Saturday, January 29, 2011

Rossi gal's New Exercise

Daddy said this exercise can help to strengthen Rossi gal's joints.We both took turns to run up and down with her several times. We were all so tired after that.

Rossi's "Balboa Training"...looks familiar?

"Come on, Daddy! Faster!"

"I've conquered it..."

"Look, my '2 Pacs'." ;p 

Monday, January 24, 2011

Taking Rossi gal Out

Daddy and I have only started taking Rossi gal out for walks in the recent months.

Previously, we did take her out, but we always took turns to carry her in our arms all the way when we were out. We also let her wear her little jump suit whenever we take her out. 

We carried her and did'nt let her walk on the ground, because her immune system was compromised at that time due to her demodectic mange. We did not want to take chances of her being attacked by the fleas and ticks, as these parasites were most attracted to those with poor immunities.

Flea & tick spot-ons were not an option to us. We do not want to use these stuff, as we hate the idea of applying chemicals on her and also, using them would only serve to further worsen her already compromised immune system.

Rossi gal hated wearing clothes, but we still let her wear the jump suit, not because we thought it was cute. It was because of the big bald patch on her body from her mange.

Initially, we had taken her out as she was. But soon, people around soon noticed her bald patch and they started talking about it. We got comments like, 'Skin problem ar??', 'Aiyo, what happened, why no hair here??' and 'how come bald until like this?', 'Wah, what a big bald patch!', 'Hmm..this type of skin problem very hard to cure one' and from my vet, 'you should bring her to Yun Nam or Beijing 101 to see if they can help her grow back the hair!' @__@

But what we cannot tolerate most, was their expressions when they looked at Rossi gal. It was a range of pitiful, shocked and disgusted looks in varying degrees.

We really hated all these damn comments and sickening expressions! Thus, we decided to get her a couple of jump suits, whereby the t-shirt come attached with a pair of short pants, to cover up her bald patch.

Now, with her hair re-grown, her bald patch is no more and her immune system is definitely better than before, all thanks to her raw diet, she have stopped wearing those jump suits. She can walk and run on the ground too, but we avoid letting her walk on grassy areas as one of our ways to prevent the parasites. She will also have to be leased for now, till a time when she is more 'stable', then we will let her go off-leased. Now, she is still very new to 'going for walks'.

Just yesterday, we brought her to another new place, 'Pasir Ris Park'. Daddy ran with her, while I walked behind them. We can see the sparkle in her eyes and the joyful skip in her feet. She wanted to walk and run fast, so Daddy had to keep up with her pace. Whenever I lagged behind, she actually waited for me to catch up. Then she would look up at me and start jogging beside me. It's her way of telling me to go faster and don't lag behind. :)

(*We plan to take Rossi gal out for exercise at least during the weekends. During weekdays, it's more difficult for us, as we gota work. Then on public holidays or when we are on leave, we can take her out too.)

We exercised together with Rossi gal as a family and it's a great feeling. Daddy and I benefitted from the session too.  

MacRitchie Day Out

Last Friday, Daddy and I were on leave in the afternoon. We took Rossi gal to MacRitchie Reservoir for a walk. It's our first time there. Daddy was the one who suggested going there.

As it was a week day afternoon, it was pretty quiet and very few people around. We pretty much had most of the park to ourselves for "exploration".

We were glad that Rossi gal enjoyed her little walk (+some run).

Then it was time to go. We all walk back to our car slowly.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Chia Seeds

*Thanks to Velvet, Cotton & Lauyrn's Mummy ("The Natural PawPals") for sharing about the Mighty Chia Seeds! Really Appreciate it. :p

I got my chia seeds! I had wanted to wait till Friday to get it, but could'nt  wait till then, so I went to get it after work today. 

I got the seeds mainly for Rossi gal. The chia seeds are packed with the goodness of Omega 3. This is the very reason why I got it. O3 is very beneficial for the skin, it's just what Rossi gal needed.

As it is a healthy food, I have decided that Daddy and myself should take it together with Rossi gal too. I have soaked some seeds in the fridge for all three of us. We all start taking the seeds from tomorrow onwards. (*Daddy didnt want to join in at first, but I bugged him till he relented. :P)

Rossi gal doesn't do well on fish oil. I do give her raw fish weekly. She also doesn't do so well on oily fishes like sardines, so I give her mainly salmon.

Since going raw, her skin has improved from before. Hopefully, these chia seeds can help to improve her skin further.   

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Little Tweak

I have made a little tweak to Rossi gal's diet, starting from last week. 

When she first started on raw, I started her on 2.5% of her body weight, then later, increased to 3%. Now I changed her back to 2.5% again, considering the amount of treats she eats everyday. She's such a snacker!

Daddy has been complaining that I "over-feed" her, seeing the amounts of food+treats I give her daily. Well, I'm begining to feel it too. @_@

For her diet, I plan to put her on a red-meat based diet for the time being. Previously, I was feeding basically alternate weeks of red and white meats.

I observed that she does much better on red meats esp.lamb & pork than white meats like chicken & turkey. With the exception of her favorite weekly drummie, the rest of her diet will be red meats. I want to see if this form of diet is more suitable for her. 

I'm thinking if she's better on red meats, why not give her a diet based on it and see if its better for her? Even if I decide to put her on a long term red meat based diet, for variety purpose, I will still include some white meats, but in smaller quantities and not as often.

I will monitor her progress on this tweak and see how it goes.

Friday, January 14, 2011


I find it ironic that there are some people who are skeptical about natural herbal supplements, thinking that they might not work or can even be potentially harmful, but on the other hand, think that it is perfectly safe and right to administer chemicals internally & externally on their furkids month after month & year after year.

My belief is, while it is still possible that herbal supps can pose as a 'danger' in some cases, for eg. overdosing and sensitivity/allergy to certain herb/s, simply stopping the intake can usually help to clear off any undesired effects. Afterall, these supps are made from natural herbs.

But in the case of chemical administerations, it is a different story.  Considering what they are made of (Just google it), Aren't they even more Dangerous? These are chemically-laden products. Adverse effects can occur with continued use and some effects can be lasting.

I have been snubbed quite sarcastically when I tried to caution these individuals to re-think about the long-term chemical administerations. Thus, I will not talk to anyone on this again, cos I do not want to be snubbed again. I hate being snubbed. It makes me very angry.

Whatever one chooses to believe, it's up to individual. To each his own.

I will limit my thoughts/opinions to my blog only.  

Monday, January 10, 2011

Rossi gal is 2 Years Old!

Dearest Rossi gal, time flies, it's been another beautiful year having you with us. The joy you have brought to Mummy & Daddy's life is priceless. We are so lucky to have you.

Mummy & Daddy wish you a Happy 2nd Birthday and want you to be Happy & Healthy always.

Mummy also wants to tell you, I do not care what anyone thinks or says about you. In my heart, you are my priceless gem & you mean the world to me. I love you, my precious gal.

"My Bark-Day 'Cake', specially designed & made by Mummy."

"Extra treat, a 'Rosie Drummie'!"

"I'm all grown up!"

"Wah..Look at that juicy drummie.."

"Appetizer on the menu."
"Mmm..taste good neh.."

"Time to attack the main course! Yum Yum!"

A Typical Day Out

"A fine weather for a nice workout"

"Daddy, let me lead you."

"Here we are!"

"Hmm..must be someone pee here."

"Mummy! Daddy! Come in leh."

"What a wonderful day!"

Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Organic Stuff

This morning, Daddy and Mummy did some shopping for Rossi gal. Mummy had been wanting to check out this place for some time, but haven't got the chance to do so. 

Then on Christmas Day, we made a trip there, but unfortunately, it was closed. I had thought they would be open, as it is mentioned they do open on public holidays.

Therefore, this time, to avoid disappointment, Mummy called up the place to ensure it's open before going down. This was our first time shopping here. There was quite a good variety of organic stuff available here too.

"The Stuff for Rossi gal"

"Rosie Chicken Drummies"

"Lamb Loin (Left) & Lamb Shoulder (Right)"
"Diced Pork" 
(*However, it's not 'ready-diced', Mummy had to dice it up herself.)

"Pork Liver"

"Fuji Apple Chips"
(*Actually, Mummy wanted this for herself, but might share some with Rossi gal. ;p)

(*Well, the ice-cream..Daddy wanted to try it, so he took two tubs, one for himself & the other for Mummy. :>)
As usual, the bill is settled by Mummy, while the task of moving the stuff is covered by Daddy. ;)