Friday, October 26, 2012

A Morning at Mummy's Office

I suggested to daddy that Rossi gal, him & me spend our holiday morning today at my office. 
Her first time here
I have been working here for about 10 years & daddy haven't visited my office once, much less Rossi gal. He does take darling over to fetch me after work & have breakfast with me near my workplace at times, but never have the chance to come up for a visit.

My work station

My desk
'Mummy, can I work here too?'
It is a rare opportunity that they could visit my office now. There is no one around. All have gone on a company trip, except me. I have chosen to stay behind. During usual times, our guys do work on weekends & even public holidays, so it is not convenient for daddy & darling to visit.

'So many drawers. Blur.'
Dozzing off
It was quite an experience for darling. Soon, it was time to go. Daddy bagged her up, while I proceeded to close the office for the the chairs, switching off the aircon & thermal water pot, etc.

'Mummy, when are you bringing me to work again?'
I'm happy that I can bring my family (darling & daddy) to my workplace and show them where I work. We spent a delightful morning here.

Nothing beats being with the ones you love & care for. Regardless of where we are & what we do there, even if it is just sitting quietly & spending every moment together, it is a heartwarming and beautiful time.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Another Bumper Bed

Darling likes her bumper bed . She plays, rests and sleeps on the bed.

Her mummy rests herself on it at times too. ;p It's comfy.

As she has only one bed, so when its covers are being washed, she would have to wait till they are dry before she can enjoy her bed again.

With this in mind, daddy wanted me to get an additional set of bed covers for her, initially. But after further consideration, he decided to get an extra bed for her instead, which I thought was a good idea. :)

Therefore, after going through the available colour schemes for the covers and choosing our desired colours, I placed the order for her second bed.

The package arrived yesterday. :P

Darling's new bumper bed.

Darling in her new bed. See her happy little face. ^_^

With two bumper beds, they can be used interchangeably as the other one is being washed. So, Darling gets to enjoy her bed all the time! :D

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Rossi gal & Her New Bag

During a recent meetup, I saw my fren carrying her furkid around in a nice looking bag. If I didn't know her, I wouldn't have known her furkid was inside there at all. ;p

I like what I saw & thought a bag would be useful for Rossi gal. Daddy agreed with me, so we decided to get a bag for her.  

*It is also a good way to 'hide' her away from the eyes of her surroundings, especially kids, Yes.  -__-

We measured our darling, took note of her measurements and began our search for her bag. As our darling is a tall & strapping gal, many bags we saw didn't fit her. They are all smaller than she is. Therefore, we were left with quite limited choices.

After some discussion and a final confirmation on darling's size, we settled for this bag. It arrived at our doorstep just a day after our order. Thumbs-up for the prompt service.

We chose this bag for it's size rather than it's design, though it looks fine. There were other designs that me and daddy liked. We both have our personal favorites, but as mentioned, they were not big enuff for our darling.

Darling was very curious about the bag when we placed it before her. She kept walking around it, sniffing at it and checking it out.

Daddy managed to 'lure' her into the bag quite successfully with wat she loves best...TREATS. As expected, many treats were utilised during the 'luring' process. But the results were good. :)

She stays quite nicely in the bag as daddy carries it, but she just likes to poke her inquisitive little nose out of the opening. ^_^

We have lined the interior of the bag with her towel and a pair of daddy's shorts to make it a cozy & familiar place for her to be in. She loves all of daddy's shorts.

After her long walk this morning, as we were in our car, going home, she climbed into the bag, nestled herself in there and dozed off.

Looks like our darling is quite comfy in her new bag. She has gotten used to it faster than we expected. Glad she likes her bag. :)

Monday, October 15, 2012

Rossi ~ Growing Up

This is a montage of Rossi gal's growing up process, from an adorable baby gal blooming into a pretty young lady now. Just like a butterfly.

She will always be my little darling & always, Daddy's little gal.

Credits to Daddy, for specially creating this lovely video.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Lamb Shoulder Rack

Recently, I got the lamb shoulder rack for Rossi gal.

I have seen other butcheries selling it at their counters, but I prefer to get it from my regular butcher.

As they did not display this cut at their counter, I had to ask the butcher if they have it. He said yes, then went into his meat processing area and took out a huge chunk of shoulder bone-in meat. I told him I wanna get it and he proceeded back to the area to cut up the huge chunk for me.

After processing, it looks as above. There are a total of 5 pieces.

Some pictures of her enjoying the rack. I took them when she was finishing up the remainder of the rack. Didnt expect her to finish it up, but she did. :)

P.S. I'm so looking forward to feed her beef! So excited! ;p

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Just God, Darling & Me

My darling,

What more can mummy do for you?
What have I not done?
Where have I not done enough?
You are perfect in every sense, except...if only...
How I wish you get the best in every aspect.

Why do others put in minimum effort & gain more than what they deserve?
Whereas, I have put in so much effort, but my gain does not match my effort,
Life is never fair, this I know & it really sucks big time!  

Dear God,

Please look favorably upon my darling.
Please grant her what I have asked of you.
Please give her what she needs.
And...Please keep her safe, happy and healthy, always.
God, Please.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Silver Sol for Her Ear

On Saturday morning, I noticed Rossi gal's left inner ear red and swollen. I think it could be her scratching her ear that caused this.

Immediately, I soaked a cotton wool with Silver Sol and gently pressed it against the affected area. I also cleaned the area with the Sol.

I repeated this soaking, pressing & cleaning several times for the rest of the Saturday, as well as on Sunday. And this morning, I saw improvements to her ear. :)

As shown in the After pic, the red and swollen area has subsided.

I will continue her on the Sol for another few days, just to ensure the area heals properly. Not as frequent as I did over the weekend, probably just 2-3 times a day.

I'm glad I kept a bottle of Silver Sol readily available. Never know when I would need it for my darling. :)

Monday, October 1, 2012

An Unexpected Visitor

On Friday night, we had an unexpected visitor at our place. Daddy was the one who first discovered the presence of this unusual 'guest'. He fixed his stare on our bedroom window, pointed at it and asked, "What is that up there?"

I looked towards the window and saw a silhouette against the pane. We continued watching it with curiosity and wonder. Then all of a sudden, the silhouette moved and slowly spread out a set of wings.

Upon seeing the wings, Daddy's immediate reaction was, "It's a Bat!!"

It's weird, but the first thing that came to my mind was, "Batman". Then images of my favorite Batman movie, 'Batman Forever' began unfolding in my mind. Following the remincense of the movie, I was reminded of dracula movies and bats' documentaries. It's so weird. @@

All this while, Rossi gal was blissfully unperturbed. She was lying comfortably on the bed by our side, relaxing. It was only when Daddy walked over to the window to take a closer look & a quick snap shot of the bat that Rossi gal's atttention was drawn to the presence of Mr Bat.

Well, I dunno for sure if the bat is a male or female, but the influence of the batman movie automatically led me to think of it as a male.

On a sidenote, Daddy thought Mr Bat looked quite well-fed. On a closer look, I do agree with him. Mr Bat appeared to have a bulging tummy, like he just had a feast. 

It had rained earlier. The weather was cool & wet, so I gathered Mr Bat was looking for a shelter to take a break and decided to do so at our place.

It was our first time having Mr Bat visit at our place after 5 years of living here. Interesting experience, but still, I'm not looking forward to Mr Bat's future vists. 

Batman aside, I couldn't help associating bats with draculas. I also think they look scary and unfriendly.

So Mr Bat, please find elsewhere to nest yourself next time. Give our place a miss. Thank you.