Friday, April 8, 2011

What's the Big Deal?

What's the Big Deal in feeding Raw to my dog?

Recently, there were some who got to know I feed my Rossi gal Raw. Their reactions were a mixture of exaggerated shock, disgust and curiousity (or just plain kpoh-ness). I was made to share details of my raw feeding with people I just met and whom I barely knew. It was literally talking to a bunch of strangers, but I dun mind at all. I'm not afraid of anyone knowing I feed raw. In fact, I'm proud to be a raw feeder.

It was the narrow-mindedness and ignorance in these people that I could not tolerate. Suddenly, I was being bombed with questions..You never cook the meat??..Do you give the bones too??..What type of meats do you give raw??..blah blah blah...With each answer I give, their eyes popped wider and mouths opened bigger.

When I went further to share how Raw has helped Rossi gal re-grow all her hairs on her bald patch caused by Demodex, I was even mocked at. WTF! This was totally uncalled for. I was really offended!

Then some self-righteous fools could not take it anymore and decided to correct my ways there and then, in fear I will kill my dog with Raw. I was warned...NO..I cannot feed raw...It's a NO NO..I can only feed raw beef..Other meats like chicken, etc..NO...I cannot feed...There is bacteria in the meats...Dogs are not in the wild anymore...Now Dogs are domesticated...their body is different now...Also, be careful of contracting stuff like Samonella on myself when I handle the raw meats...

What fucking crap is this?

Only can feed raw beef but other meats cannot feed? Why is it only beef can be fed raw and not others too? Anyone with common sense will know this has NO logic at all. Variety is the spice of the life. I feed Rossi gal a variety of meats, like chicken, lamb, pork, duck and rabbit. She loves it!

Dogs' bodies are made in such a way they can handle bacteria way better than us. Bacteria is everywhere, not just in raw meats. Dogs pick up stuff from the ground..anywhere..then some dig into the rubbish, etc..all these have bacteria too! But do we see them getting sick from all these??

There are some, esp the pros who always caution about dogs contracting stuff like Samonella, E-coli etc from eating raw. My Rossi gal has been eating Raw for for nearly 9 months and she is doing great! Full of Zest for Life and Packed with boundless Energy! The same goes for my friends and many many others who have been feeding their dogs Raw for Years. Their dogs are doing fantastic! No complaints of bacteria...Samonella...E-coli or the like. But strangely, kibble-fed dogs seem to be the ones mostly affected by stuff like Samonella or E-coli. Hmmm....

Till date, I have no problem with Samonella etc from handling the raw meats. Even before Rossi went raw, I have already been handling raw meats too and been doing so for years without any issues. I just practise the usual hygiene of washing my hands after handling raw meats and I'm fine. But nevertheless, Thank you for your concern towards my well-being. (-__-) 

Also, be it in the wild or with domestication, the dogs' body system remain unchanged. A prominent physical trait would be their sharp pointed teeth, which are clearly made for chomping down meats and crunching up bones.

Extracted from one of the links below, "However much, we humans have done to tinker with and change the dog's body design (resulting in varying sizes and conformations), we have done nothing to change the internal anatomy and physiology of our carnivorous canines. "Dogs have the internal anatomy and physiology of a carnivore" (Feldhamer, G.A. 1999. Mammology: Adaptation, Diversity, and Ecology. McGraw-Hill. pg 260.)

Seriously, pls educate yourselves with at least the basics, before sprouting nonsense.

I repeat again, I am a strong believer of Raw. I firmly believe raw is the way to go for my dog. I dun need you or anyone to lecture me on nutrition. I know my stuff. You are the ones who need to open up your eyes & minds to see & know what is real nutrition for dogs.

What's the Big Deal feeding in Organic Raw Meats to my dog?

When I said I give Rossi gal Organic meats, someone asked me, What is Organic?..What do you mean by Organic?..

Do you really not know what organic is? OR What you really meant, is you do not understand why I give my dog organic meats, when organic stuff is supposedly meant for human consumption only? I really do not know what you meant and what you wanna bring across/achieve by asking me such questions. Anyways, I dun really care what you think, so I'll just leave it as that.

But for info's sake, in general, organic meats refer to 'meats from animals that are raised without the use of growth hormones and antibiotics.'

Another thing I dun really like hearing is, 'Not everyone can afford to get organic.' But No One is asking you to get organic. By saying that I feed organic meats, it is simply my way of sharing that organic is my choice of feeding for the reason, 'No hormones & antibiotics' and because of this, organic meats would be the better choice. That's it. Whether or not to get organic, is entirely up to individual.

Oh, then I didnt know that I need to be earning exorbitant amounts of $$$, in order to afford organic for my Rossi gal. Well...I'm just a normal working gal..I dun earn that much..I'm not rich..but I do feed organic. Hmmm...I'm so amused by some individuals.

I choose to feed organic to my Rossi gal, cos I want to provide what I believe is the most beneficial for her well-being. She is my priority. 

So What's the BIG Freaking Deal here?

Just cos I dun feed kibbles?

Just cos I dun feed poopy looking stuff that claims to be 'raw'?

Oopss... (*x*)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

New Organic Cuts

On Saturday, I dropped by and bought organic Turkey drummies & organic Lamb Rump of Heart for Rossi gal.

She had eaten raw turkey breast meat (non-organic) as well as different cuts of raw lamb (leg, shoulder, tenderloin & rack/cutlet from both grassfed & organic).

I will debone the turkey drummies and let her try the meat from the turkey's leg. And this time, it's organic. ;p 

The Lamb Rump of Heart is the meat around the heart.(*Thanks Regina for telling me.) I have seen this several times at the store, but didnt get it. Then in this round of shopping, I got one pack for Rossi gal.

I will try to get different parts/cuts of the various meats for Rossi gal to eat. I believe variety (in meats and the parts/cuts of meats) is important for her diet and different types of meats, as well as the different cuts of the meats, contain different nutrition. Also, in the wild, carnivores hunt their prey, kill and eat it. They get to eat the different parts/cuts of the prey. But it is not possible for me to do this for her raw diet.  

My best for Rossi gal, would be to provide her with a variety of organic / grassfed / free range raw meats and different cuts of the respective meats that I'm able to get for her.