Friday, September 30, 2011

Frozen Organs

Rossi gal dun like her organs (liver & kidney). Not sure why. I guess it could be due to the organs' texture or she dun like the smell. She is not a fussy eater and eats just about everything...with the exception of organs.

Actually, she is not the only one. I have heard of other furkids who dislike eating organs. There are some who like kidneys, but dislike liver or vice versa. Then there are also those who like eating both. Well, like us, they have their preferences too.  

Whenever I include organs into her meals, she would either eat them up grudgingly with some coaxing or leave them out completely. When she does the latter, I would proceed to pick up those slices of organs, open her mouth and shove them down.

This is a method I picked up from an overseas raw feeding forum, for those furkids who dun like to eat organs. I must say this is a fast and effective method. No fuss, No hassle. Just shove it down and close her mouth, that's it. I have been doing this for quite a while too.

Lately, I come to learn of another method in the same raw forum and decide to try it out. That is, feeding organs in the frozen state. I read that this is another good way to feed organs to furkids who dun like organs. There are some fellow raw feeders who shared that this method works well too.

Left: lamb kidney, Right: organic pork liver,
sliced up into treat sizes.

Each container is topped with a lid for freezing.

 Frozen organs
*Though the shoving method works well, I still hope she could eat her organs willingly (and it would be great, if she could enjoy doing so too). That's why I decide to try out the frozen method.

The first time I took one of these boxes out, she was actually quite excited and waited by my side expectantly. She must have thought they were treats. Well, she isnt wrong. I wanted to give these organ bits to her like treats.

For a start, I removed a frozen piece from the box, placed it on my palm and handed it to her. She gobbled up. Then I took another piece and gave her, she gobbled it up too. For the next few days, I continued feeding her organs this way, same, she gobbled them all up just like treats.

The frozen way works wonderfully for her. :) She likes her organs frozen. I will continue feeding her this way.

Monday, September 26, 2011

World Animal Day 2011

Daddy and Mummy took Rossi gal to the World Anmial Day event by SPCA on Sunday, 25 Sept' 2011. It's been a long while since we took her to such events, so we thought of bringing her to this one.

We reached there at around 10 am. It was a really hot day. Rossi gal was panting alot. We made sure she drank sufficient water to remain hydrated. At the same time, we ourselves were feeling the heat too. 


There was an agility area set up for the agility competitions, which would take place at a later time.

Various stuffs, ranging from pet foods to accessories were being sold.

There were write-ups and talks to create awareness of animal cruelty too.

Rossi gal was getting restless and wanted Daddy to carry her. We too needed a rest, so we went over to a nearby bench and sat ourselves down. Our inquisitive gal continued to watch the action taking place from where she was.


What a hot hot morning! When we got home, all three of us were feeling the after-effects of the heat. Daddy and Rossi gal wasted no time in cuddling together for a much-needed nap, while Mummy simply relaxed on the sofa and watched TV, for the rest of the day.

That's how we spent our Sunday.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Fun with Birds

Now you see them...

 Now, you don't...

Rossi gal hot on their trail...

 But they escaped...

No more birds to play with.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Bagging Up

The meats and RMBs from the mini spree has thawed sufficiently for my processing.

Usually, I do not thaw out the raw meats and RMBs completely. When they are thawed to a semi-frozen state and 'soft' enough for me to slice through / separate them, I will begin to work on them (slice the meats, separate the pieces of RMB individually), followed by weighing (for sliced meats) and bagging them up into individual portions.

Bagging up

Sliced Lamb & Pork meats weighed, bagged and segregated
into their respective cuts - fillet, tenderloin, rump and shoulder.

Chicken drums (left) & wings (right) bagged+labelled respectively.

The bags of meats are then put into ziplog bags and into the freezer.

The drums and wings also are placed into ziplog bags, then into the freezer.

I personally find that when the raw meats are fully thawed, they tend to become very 'soft'. For me, slicing through fully thawed meats is not as smooth and easy. It also becomes more messy during slicing, as there would be more blood from the meats. 

With semi-frozen meats, I find the process of slicing easier and smoother due to the semi-solid state of the meats. It is also less messy, with lesser blood. 

Saturday, September 10, 2011

A Mini Raw Spree

This morning, after a walk & run at our usual hangout, Daddy, Mummy and Rossi gal set out for a mini raw spree together. It's time to stock up on some raw meats & RMBs for Rossi gal.

Rossi gal happily on the driver seat
As usual, Daddy and Rossi gal waited in the car, while Mummy went for the spree. At the end of her shopping, she carried out three bags of stuff. 
These were the stuff she got.

'Organic rosie chicken drums & wings'

Clockwise: Organic lamb tenderloin, lamb casserole fillet,
lamb shoulder & lamb rump of heart

Organic pork tenderloin

As they are all frozen meats, she gota wait for them to thaw out in the fridge before she could process them. For the meats, she gota slice them up and bag them into meal portions for freezing. Then for the drums and wings, she will separate them into individual pieces to be bagged and freezed.  

She had also wanted to get a whole organic rosie chicken and chop it up into parts for Rossi gal's RMB sessions. However, there was no stock. She had heard from her fellow rawbie fren that it was outta stock, but she was hoping stock might be in today. Never mind, she will get it next time.

For now, Rossi gal has enough stuff to munch on till Mummy's next spree. :p

Monday, September 5, 2011

Her Raw Meaty Bones

Rossi gal loves her Raw Meaty Bones (RMB) and looks forward to her daily RMB session with anticipation and delight. Whenever I lay out her favorite Forever Friends' rubber mat before her, she will hop right onto it and station herself there to wait for her bone.

Her main sources of RMB are from chicken and lamb. They make up most of her calcium intake. I also top up this intake with a sprinkling of eggshell powder, which I grind myself, over her boneless meals. (Eggshell powder is a souce of calcium too.) 

Organic chicken drum

Anti-biotic & Hormone-Free chicken wings
(*This pic is taken last year, now she is on Organic chicken wings.) 

 Organic grass-fed lamb rack

Besides calcium, RMB also acts as her "toothbrush" for those sparkling pearlies. I used to brush her teeth with toothbrushes. I have used the finger-brush, the vet-formulated canine toothbrush and the baby toothbrush. 

Well, I must say, these brushes are not as effective as the RMB. I didnt use to believe RMB works better than these brushes, until I personally witnessed the results in Rossi gal's pearlies from her regular RMB sessions. Yes, RMB, the 'nature toothbrush' is the best method to achieve those sparkling pearlies.   

Raw Lamb is a good source of red meat. Rossi gal does very well on lamb. She also gets lamb RMB like lamb rack/cutlet a few times a week. As she cannot take raw beef due to our 'house-rule', I use mainly lamb as her red meat source, though I do include other red meats like venison, kangaroo and duck every now and then.

Gnawing a lamb rack
Raw chicken is a commonly used protein for raw feeding. It is a good source of meat and bones. Various parts of the chicken; the legs, wings, back, feet, organs, gizzards etc, can be consumed by our dogs.

Tackling a chicken drum bone
Rossi gal gets chicken RMBs about 3 times weekly.  For chicken, I will give her both the bone and meat in the form of wings and drums. I feel this is more 'proportionate' for her, as she gets to eat both the meat and bone together. I'm also gonna include chicken back for her RMB sessions. Chicken bones are a soft and edible bone/calcium source. They are easily crunched through and suitable for consumption. I find them an ideal bone/calcium source for Rossi gal.

Working on a chicken wing
Raw bones are fine for dogs. Their bodies are made to process / digest raw meats and bones. On the other hand, cooked bones are brittle and can splinter easily, as cooking changes the composition of the bone. Thus, feeding cooked bones to dogs are dangerous and can cause harm to them. For eg. Contrary to what some think, raw chicken bones are actually fine for dogs. It is the cooked chicken bones that are harzadous to them.

Then when feeding RMB, it would be good to ensure the bone is covered with ample meat around it and to feed a big RMB to prevent dogs from gulping  it down and to prevent choking. Most of the time, the cases of choking that I come across, are usually due to inappropriate feeding by the owners themselves, for eg. not feeding a big enough RMB for the dog work on.

If you know your dog is a gulper or afraid of your dog getting choked, then feed a big RMB that 'forces' the dog to work on it before swallowing. RMB is actually an important part of the dog's raw diet. It is sad that there are those who do not wanna feed RMB for fear of choking (and even discourages others from doing so.)  

One just needs to ensure the RMB is fed appropriately, for eg. feed a big enough RMB, one that the dog is unable to gulp down without proper chewing & crunching and monitor the dog throughout the RMB session. Don't leave the dog to eat the RMB unsupervised.

Rossi gal used to be a gulper. I started off by holding on to the RMB in my hand for her. Eventually, when she has learnt to crunch her bones properly before swallowing, I begin to release the RMB to her and let her eat on her own.  

Also, for RMB, I do not feed Rossi gal naked or dense raw bones too. I only feed her bones with meats wrapped around them (RMB) and bones that she can crunch through with ease, like chicken and lamb bones. (It is not advisable to feed naked or dense bones.)

Rabbit bones are another good bone/calcium source. They are soft and can be crunched through easily. I would have loved to include rabbit for her RMB sessions. But too bad, Rossi gal didnt like her rabbit RMBs as much as she did for her lamb & chicken RMBs, so I stopped getting rabbit for her. 

Whole Rabbit with innards

 Rabbit RMBs (Portioned out)
I have heard somewhere that raw chicken bones are not appropriate for feeding dogs. Well, I persist in my beliefs and I believe in what I have witnessed in Rossi gal. I will not simply accept/do anything I hear/read blindly. I believe one must exercise discernment. For over a year, Rossi gal has been eating bone-in chicken and doing wonderfully on them. Many raw feeders feed bone-in chicken to their dogs too. Their dogs are full of life's energy and thriving. Like the many raw feeders, I will continue to feed her bone-in chicken.

With this, I shall end off my blog post with the following links.

Are bones bad for dogs?
Raw Feeding FAQ (*There is a section that talks about chicken bones.)