Tuesday, May 29, 2012

About Food

As much as we want to humanise our dogs, we must still recognise that their nutritional needs are very different from us. Their bodies are made to consume raw foods, not cooked or processed foods. Dogs need raw to thrive.

While there are still those out there, who do not recognise or accept or believe this fact, it is heartening to see more pawrents opening up to raw feeding. When I first begun raw feeding 2 years ago, raw was not a diet that was easy to accept. There were the usual unfounded & silly fears of bacteria, our dogs turning blood-thirsty and 'raw meats will kill your dog' etc stuff.

The pet food industry and vets have indeed exerted a strong influence on how many owners view nutrition for their dogs. I used to be under their influence too, but I'm glad I finally saw the light. If not, I could not imagine what would become of my Rossi gal now. 

Recently, I got to know some fellow rawbies. Like myself, they believe our dogs are designed to consume raw and they have also witnessed positive results in their dogs after going raw, like better coat, better teeth, better energy levels, etc. I feel happy to know and mingle with pawrents, who share the same ideals. :>

With these said, lately, I have also come across a variety of creative (cooked+processed) food concoctions that are meant for dogs.

Honestly, it really impresses me to know how creative some pawrents can be with their furkids' menu. The food look so yummy that if I didnt know better, I would have thought they are meant for humans. ;D

While I applaud their dedication and efforts in coming up with such a creative and colourful menu for their dogs, I personally do not believe dogs need these fanciful meals at all. Neither do I believe they provide the nutrition needed for dogs to thrive.

I do feel it would be more rewarding to invest this amount of dedication & efforts in reading up & feeding a proper species-appropriate (raw) diet to the dogs instead.

On a side note, the food does look appealing & delicious. If only, they are for humans. ;p

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Silver Gel

As per my earlier blog post, I have been using some Silver Sol on Rossi gal's hot spots, which seem to reduce in redness.

Then after some contemplation, I decided to get the 'Silver Gel' for her as well. I feel that it would be good to get the gel for her, as it is meant for use in skin-related issues.

The Silver Sol on the other hand, is mainly for health maintenance, supporting the immune system and combating infections.

Like the Silver Sol, the Silver Gel is also anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal and very importantly, non-toxic. It promotes skin healing and could be used for a range of skin-related issues like cuts, abrasions, insect bites, rashes, itch, irritation, ulcers and eczema etc. http://www.argasol.com/pdf/gel.pdf 

I have applied some gel on her hot spots for the first time this afternoon, so it is still too early to tell how useful it is for Rossi gal. I would have to observe longer to know.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Silver Solution (Silver Sol)

Recently, I got a bottle of Silver solution for Rossi gal. It is also known as "Silver Sol". I got it on the recommendation of a fren, who has seen good results using it for her dog.

The Silver Sol has anti-bacterial, anti-viral & anti-fungal properties and is useful for combating infections. It is also a potent anti-inflammatory, non-toxic and safe for human consumption. Personally, I feel it is something good to have on hand.

Please refer to this link for more information on its uses and benefits: http://www.argasol.com/works.php 

I have not used the Silver Sol myself or fed it orally to Rossi gal yet. However, I have been dabbing some of the solution externally on her hot spots that she still gets on & off. Her hot spots seem to reduce in redness, but I would have to use it longer to determine its effectiveness for her in this aspect.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Rossi gal working on her Lamb Shank

A video of Rossi gal having her raw lamb shank for breakfast.

She took much longer to eat her lamb shank, as compared to her other meaty bones, like lamb rack and chicken wing/drummie. The lamb shank is significantly bigger and meatier.

She didnt manage to finish up the shank bone, but that's ok. I didnt expect her to finish it, as the bone is actually quite thick.

I give her the shank more for the 'workout' aspect. The shank is good for providing a good workout for her teeth and in maintaining her dental health.

Lamb fore shank
Rossi gal & her shank

 Begins to work on her shank

Gnawing on the shank

 More gnawing.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Rossi gal tackling her Chicken Drummie

A video of Rossi gal eating her raw chicken drummie for dinner. 

Some still shots of her intently tackling her drummie.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Rossi gal working on her Chicken Wing

A video of Rossi gal eating her raw chicken wing.

It is interesting to watch the video of her working on the raw lamb rack,  well, at least to me. I watched it several times. LOL. ^^

Why had I not thought of taking videos before this? Hmm...it's not too late to start taking them now, ya. :D

This time, I also took some still shots of her eating the wing. Here's a couple of them.

I like this one. 'Fierce'. ;p

Friday, May 11, 2012

Rossi gal working on her Lamb Rack

A video of Rossi gal eating her raw lamb rack.

This is the very first video that I have taken of her eating a raw meaty bone. I enjoy filming the process and watching the video. It makes me happy to see her enjoy her food too. :) 

What I love most, is the sound of her crunching the bone, it's like music to my ears. Call me crazy, but that's the way I describe it. :p

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Message to Cookie

Dear Cookie,

You've brought many smiles to Aunty May during your stay with us. I enjoy those nights when we slept together, with you snuggling beside me. I enjoy those times you jumped onto my lap and let me tummy rub you. I enjoy those times having you sleep in my arms & I dozed off together with you. I enjoy seeing your excited expression when you know we are going out. I enjoy seeing your joy
ful expression when you see treats & I enjoy seeing you munching on them happily. You've your mischievous moments, but I know you just love to play. These 10 days have been special for me. You are a very sweet gal and you have warmed my heart with your sweetness. I hope you have enjoyed yourself with us too. I look forward to see you soon.

Hugz & Kisses,
Aunty May.
Gifts that remind me of Cookie.

Cookie Went Home & Photos of her Stay with Us

Cookie went back home with her sister & mummy (her owners) last night. I couldnt help, but feel sad when it's time for her to go home.

At Botanic Gardens.

Posing for a shot.

Walking briskly side by side.
Honestly, I didnt expect myself to feel sad when Cookie leaves my home. The sadness began setting in, as I was packing up her stuff in her bag. She was following me and looking at the bag curiously, as I packed her stuff.

Cookie soundly asleep in-between the blanket and sofa.

Another of her cute antics: sleeping with her head under the stools. :D
Before her sister and mummy came over, I was sitting quietly on the sofa, waiting for their call to inform us of their arrival. Cookie walked over to me, jumped up on the sofa and sat beside me. This is such a sweet gesture from her. I wrapped her in a hug and belly rubbed her like I did during her stay with us.

'I sniff u.'

'u sniff me back.'

'We sniff nose to nose.'
Soon, her sister & mummy reached our place. Emotions welled up within me, as we brought Cookie & her stuff down to them. Before she went off with them, I gave her another hug and kissed her cheek.

Both gals looking out the door.
I watched on, as their car drove off. Cookie had gone home with her sister & mummy.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Rossi & Cookie @ Hort Park

Yesterday, we took the gals to Hort Park. Initially, we had wanted to take them to Sentosa, Tanjong Beach, but had a change of mind and went to Hort Park instead.  

During March, we had actually arranged to meet with Cookie, her owner and our fren at Hort Park. However, it rained heavily on the day of meetup, so we had to cancel our appointment then.

But that's ok. We still made our way to Hort Park and had a good exploration & walk here.

This is a nice shelter for photo-taking.

Shots of the surrounding greenery.

Vibrant floral giving colours to the greens. A time for viewing flowers.

Exploring another part of Hort Park.

Treat Time!

Shots of the gals happily brisk walking on the road.

We passed by a big fish tank with large Arowana fishes swimming to and fro.  

An interesting looking shelter made up of leaves and branches.

Time passes in a flash. It is already Friday today. Cookie would be going back to her own home on Monday night. Hopefully, she has enjoyed her time with us and Rossi gal so far.

Cookie is a sweet gal. She follows me around and waits for me outside when I go to the kitchen or room. She would jump up onto my lap and rest herself there. She also lets me belly rub her every now and then. When she knows we are taking her and Rossi out, she would come up to me and ask me to carry her.

She is a loveable gal, though she can be quite stubborn at times. But that's just her. :>

She is also quite adaptable and eases into staying at our place pretty fast. Eats well, plays hard and sleeps soundly. A tough little Cookie. :)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Rossi & Cookie @ Upper Seletar Reservoir

Me and Daddy took the gals for a walk at Upper Seletar Reservoir yesterday. It was an extremely hot day. We were perspiring profusely, while the gals were panting alot.

They drank lotsa water to quench their thirst. We also poured some water onto their heads and bodies to prevent them from getting overheated.

This cute mini Daschund is their new fren. His name is Mickey. He is only 1 yr old, so Rossi and Cookie are his 'elder sisters'. Mickey is a sweet little boy, with a cute skippy gait. He is his mummy's little darling. :>

We met Mickey and his mummy when we were walking on the path along the reservoir. They were out for a walk too. Mickey's mummy was very friendly. We ended up chatting and walking together. :)  

Taken a couple of shots of the gals against the backdrop of the reservoir.

Both gals slept soundly last night. It had been a hot and long day for them, but they had fun. Seeing them happy makes us happy too. :>