.

I dun want to have anything to do with you!

Get out of my sight! Just, Get out of my sight!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Enough is Enough

I'm gonna be blunt in this post & I'm not gonna mince my words.
Enough is Enough. 

I'm pissed & I wanna vent it all out. Whether anyone likes it or not, I'm venting it straight out right here in my space.

You can close off the window now, if you dun feel comfortable reading my rants. To anyone who is on this page now, you have been fore-warned.

Rant #1

From now on, I will think twice & even thrice before I post my comments or respond to questions online. I will also be very careful when I make frens online especially on social networking sites. People I am not familiar with, I will not reveal my personal number.

I have experienced enuff to come to this. This is especially so for the personal number part, cos if one is unable to contact the source online, one can just start dialling the number. Some won't be so extreme as to contact the source via the number, but there are always exceptions, who would use the number to the best of their advantage.

Therefore, I have learnt, never ever reveal my number to individuals I'm unfamiliar with. It's dangerous.

All along, I have always been keen to post comments and respond to questions that come my way. However, I come to realise there are those who would start to take it for granted and not feel inclined to do their own research or reading up. There are also those who simply choose not to read up and expect others to spoonfeed them with information, whereby they just follow as it is.

Then in both cases, as and when they have any questions, they just bombard the source and expect answers.

I find this so irritating, so inconsiderate and so damn irresponsible. Your dog belongs to you. You should be doing the reading up, but you expect people to spend time and effort to feed u with answers. This is so damn selfish too!

It is okay to ask questions, but people should do their own reading up too. From the type of questions one ask, it would be quite evident if one has done any form of research or reading up.

Then when one asks question, one dun keep revolving around the same question by continuing to ask a series of unnecessary sub-questions, when the original question has been already been answered. This is very exasperating to the source answering the questions. It makes one wonder if a thing called 'common sense' even exists.  

Why can't these people just use google to the best of their advantage like some of us do? Why become a leech onto others?

Rant #2

My Rossi gal is not a benchmark or guideline you can use as a reference for your purposes.

Not only is it inaccurate to use her as a guide (cos every furkid is different), it is also insensitive and rude to do so. By doing so, you are being insensitive and rude to Rossi gal, her daddy and me. Me and daddy do not like our darling being used as a guide by anyone.

I'm more than happy to share about my experience with Rossi gal, but dun abuse it and use her as a guide for your own selfish purposes.

She is not your Guinea Pig. Get this into your thick skull.

Rant #3

I hate being presented with "what-if questions". What-if I never do this for Rossi gal & she gets infected? Will I blame myself for this?

I hate to answer such questions. If I answered, I'm just answering either out of goodwill or cos I see that this person won't let it go if I dun answer. If you had bothered to exercise a little sensitivity, you would have detected my unhappiness in being presented with questions as such.

When I choose not to do certain things (for eg. not giving heartworm meds), I have already equipped myself with the knowledge of the pros & cons and what's involved. I know what I'm in for. I know what I'm doing and why I'm doing what I'm doing.

Why do you need to ask such questions? Asking these questions to satisfy your curiosity or again, for your own reference or for whatever reason, is damn insensitive! Dun try to make excuses for yourself! Such insensitivity is intolerable.

There are some questions that just shouldn't be asked, especially questions like the abovementioned. Logically, No one likes to hear about what-if you dun do this and your dog gets sick? Will you blame yourself? Blah Blah. FYI, I hate such questions!  

Well, you may be the exceptional one, who is ok with such questions, but do be sensitive to others. Others may not be ok with what you are ok with. Think for others. It's not always just about you. Dun be so selfish.

Do be more sensitive and process the questions in your CPU before running them on the screen.

Rant #4

I hate the feeling of having to answer questions like I'm doing some report on problem solving, whereby I'm expected to present the causes, effects, solutions and eventually, even the recommendation (of the best solution).

It shouldn't be this way. Hate it. I'm already out of school. I'm past report-writing.

And I hate that my answers are being placed against another set of answers. It's like comparing to see who has the better answers. For goodness' sake, this is not an exam!

You may say you are not making use of me for answers Or you may say you are just asking for opinions. But whatever it is, I feel I'm being made used of. You made me feel this way.

Rant #5

In attempting to allay your own worries or anxieties, you are causing distress to me with your overflow of questions. How inconsiderate. You may not feel it, but I do.

And I find that a number of questions are really unneccessary & I dun even see the need to answer them. 

Also, questions like, when is the time to visit the vet? Or if you dun go vet, can this heal? Or what should you use for a certain condition or issue? Blah Blah.

These are not for me to answer. It is for the individual owner to determine based on their understanding of their furkid. You know your furkid best. Please assess on your own. I'm not in the position to answer you. 

And take note, you are asking someone (me), who does my best to stay far far away from the vet & who finds it a drag whenever the vet topic is being brought up. Vet questions are just not for me. You have asked the Wrong person. Find someone who is pro-vet to answer you.

And if you are so damn worried & your thoughts are treading towards the big "V", fine, just run there. Period. Dun keep asking questions circling the sickening "V". It's damn irritating, like a hovering fly that refuses to go away no matter how hard I try to swat it off.

In conclusion, 

I believe I have been more than patient with insensitive & self-centered people. Now I have been pushed to & over the limit of my patience.

My patience has been wearing thinner & thinner by the day. But because you have been so self-centered, so insensitive & so caught up with the bombardment of your questions, you fail to notice it.

Others may be fine with your style of questioning etc, but I'm Not. There are times, whereby I feel that you are not even listening to what I'm saying. You are just so intent with ur questioning, till you couldn't quite register what I'm trying to tell you.

Dun try to make excuses for your actions. I hate excuses.

Finally, I snapped. I simply snapped. Totally SNAPPED!

Are you satisfied now?