Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Her New Madan Pin Brush & Comb

I have always been particular about her diet, supps, hygiene and stuff used on her, like her shampoo, the type of chamomile flowers used to do her rinse & the type of washing agent used to wash her stuff etc etc.

But lately, I realised that I have neglected one important aspect, and that is, her grooming tools (aka brushes). I came to this realisation after reading a blog post written by one of my FB frens on brushes.  

I proceeded to approach this FB fren, hoping to learn more from her with regards to brushes, something I dunno much about. She was very helpful & generous in sharing her knowledge & experience with the different brands & types of brushes, which I'm very thankful to her for. Thanks Pepper!

After her sharing & positive feedback on the Madan brushes, I went ahead to place my order for the pin brush, as well as the comb. I wanted Rossi gal to have a good set of pin brush & comb. 

As for the slicker brush, I dun see the need for it. Based on my experience with her, she does fine with just the pin brush & comb.

Her current brush and comb are from the usual pet shop. Well, they would have to retire now, for good.

Here it goes, her Madan pin brush & comb in my favorite colour. They look so sweet! Can't wait to start using them on darling. :p

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New New New

A New year begins, therefore it's only right that my Rossi gal gets New stuff.

As the title goes, there are 3 New additions to her treasure box to start off the  year of 2013! ;p

1) New Beef Cuts
I'm in the midst of exploring new cuts of beef for Rossi gal. There is a good variety of beef cuts available & from different countries, like Australia, USA, New Zealand and Japan available at the butcheries.

I'm looking at only grassfed beef for her. The level of omega 3 in grassfed meats is higher as compared to grainfed meats, which is more nutritious & beneficial for her. (*I get grassfed lamb for her too. Her staple meats now are lamb & beef.)

As much as possible, I get organic or HA-Free meats for her, as I strongly believe that the quality of meats in her diet plays an essential role in contributing to her well-being.

Organic chuck tender

Free Range NZ beef striploin 
Veal liver
2) New Treats
My first time dehydrating beef for Rossi gal. Her first time getting beef treats. :p 
(*I dehydrate her treats with meats bought from the butcheries. I do not use market meats.)
Organic beef rump for dehydrating
Dehydrated Beef Treats
3) New Dehydrator
We already have an existing 500W dehydrator, but Daddy wanted to upgrade to the 1000W one. He said that with the upsized dehydrator, he can make more treats for Rossi gal at one go. :P The other one will be kept as a spare/backup. Daddy has no intention of selling it off.
That's all for now. More new things are coming her way. Till then. :p

Friday, January 11, 2013

Rossi gal is 4 Years Old!

Rossi gal turns 4 today. How time flies. She has been with us for 4 years. 

To me and daddy, she has not changed a bit. She is still our precious baby gal, always innocent, cute and fun-loving. I do hope time will be kind to her, easing her gracefully into her years.

Like the past two years, we celebrated her birthday at home, just her, me and daddy. A mini family celebration. Simple, but memorable.

Me and Daddy's birthday wish for Rossi gal, is for her to stay healthy and happy always. We love her very much and only want the very best for her. Looking forward to celebrate many more birthdays with her.

*Updated: Photos of her Birthday :D

Happy 4th Birthday!

Her 'cake'

 Her 'cake' & fave treats