Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Culprit

The Shreds...
this is just a sample, the ones before this have been discarded. 

The Damage...
after battling days of 'destruction'.

The Culprit...
none other than Her.

Dozing off...
as mummy nagged at her.


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Rossi gal's Walk & the New Place

Rossi gal had been doing her walk at Pasir Ris Park regularly eversince daddy and I started taking her out for exercise.

We do not like the idea of bringing her to dog runs, as we want to avoid areas that tend to have higher occurences of ticks & fleas. For the aspect on socialization, she does get to meet dogs during her walks. When she meets her other doggie frens (& their pawrents), she would readily hop over for a quick sniffing session, her way of saying 'hello', afterwhich she would continue her walk. 

Strangely, she is not keen to play with other dogs, though she quite happily greets the dogs she meet during her walks.

We have brought her to the doggie cafe on several occasions, where there were other dogs playing around. We have tried to encourage her to mingle with them by letting her down to move around freely. However, she was reluctant to join them and preferred to stay by our side. Even when we went over to our fren's house with dogs or when they brought their dogs over to our house, she didnt want to mingle with them too.

It seems that she is only comfortable with greeting other doggies during walks, so we will just leave it as that. We just let her be. That's just her.

Yesterday, me, daddy and Rossi gal went to explore a new place. We wanted to try bringing her to a different (& nearer) place for her upcoming walks.

Here are some pics of the place we explored. It looks pretty fine. :)

"Wow, looks like a nice stretch to do my dash.
I'll be back soon with Daddy & Mummy!"

Friday, June 24, 2011

My Wish

All I wish for Rossi gal is, Health, Wealth and Happiness.

Health...May she stay in good health through her years.

She looks pretty ok to me now, much better than before. I do hope I'm doing fine in maintaining her health though her diet. Diet is my main focus. I believe a proper diet is vital for maintaining good health. At the same time, I'm also doing my best to provide her with a good environment and regular exercise, accompanied by lotsa love, hugs & kisses (for emotional health). I hope she will stay healthy always, both physically and emotionally.

Wealth...May she have a wealth of pretty furs.

Her furs look prettier & fuller than before. They are nice & soft to the touch too. I love running my fingers through the pretty furs on her ears, her body and her tail. I brush her furs regularly as well, in hope they will stay pretty all the time.

Happiness...May all her days be overflowing with happiness.

She is a happy gal. I feel her joy. She is my cheery sunshine in the day and my sparkling moonlight at night. I hope she will stay joyful every single day of her life.

Last, but not Least, May the years be kind to her. I hope she will stay with me for a long long time, always..and beyond.

I hope that's not too much to ask for.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Natural Free Range Duck

I have seen this duck a few times at the store and intended to get it for Rossi gal, but haven't got around to doing so. Then finally, yesterday, I popped by and grabbed one home.

Availability of freezer space is essential for storing all the raw meats, bones and organs for her diet. The freezer was still quite packed with her stuff then, so I waited for some of the meats to clear off before getting the duck.

Me & hubby share our freezer with Rossi gal. Our stuff, as well as hers, are stored together. But the storage of her stuff is our priority. We always ensure sufficient space is allocated for her stuff before we get our stuff back.

It's a big duckie.

It also comes with the neck, liver, heart, a set of gizzards...

& a pair of kidneys.
(uncovered only when I was in the midst of processing the duck.)

The duck deboned & segregated accordingly into plates.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Dehydrated Croc Treats

*Update as per 3 Aug 2011: This is a once-off. Crocodile meat will not used for making Rossi gal's treats anymore, neither will it be included in her main diet. (not species-appropriate)

My initial intention was to include the Croc meat as part of Rossi gal's main diet. However, I have changed my mind. Over the weekend, I dehydrated the croc meat into treats for her instead.

I'm thinking, the variety in her current diet looks pretty ok. But on the other hand, her current treats consist of mainly lamb and pork only, so I thought it would be nice to spice up her treats' variety with a different type of meat.

Slices of raw croc flank meat laid on the tray, ready for the dehydrating process.

After hours of dehydrating, this is the finished product.

Friday, June 10, 2011

My Ferocious Gal

Warning: Dun mess with me...

I already warned you...Feel my Anger now...

Thursday, June 9, 2011

What's on my Mind?

Lately, I have been reading about fasting dogs when they refuse to eat their meals (aka kibbles & some alternative dried food etc).

There are some, who advise others to declare a 'War of Will' on their dogs by withholding all types of foods to their dogs (in short, fast them), for as long as they refuse to eat their meals, until such a time they finally relent and obediently finish up their meals.

It seems that fasting is a very common way to make dogs submit and finish up their food. It is also said that they can go without food for a couple of days or more, so no harm done.

I used to be one of those who believe in all these too, but Not anymore now.

I would say, try getting yourself starved for a day or two and see if you can take it, ya.

In the first place, I cannot bear to fast my Rossi gal. (Well, actually, I did attempt to 'starve' her once...for like 3 hours or so?? if this is even considered a fast???...but couldnt bring myself to go beyond this. :< ) I love my Rossi gal alot. I myself couldnt stand being starved, so why would I wanna starve my Rossi gal?

They also come up with reasonings like, we rule our dogs, our dogs dun rule us...so our dogs refusing their food is equivalent to them wanting to rule us?? Hmm...strange logic.

Perhaps, just stop to think for a moment...consider the possibility that there might be something wrong with the food, especially when the dog starts to reject the food after a short time of eating it (for eg. within weeks or even, days), rather than just jumping straight into the conclusion that the dog is being picky? You know your dog best.

I do believe our dogs are capable of knowing what's good for them and they do have the right to choose too. Why can't they choose anyway? Just cos we are the so-called 'alpha'?? Oh...I used to be in awe of this alpha thing too, but Not anymore now.

I regard myself as Rossi gal's mummy, my hubby as her daddy and she is our daughter. That's our relationship. Period.

Monday, June 6, 2011

NZ Venison Loin

Yesterday, I dropped by my favorite butcher and bought a chunk of NZ Venison Loin for Rossi gal.

NZ Venison loin @ $108 per Kg

Previously, I got the Venison flank steak from another source. As I wanted to get a new source and a different cut of Venison for her, I went to my butcher to see what they have to offer. Besides this brand of venison (as shown above), they also sell another brand, which is from New Zealand too.

He told me that this chunk of loin is very good, just that the price is pretty steep. Anyway, I still decided to get it for Rossi gal. 

I'm thorougly delighted with just the mere knowledge that I'm giving her the best stuff I can afford. Just seeing her enjoying her meats & hearing the sounds of her slurping up slice after slice of meat, make me insanely overjoyed! ;D

Some might be thinking, this woman is crazy...But guess what? I Dun Care what anyone thinks. Think whatever you want! Haha!

Well, That's just Me! ;p

All Natural Herbal Spray

This is a herbal spray I got for Rossi gal recently. Just collected it from my friend on Saturday. Before this, I have tried oscar cream and another natural healing salve. There are many brands of healing creams/sprays available in the market, but I would always prefer to look for stuff with natural ingredients, without any form of chemicals.

The spray is meant only for external use on the skin, to soothe and speed up healing of skin conditions, as listed below. It is made using pure organic aloe vera & calendula extracts, and oils of tea tree, lavender and carrot seed. (*Note: it contains ethanol USP, which is also known as 'ethyl alcohol'.)

I have not tried out this spray on Rossi gal yet. Hope it brings positive results.  

Friday, June 3, 2011

My Organic Duster

Free of antibiotics, growth hormones, preservatives, additives, GMO, GM foods and the like.  

'Duster' furs are grown organically in a loving environment.

Nourished on organic raw foods,
Fortified with natural essential vitamins/minerals/amino acids,
Glazed by the friendly morning sun,
Brushed meticulously with a gentle bristled brush for improved circulation...

To produce a set of fuller, shinier and healthier furs.

© My organic duster is unique & exclusive for my own leisure, 
Non-replaceable, Non-replicable and Not for sale.