Monday, January 11, 2010

Rossi gal is 1 Year Old !

Rossi is officially 1 Year Old  Today. Looking back at the times when she was still tiny furball when she first came to me, now she is already a big gal. I do feel a little older seeing her grown up like this.

Yesterday, we held a mini birthday celebration for her with her furry buddies, Mocha and Cheezels, as well as their daddy and mummy, David and Shanice.

Sharing some photos below:

I specially baked her a birthday cake, some muffins and biscuits(daddy helped with the biscuits), for her mini party.

   Rossi gal posing for the camera.

 Cake, muffins and biscuits for Rossi and her buddies.

 Rossi and her cutesy buddies, Cheezels and Mocha munching on the birthday snacks.