Monday, May 18, 2009

Rossi's First SKC Dog Show

Yesterday, we went to the SKC Dog Show with Rossi. It was our, as well as Rossi's very first SKC Dog Show.

It was exciting for us to see so many doggies and their owners gathering at one big place. There were stalls selling various stuff and we bought a herbal spray and frisbee for our gal. There were also Doggie competitions going on. We were especially drawn to the agility competitions. It was our very first time seeing doggies going through the agility obstacles and it was so cool. Someday, we also hope Rossi would have the opportunity to join the agility competition and have some fun with it.

There were many doggies of various sizes and outlooks. We saw quite a number of toy doggies dressed up in cute clothing and some were wearing little shoes. They were all so cute! Then there were also those gigantic doggies, whose sizes intimidated us abit and our gal was abit nervous when they were near. We also saw 2 other Papillons around there and were quite excited about it. We managed to have a short chat with a nice couple with an adorable 3mths old male old Papillon. As the Papillon community locally seemed rather small, we seldom get to see them often. So far, we have only seen 3 other adult Papillons during the occasions we took Rossi out for walks. (Though Rossi is a mere 4mths old, she looked bigger in size than the adult Papillons we saw. Probably my gal is just big boned? Or she eats too much and thus, grows bigger? Well, we aren't too sure.)

Coincidentally, my hubby also bumped into his ex school mate and girlfriend at there. They had lost contact since the secondary days and reunited at the Dog Show. Then amazingly, they also owned a female Papillon! But their Papillon was still at the pet shop and currently, they were waiting to bring her home. (It was actually his girlfriend who noticed Rossi and stopped in her tracks, then from here, my hubby saw his ex school mate. That's how they saw each other again. ) The guys did a quick catching up on the old times, while we, the gals, chatted about our furkids. Contact numbers were exchanged and we would arrange to meet up again. What a small small world!

It was an interesting and eye-opening experience. We look forward to attend more shows like this in future.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

My Darling Rossi Gal

Time flies. It's been quite a while since my last update. I was very occupied caring for my girl. Till date, she has been in our little family for over a month and she is going to be 4 mths of age on this coming monday.

Admittedly, it is tough work taking care of her. Daily, we would clean her living area, clean her paws+body, settle her meals and play with her. On alternate days, we would give her a dry bath and brush her. She sheds alot of fur, as she is starting to lose her puppy coat, thus regular brushing is required. Everyday, we also have to wake up early for her sake. Though its tough work caring for her, she is a great joy to us and we love her very much.

She can be so naughty at times. Sometimes, we get so frustrated with her till we wanna smack her buttocks! But there are times when she is so terribly sweet that she melts our hearts.

Every night, she would go to bed quietly when we switch off the lights and prompt her to sleep. (She do not like to be cuddled to sleep, unless she is very tired.Usually, she would fall asleep in her little home, while I stay somewhere near outside her home.) In the morning when she wakes up, she would wait pateintly for us to awake before reaching out her little paws for us to carry her. She never try to wake us up by barking or whining or any noise as what some other doggies might do. Another amazing thing about her is, she is not scared of the thunder. When thunder comes, she would just go to her bed in her cage and nestle there silently. However, she is terrified of water. Whenever it is bath time, she would complain non-stop all the way and she would even try to escape from us.

Our neighours and their kids adore Rossi. She loves being around people too and is very friendly towards them. When she have doggie friends around, she enjoys running and playing with them. Recently, our friends have gotten a new family member, a very adorable female black poodle, named Cheezels. She is also Mocha's new playmate. They invited us over to their house and Rossi had a great time playing with Mocha. Cheezels wanted to join in the fun, but due to her tender age, it was not suitable for her to come out and play yet. Therefore, the little gal could only protest from her cage while watching them run about.

Also, during the workdays, Rossi seems to know daddy and mummy needs to work and leave her at home. Usually, hubby would go off first as he starts work earlier. I would accompany her for another half hour or so, before I go off. Rossi would either play her toys close to me or climb onto me and nestle in my lap while playing her toys. During times like this, I really hate to leave her at home for work. I know she wants mummy to stay with her. When I try to move away from her, she would bite onto my clothes or pants to stop me from leaving. I would have to dis-entangle her from me gently and leave her in her home.

Her eyes would then follow me wherever I go in the house. When my eyes fall on her, she would reach out to me with her paws, call out to me with a little sound to catch my attention. Then she would sit on the floor, wagging her tail like a good gal, while looking up to me with her innocent eyes. I got to go to work, but I could not resist her gestures. So, I would pick her up in my arms and baby her for a while before placing her back into her home. Then I would give her a couple of her favorite toys and a rawhide to play with. Slowly, I would go to my room, take my bag and leave quietly. Rossi would be watching me as I leave, quietly too.

I really miss her when I am at work everyday. How I wish I didnt have to work...but then again, if I didnt work, I would not have the ability to provide her the luxuries I want to give her. With this in mind, I would march off to work. When I am home in the evenings and during weekends, i would give her all the time I have, to compensate for her solitary daytimes. But so far,I would say my darling gal is still doing okay. When hubby and I got home from work, she would rush to reach out for us and shower us with overwhelming kisses.

All I wish for my darling gal is, for her to be healthy, happy and comfortable with her surroundings. I know she will love us unconditionally and we want to give her the best we could.