Monday, March 25, 2013

Rossi gal's First Plunge

On Sunday morning, we went to Sentosa with our frens & their fur babies. It was scorching hot and all, but we all had a great time together!

This is our first time going to Sentosa with frens, though we had been there on our own on two occasions. It's definitely much more fun having company.

Our babies had fun running & playing on the sand, and getting themselves wet. The daddies & mummies (us) joined in their fun & got ourselves all wet & sand all over too.

The most significant & amazing thing is, our darling, our Rossi gal, took the very first plunge of her life! Never in mine & daddy's imagination that darling, who hates water-related activities (baths & rinses), to actually dip in the waters and paddle!

Wow! We never thought we would see this day. But we did! We are so proud of our darling. :)

Initially, she didn't even want to get her paws on the waters. While her other fur frens were dipping & swimming in the waters with their pawrents, she was warily avoiding the waters washing up the shore. 

We took some time to walk her up and down along the shoreline. Gradually, she began to get bolder and inch more & more into the waters, wetting her paws at first till she eventually stood with half the length of her hind legs submerged in the waters.

Our frens were also encouraging Rossi gal to join in the water fun with her fur frens throughout, not wanting her to miss out on the fun. When we saw that she was doing much better, we decided to let her have a go in the waters.

One of her fur fren's daddies then came over and offered help with carrying Rossi gal to the deeper part of the waters & holding onto her, while we stood on the opposite to catch hold of her. So nice of milo's papa. Her leash was on, jus in case she needed to be pulled back.

We began with a short distance. Her fur fren's daddy held on to her & let her practise paddling in the waters with her paws and legs first. When he saw that she was doing fine, he then began to release her very slowly till she was paddling on her own.

And that was it. There was no turning back. Our darling began paddling towards us! I was ecstatic. Daddy was smiling from ear to ear. :D Our frens showed their support by cheering her on & shared in our joy when they witnessed her success.

With her success at the short distance, we decided to let her try for a longer distance. And I must definitely take a video of this significant moment. 

Here's the video. In the background, our frens were cheering for darling together with us. ^_^

Thanks to our frens' support & encouragement for darling. Glad to have you all around for her first plunge.

This may be common to those, whose dogs naturally love the waters and enjoy swimming. But to us, or at least to me, it is like a miracle. Yes, a miracle. Cos daddy and I know how much Rossi gal hates the water. We were even concerned about the possibility that she might not know how to swim, even though we have seen other fur kids swim like its second nature to them.

However to our delight, our darling can swim and her performance exceeded our expectations. In our hearts, she gets a perfect 10/10 score for her swimming performance. We are very very proud of our little gal. :) 

What I'm gonna say in the next paragraph might sound weird or ridiculous or even crazy to some people (especially the skeptics). But I dun give a damn. I'm still gonna say it all the same:     

"Seeing my darling gives me hope, that miracles do happen."   

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

An Update on Silver Sol

Alot has happened lately. The unhappy things jus have to occur all at the same time. Happiness is so out of reach. Whenever things seem to go fine, whenever I feel happy, either some idiot or some thing jus have come up & spoil it for me. What can I say? Well, Life jus sucks at times. Some idiots suck big-time.

Anyway, ramblings aside. I have been consuming Silver Sol on a regular basis, hoping it can do me some good. When I consume it, I give some to Rossi gal too, hoping it can benefit her health as well.

Besides internal consumption, I have been using it externally, on her skin too. I spray it on her rashes with the help of a spray bottle. It seems to work quite well for her. Daddy & I can see significant subsiding of the rashes after using it. As for the consumption part, I dun really see the effect yet, but I do hope it is doing good to her internally as well. 

One of the uses/benefits of Silver Sol includes supporting the immune system.     

As it is being used on a regular basis & stock is not always available at the store, I would get extra bottles to keep for use.

I have encountered occasions whereby I went down personally to the store or called up to enquire about it, and was told that there was no available stock. According to the sales people there, this is quite a saleable item.  

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Rossi gal & Her First Oxtail

More changes are coming our way. The upcoming weeks are gonna be packed for us, as we embrace & adjust to these changes.

But for now, I would like start off my first post of March with darling's first attempt with the oxtail. 

Since she started on beef, her meals have become more interesting. My meat shopping has also become more fun. ;p There are more cuts to choose from, thus she gets to eat more varied meals. I do get a share in her beef too, but of course, I eat it cooked (medium rare). The addition of beef to her diet is the best thing that has happened since moving out. Thank God for the change in Daddy. :)

As usual, I get her beef supplies from my favorite regular butcher. Majority of darling's main meat supplies are from them (unless they dun carry the item/s I want.)  For her dehydrated treats, I get the meats from them too. I have been getting meats from them for as long as she is on raw.

Darling does very well on their red meats; lamb, venison and now, beef. I enjoy shopping at their store too, as they are very friendly, attentive and always willing to answer to my queries & concerns. 

I know I have been talking about them from time to time, but I must say again that I'm very happy with them, especially when I see darling enjoying her meals, as well as the significant improvements in her. Rossi is really a very sensitive gal. I have tried giving her red meats from other places, but she just doesn't seem to do as well. (*Note: In this context, I'm referring only to my Rossi.)

Ok, enough said. Now, back to her oxtail.

I chose the biggest and most meaty pieces I can find from the lot. I wanted to get bigger and meatier ones for her, so that she can have a more satisfying workout (chewing and grinding).

Here's a video of darling working on her very first oxtail yesterday evening. :p 

She spent two hours working on it. She could have taken longer than this, if not for the call of nature. Ya, she needed a visit to the toilet. That's when I took the  oxtail away. I was sitting there with her throughout the 2-hour session & I was getting hungrier with each bite she took. ><

Next round, I guess I will give her the oxtail during the weekend, instead of on a weekday, whereby I can only feed her after my work in the evening. Weekend would be more ideal too, as Daddy & I can take turns watching over her as she eats.  

Darling really enjoyed her oxtail. The above is what's left of it after the session. 

She seemed kinda tired after that, as she dozed off in my lap while I was having my dinner. Nothing pleases me more than to see her enjoy her food. ^_^