Monday, July 20, 2009

Rossi is Back In Action!

Its been more than a week after Rossi's spay and she is doing well.

Last Friday, before me and hubby took her to the vet during the morning at 9plus am, she was looking up at us with pitiful eyes, asking for food, but we couldnt give any to her, as she couldnt have any food before her spay surgery. We felt the heartache, but did not give in to her for her own good. Then during the car ride to the vet, she vomitted some yellowish gastric juices, an obvious tell-tale sign of hunger.

The feeling was terrible. I was worried sick for her spay. The vet did a general body check up for her and asked if we wanted to do a blood test for her, which we agreed readily. (Actually, I had wanted to request for the blood test to be done too and was very glad the vet initiated it.) We were advised that the surgery would commence around 11plus am. With that, the vet carried her away. My tears threatened to roll down, as I saw a blur Rossi being ferried away, not knowing what's going to happen next. I couldnt take it anymore and quickly scurried out of the clinic and once outside, my tears flowed down freely. My hubby, being the more rational one, requested the vet to give us a call about the blood test results before proceeding with her surgery. Then he stepped out of the clinic. I knew hubby was terribly worried for our little gal as well.

I kept crying while hubby told me we must be strong for our gal. Then less than an hour later, the vet called to say her blood test results were normal. She also said though normal, there was still no guarantee that she wont be sensitive to anesthetics. But based on the results, it was okay to proceed, so I gave the go-ahead for the vet to do the surgery, but repeatedly reminded her to be careful with the administration of anesthetics and take care of my gal. Before hanging up, she assured me they would be very careful and do their best.

It was a tormenting time for me and hubby. I was overcome with worry, while hubby began an eating spree to take his mind off his worries. We also made a trip down to the Kwan Imm Temple at Bugis Street to pray for our gal's surgery. (A few days earlier, we went to Loyang Tua Pek Kong Temple to pray for her too.) This is how much we love our gal.

Then at 1pm, there was a call from the clinic, I hesitated to pick it up cos I was so scared...but hubby prompted me to take the call. I took the call and the clinic staff informed me that we could pick our gal up between 2.30 to 3 pm and she had woken up. OH...What a relief! My tears again rolled down uncontrollably, but this time, it was tears of joy! My hubby was all smiles after he heard this. It was a huge boulder lifted off our minds! All the mental agony the whole time was gone! We could finally relax. As there was still some time before picking her up, we had a short coffee and snack session at a cafe.

At around 2plus pm, we made our way to the clinic to pick up our darling. Once we stepped into the clinic, I went straight to the counter to ask for my gal and the assistant promptly brought her out. The moment my hubby saw my gal, he sprang towards her and held her close to him. I was overjoyed to see her too, but I had to remain at the counter for the other assistant to advise me the areas to take note when we care for her. Our gal was so glad to see us, reaching out to shower me and hubby with kisses, even though she looked tired. The vet came over to us and told us that she was a very good gal and the surgery went very well. Rossi did not exhibit much reaction to the anesthetics and she awoke very fast. We were so glad everything went smoothly for our gal.

She slept through the car ride. When we got home,she tried to walk around the house, but we prepared her bed and encouraged her to sleep, which she did. At around 8pm, we gave her a little food and water, which she finished up. Both of us slept together with her for the night, monitoring her every move and carrying her to her pee tray every 1-2 hours to see if she wanted to relieve herself.

Then on the next day onwards, Rossi was already running around the house and wanted us to play with her. She even tried jump onto the sofa. We had a hard time restraining her movements and really feared her actions would tear her wound, but luckily, her wound seemed fine.

On Saturday, we took her to the vet for a review. Vet said she's doing very well. We also noticed that after her spay, she seemed more active and greedier. (Well, before her spay, she was already active and greedy, now it's even more than before!) At the same time, I felt that she have also become more loving and cuddly than before.

I really hope she knows how much Daddy and Mummy love her!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Rossi's Spay on Friday

My hubby and I have scheduled Rossi to go for her spay on this Friday at Namly Animal Clinic. It was a concensus between us that we would spay her in due course for health purposes. We have read up quite a bit on the pros and cons of spaying her before her first heat. For us, the pros definitely outweigh the cons. We want Rossi to live a long, healthy and happy life. We do not want to expose her to any major health risks.

One of my colleagues questioned me on why I am letting her go for spay and did not consider letting her have a litter before spaying her, as he believed in letting a dog give birth at least once before sterilization. I told him straight away that I do not want Rossi face the possible risk of major illnesses and as well as the risk of complications in child birth. I love Rossi too much to risk losing her through illness or child birth.

On the other hand, I am also aware of the risk factor present in every surgery. Though spaying is a routine procedure for the vet, it is still a major surgery, considering the risk involved and the fact that she is going under the knife. I have heard of recent case where a 6 month old doggie passed on due to some complication. It is really saddening and at the same time, worrying to hear of this. My heart goes out to this owner who had just lost her doggie, while I also worry for my gal who is going through the procedure. But this spay procedure is inevitable, as it is for her health's sake. Even if I do not let her go through the spay now, I would still have to let her go through it later in her life. If she goes through the spay young, her chance of reovery is higher, as compared to going through it at a later age.

But I have also read many successful stories of doggies having a smooth spay procedure and healing well. Still, I am worried for her. I hope my Rossi gal will have a smooth sailing spay. My hubby and I are behind her all the way.

We have also taken a week's leave to care for her after her spay. This also brought about another round of questioning from this same colleague. He asked why do I waste my leave to take care of Rossi, when I could just leave her at home to heal on her own? Needless to say, to him, Rossi is just a dog and he felt that I do not have to do so much for a mere dog. This really got on my nerves! I retorted back heatedly that Rossi is not just a dog to me and my hubby. To us, she is part of our family and when a member in our family goes through a major surgery, it is only right that we take time off to care for her. With this, he finally shut up. I could'nt imagine these words coming out from a fellow dog owner with two doggies at home!

Rossi, you are a strong gal. Daddy and Mummy will be there for you all the way! Aja Aja!!

My Baby is Growing Up!

Finally, I have time for an update. Its been over a month since my last entry.

My baby is growing up into a fine gal. She is going to be 6 months old this coming saturday. Like any mummy, I am brimming with pride for her as I watch her grow day by day from a little furby into a fine, well-boned young girle. Till date, she has dropped 9 baby teeth, which I kept them securely in a container. I remember when she dropped her first tooth, my hubby was so excited. From then onwards, we were vigilantly screening our floor for her teeth whenever we walk or mop the floor, as we do not want to miss out on any of her dropped baby teeth. An obvious sign of having another dropped teeth would be the traces of blood seen on the toy she had been chewing on.

She is also getting smarter, more obedient and more affectionate as she grows up. Me and my hubby love her more and more with each passing moment. To us, she has a sweet and independent character. She loves to shower us with endless kisses on our faces, hands, arms, legs..literally wherever she can get her lips on. The first thing she does when she wakes up each morning is kiss me, followed by her daddy. She would not make any noise to wake us up. When we are both at work, she would be at home on her own, never throwing any tantrums when we leave the house each morning. Then when we are back from work, she would be overjoyed, jumping up and down, nudging us with a toy in her little mouth to play fetch with her. She is fast in learning a new thing and good in responding to a command.

What amazes us recently is that she knows the right place to do her business in two different places that we have been to. The first place is our friends' house, where they have two poodles. The second place is the pet shop, where she has been going to for grooming. (The pet shop owner also owns two doggies that roams about freely in the shop.) On the occasions where we went to these two places, my gal was able to find the right designated potty areas(that was meant for their dogs), to do her business. Our friends and the pet shop owner were also amazed that she knew the right place to do her business even when she was at a different place.

Naturally, as her daddy and mummy, we were extremely proud of her. She is indeed a beautiful addition to our little family.