Monday, April 30, 2012

Cookie's Stay with Us

Cookie was over at our place on Friday night for her 10-day stay. Before this, a big box of dehydrated treats was prepared for the sisters to share. They simply love these treats. :D

These treats are popular among the furkids. So far, every furkid I have given these treats to, always want more after tasting it once. 

*Fur parents should really consider getting a dehydrator to make their own treats for their furkids at home. They are so much healthier, as compared to those commercial treats sold at pet shops.

Some pictures taken over the weekend.

Spotting a similar expression. :p

Both are waiting to go out.

Caught Rossi gal gazing at a sleeping Cookie.

Cookie, a happy-go-lucky gal.
Though the sisters spot a black-white based marking and resemble each other, their characters are poles apart.

Rossi gal is more submissive, while Cookie is more sturbborn.  
Rossi gal is more calm, while Cookie is more restless.
Rossi gal is more relenting, while Cookie is more persistent.

But still, both gals are sweet in their own unique way. :) 

Over the weekend and today, I noticed Rossi gal walking over to Cookie in the morning to sniff her. It looked to me like a morning greeting. :) Hopefully, they can bond more in the days to come.

Walking together on the path of West Coast Park.

Rossi gal Running @ West Coast Park

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Her Supplements Now

I have stopped many of the supplements that I used to give Rossi gal. As I continue her raw feeding, I find that I'm starting to do away with her supps one by one.

These are the three remaining supps that I'm giving her now. 
From left to right:
'Nordics Fish Oil', 'Hyaflex' & 'Sang Hwang Lingzhi'
In the raw feeding sites I've been to, it is said that a good raw diet does not necessarily require supplementation, other than, perhaps a good fish oil for the omega 3. 

In order to obtain the desired level of omega 3 from raw fish, much fish would have to be fed, which could take up a substantial part of the diet and this is not ideal. The raw diet should ideally consist mainly or a large part of red meats, as our dogs thrive on them. As much as possible, it would be good to include more red meats (for eg. lamb, beef, pork, kangaroo & venison) to the diet.

Hence, the addition of fish oil to the diet would be a good way to obtain the omega 3 requirement. Feeding grass-fed meats is also another way to obtain omega 3. For Rossi gal, she gets her omega 3 from fish oil, grass-fed meats and an occasional serving of raw salmon.  

While I agree that a good raw diet is the main source of nutrition for our dogs, I believe there could be times, where some form of supplementation might be needed to give an added boost. Like for my Rossi gal, she has a joint condition, "Luxating Patella (grade 2)", so I give her a joint supp (Hyaflex) to aid in lubricating and maintaining her joints.

As for the Lingzhi, I have been giving it to her eversince that time, when she's diagnosed with demodectic mange. This is a supp I would continue giving her for general health maintenance, as well as the immunity boosting and cancer fighting properties. 

Concluding my post with an adorable pic of my Rossi gal, taken this morning. :D


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

An Update on the Sisters

It's been some time since I updated Rossi gal's blog. Been busy with stuff and such. Over the past 3 weekends, we have also been meeting up with Cookie and her owner, mainly to let the sisters get to know each other better.

Her owners are going overseas for 10 days, starting from this weekend. During this 10 days, Cookie would be staying with us, so we feel it would be good for the sisters to meet up before the trip and get more comfy with each other. Cookie would be over at our place on this coming Friday night.

Before this, she had a Weekend Stayover with us too. Cookie was fine staying at our place and adapted pretty well. Rossi gal, being the shy her, was quite reserved towards Cookie. We hope that by letting them meet up more, Rossi gal can open up more to Cookie. 

The meetups over the 3 weekends did help in letting the sisters know each other better. Not exactly buddies yet though...Hopefully, these 10 days of togetherness can bring them closer to each other. :>

Don't they look just like twins from the back? LOL.