Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Rossi gal munching her Raw Chicken Feet

Rossi gal had her first raw chicken feet for dinner last night. 

HA-free Chicken feet with boneless lamb meat.
Feeding chicken feet alone is too little for dinner, so I added some lamb meat. It would be good to add some meat too, as the feet is quite bony.
Rossi gal waiting to start her dinner.
A video of her crunching up the feet. :P  Enjoy!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Raw Chicken Feet

I have been looking to get chicken feet for Rossi gal, but not just any chicken feet. I didnt want those from the markets.

I had wanted to get organic feet for her, but it wasnt available. Even when I purchased the whole organic chicken, the feet is not attached to the chicken, where it should be. Strange. Where have all the feet gone to?

I guess, it's quite unlikely to find any organic chicken feet here. I dun think I would be able to get any organic feet. Thus, my next option would be *HA-free chicken feet.

*HA-free: Hormones & Antibiotics-free

I have often wondered why is it that at the markets, the whole chicken always comes with the feet & head intact. However, when it comes to the organic whole chicken, the head and feet are always non-existent. Strange.

Anyway, lately, I heard from my rawbie frens that the butcher I go to, does sell chicken feet. One of them bought some chicken feet there lately. I know they do sell HA-free chicken in parts & whole, as well as, organs & gizzards, but I didnt know they also have the feet. Therefore, during the past weekend, I decided to go over and check it out.

Yes. They do sell chicken feet and they are HA-free. The feet is packed and sold in the frozen form. According to the butcher, each pack consist of feet from 10-12 chickens, which add up to 20-24 pieces. 

I got a pack from them. They look pretty nice & the nails are trimmed off neatly too. My pack of chicken feet has a total of 20 pieces. (As per what the butcher told me. :P) 

The chicken feet is also a good source of natural glucosamine and collagen. Something good for Rossi gal to have, especially for her joints. Hope she likes it. :>