Monday, March 22, 2010

Ramblings..Ramblings...More Ramblings...

I haven't done any update since Rossi Gal's 1st Birthday update. The naughty gal had been making me very busy, but because I love her so much, I am a willing party. It was, in fact,the "stabbings" that I suffered at my workplace that really riled me to the bone and also inadvertently affected my blogging mood.

My office consists of 99% male and I am that "fortunate" 1% female. The workforce is a mere 10 person (including my boss). So, the question is, with such a small workforce (which also means a 'peanut office') and being the only rose among the thorns, why am I having such a bad time? I should be enjoying the so-called "privileges" in being the only female here. But NO! This is not the case.

The males in my office are "Puss-In-Boots" who exhibit traits that are exclusive to women, like gossiping, pettiness and throwing tantrums. Then when workload gets a little bit heavier and a little more stressful or when they feel "neglected" by the boss or when they feel unhappy with a fellow colleague, they forget themselves and transform into a puss. They just can't help it! Grow Up! Live life like a real Man and not some Sissy Puss! Men behaving like a Puss in a Male-Dominated environment is Downright Repulsive, Detestable and Shameless! (And in my opinion, these words are not adequate enough to describe how they really are!)

It doesn't help that some self-righteous fool in a virtual reality preaches on invasion and loathing towards imperfect humans who abhor and dispute about the anguish in the harsh reality! Some Pharisee who deems to live in a fairy-tale perfect world. Arise! Do not see only what one wants to see and hear only what one wants to hear. (And Watch it! Steer Clear of my Territory!)

True Reality is neither Cinderella nor Snow-White's Happily Ever After Forever and Ever. The real world is encased with traps and temptations in various forms. Some appear so subtle that one could not even sense or suspect the underlying peril. It is a place where one could turn against another at any one time, no matter how closely knitted the relations  supposedly seem.

To me, the only one who will never turn against me is my One and Only Purest of Heart, Rossi Gal, Truly.

Below Pictures show the different faces of my Purest Angel...She is my Only Sweetest True Love and very Epitome of Virtue. She gives me renewed hope in this menacing world.

Thus, with her lovely, angelical pictures, my pen stops here and I continue my rigorous trek up on the treacherous mountains of this world...