Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My AC Workshop

I had a great time at my 2-Days' AC workshop over the weekend. 

Other than Daddy & Rossi gal, I have only told three friends about my workshop. The others will most likely think I'm nuts if they were to know about this, so it has never crossed my mind to tell them.

I totally hate having people poke fun or cast sarcastic remarks at me for wasting my moola doing the workshop. Other than their high and mighty selves, they do not believe other living beings can talk. These people are just so full of themselves, damn narrow-minded and downright disrespectful. Because of their arrogance and disbelief, they start attacking people verbally. Yes, there are such people around me, Unfortunately.

The Workshop...
It was an amazing and fulfilling experience. Interesting too. I have also met some new friends there, with one of them who happened to be a friend of my friend. What a small small world. :)

The exercises conducted were all very new to me. I have never done them before. It never occured to me that I could accomplish what was required of me. In  my heart, I was thinking, how on earth was I gonna do this?? 

Everyone was required to connect with their own animal, as well as the animal of another person in the class. It was hard to connect with my own, as I know mine too well and it was difficult to determine the accuracy of what I receive was based on my own understanding of her or it's truly her sending over messages to me. But the teacher told everyone to just take whatever they receive, as it's a very fine line. We would tend to question ourselves esp when we are all new to AC. It's with continual practice..and practice that we would eventually get better and more confident of the messages communicated to us by the animals.

Next, it was time to work with the animal belonging to another person. (In turn, this person will work with my Rossi gal.) I would be talking to an animal that I had no prior knowledge of, other than the physical data like the photo, name and age. Goodness..this was very overwhelming to me at first. I was wondering if I would be able to receive any info from the animal at all. 

I got to work with two different dogs belonging to two different persons. My experience with each of the dogs was very different. Each dog conveyed their messages to me in their own way and each invoked different emotions in me. It's so amazing how I could feel both of them in my connection with each of them. I never thought I would be able to experience what I had. I am very thankful to these two lovely dogs for giving me my unforgettable and wonderful first AC experience. 

Two people worked with Rossi gal individually. Each of them gave me info about her that was accurate, as confirmed by her mummy (me). I have also learnt things about Rossi gal that I didnt know before and I'm very glad to know about them. Some of the new things I gota know about her, made me and daddy laugh too. ;p 

Right now, I'm so anticipating my next upcoming workshop and another great experience.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Organic German Chamomile Flowers

Last week, I ordered two packs of 'organic German chamomile flowers' for Rossi gal. They arrived yesterday.

Rossi gal sniffing at the packages

When used externally, chamomile is very good and soothing to the skin. I have been using chamomile for Rossi gal's skin since her pup days. I find it effective for relieving itchiness in her skin and calming down any rashes on her skin. Normally, I will throw in a generous amount of chamomile flowers into a bowl, pour hot water into the bowl and make an infusion / tea. Before using on Rossi gal, I will sift out the flowers. I will either sponge the tea on her skin or use it as a final rinse during her bath.

When taken internally, it is very good for calming the nerves & promoting good sleep. Rossi gal will sleep very well for that day when I let her drink the tea. The same goes for me..Yawnzzzz...

There are basically two types of chamomile, German and Roman. Both have similar properties. Besides the above, they are also useful for other stuff. 

If interested, below are two links for further reading.
German Chamomile
Roman Chamomile

Saturday, March 19, 2011

'Lucky' Buys

Today, after my AC workshop, I just dropped by one of my usual butcheries to see what they have, as it was very near my workshop location (just a junction away.)

I was pleasantly surprised to know they have finally gotten in organic pork. I have been asking them about it each time I'm there and they have been giving me answers like "No, its not in yet"..."Still expediting with the supplier"..Then when I stepped in to try my luck today, they smiled and told me a cheery yes, they got organic pork, as well as organic lamb too.

So I bought some home. :) 

Organic Pork..the loin, fillet, hind (in cubes) and liver

 Organic Lamb Rack

Friday, March 18, 2011

Why go Raw? (A pictorial illustration)

*The following post is extracted from Dog Food Chat forum. Dear Linsey, Thanks for your great (and cute) post on why feeding kibbles make no sense at all. I agree with you fully and totally love your post. Thumbs-up! Thanks for letting me share it on my blog too, really appreciate it. 

If you feed kibble, and are offended at the fact that I think it makes absolutely no sense, please.... just close this thread now, and be on your merry way. If you can appreciate some logical, sound thinking... read on.

Variety is key- in ANY kind of diet. We all know this. It's common sense. One food, day in and day out, over the course of time- no good for anyone. Processed or not.

When a raw fed dog eats chicken, it looks something like this:

When a kibble fed dog eats chicken, it's something like this: 

When a raw fed dog gets beef, their meal might look like:

Oh, yay! Kibble fed dog is done with chicken! Time to rotate in BEEF!

My dogs love fish. When a raw fed dog eats fish, they might get something like:

Alright! Kibble dog is done with chicken AND beef! Lucky dog! Time for Fish!!

Lamb time, for raw dog!

This kibble fed dog has a sensitive tummy, and my vet convinced me that he's allergic to chicken, so now he has to have all lamb. You can see how different it is from all the "other" kibbles.

Turkey time for raw dog!!

Kibble dog gets a new food!! Turkey! Yeah!

Mmm, pork ribs. Raw Dog is happy.

Kibble dog loves pork. It's so... different.

Mmmm, Duck. Raw dog loves duck. The bones are so easy to nom nom nom. Kinda like chicken bones. But better. Mmmmm, duck!

Kibble dog also loves duck. Hoorahhh for variety!

Wow! Mom found a hunter that needed to clean out his freezer of last year's kills! I get RABBIT! I are happy raw dog.

Woo hoo, sale at the dog food store! Dad sprung for rabbit! And I almost thought he was a cheap ol' sucker. Only $70 a bag for rabbit. mmm.

Mmm, raw dog loves venison. So... gamey!

Kibble dog likes how.... crunchy... venison is. mmm.

Alright, alright. I'll be done.

I just think it irks me that people are like: "You feed WHAT?! raw meat?! that's so weird! Haven't you heard of DOG FOOD!?"

Yeah, buddy, I'M the weird one.
have you even SEEN what your dog eats.

Merry Christmas everyone, kibble fed dogs and all.

Friday, March 11, 2011

The Animal Communication (AC) Workshop

I'm so excited! :D On the next weekend, I will be attending the 'Animal Communication (AC) Workshop' that I have signed up for during early January. 

These are two books recommended by my friend. I have started reading one of them and it's good. *Thanks Iris. 
Left: "Beyond Words, Talking with Animals and Nature" by Marta Williams &
Right: "Kinship with All Life" by J. Allen Boone
Besides the two books, I also got another book by one of the authors.
"Learning Their Language, Intuitive Communication with Animals and Nature"
by Marta Williams
Rossi gal is my motivation for attending the workshop. I want to be able to communicate with her at a more personal level and to have a deeper understanding of her emotions, needs & wants. (*I have also heard it's much easier to communicate with other animals than my own, but I will do my best.) 

I have thought communication is only possible with animals, but through my friend and the book that I'm currently reading ("Beyond Words"), I have learnt that it is not just with animals, but with nature as well..trees, plants, flowers, rocks, wind, water..every aspect of nature. This is known as "Intuitive Communication". So Amazing. 

There are three levels for the AC workshop. I have signed up for the first two levels and for the final level, it will be later on. For my workshop, these are some items that I need to bring along, as per the email sent to me. 

1. A photo of my Rossi gal => Will be bringing a recent one.

2. A note book to take notes 

3.Something I use with Rossi gal (e.g. leash, collar, his favourite toy etc ) => Will be taking her body harness.  

4. A photo of a pet that has passed on => NA

5. A photo of a tree that I have feelings for or feel an association with => Gota go back & locate the tree near my granny's house, where I used to pick up love seeds around it when I was a kid. Hope the tree is still there now.

6. A photo of a night sky

7. 1 or 2 big bottles of water for drinking 

It's all so interesting! I'm so looking forward to this. :P 

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Whole Rabbit

I used to get the Rabbit saddle for Rossi gal, but now I got the whole Rabbit for her..which is so much better, as she gets to munch the other Rabbit parts too! :>

Whole Rabbit (with organs intact)

Section-ed out for Rossi gal's meals 
Rossi gal was watching me (or rather the rabbit, haha) the whole time I was cutting it up. But not today, my little darling..Mummy will let you eat the rabbit on another day. Today you munch the drummie. ;p

Dehydrated Kidney

This was my first time using an organ meat (kidney) for dehydration. Daddy couldn't quite stand the smell of organ meats, so he stayed in the living room while I processed them on my own. (I'm still ok with the smell. Daddy's nose too sensitive liao..haha)

Raw Pork Kidney Slices

 The end product, 'Raw Dehydrated Kidney'.
Looks pretty nicely done. Crispy too. Rossi gal loves it, munched it up eagerly. (like she does for all her dehydrated meat treats.)

Besides meats, I will be using organs to dehydrate treats for her in future. I will also try out others like heart and liver.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

What I got for Rossi gal today..

After a morning of exercise, daddy, me and Rossi gal dropped by the butchery to get some stuff before going home. Daddy & Rossi gal remained in the car, while mummy went to shop herself. Initially, I had just wanted to get some pork and maybe 'window-shop' abit... 

When I walked in, the lamb section was right before me, so I took a look at what they have and decided to get some lamb meaty bones for Rossi gal too. (*Regina, I finally got the lamb shank,haha.)

Pork heart & kidney, with Lamb shoulder rack & Lamb Shank
As I was queuing up to pay for my stuff, I glanced casually towards the frozen section and saw two frozen rabbits in the lower section of the freezer. I did go to the freezer to get the pork organs earlier, but didnt notice the rabbits until then. Without hesitation, I leaned over to the freezer and grabbed one rabbit.

Whole Rabbit
Around evening time, I collected some eggs from Iris. This is my first time getting this brand. The eggs look nice and fair. Then the best thing is, they are Organic Free Range eggs. (*Thanks Iris.)

I gave one to Rossi gal for dinner.

What a pretty, sunny yolk!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Another Order Arrived !

Just received another order today. I made this order a week back. Delivery was pretty fast too. I received it faster than expected.

These are what I got for Rossi gal. 

Left: Organic Herbal Shampoo,
Right: Organic Healing Salve

Hope a change of shampoo will improve her skin and coat. The salve looks quite good too. I love the idea of using herbal / natural stuff on her both internally and externally. (Especially Turned Off by those "professionally-endorsed" poisons.)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New Read

*Once again, Thanks Regina for the recommendation.  

Made a reservation for this book a week ago and yesterday, it was ready for collection at the library. I haven't started reading it yet, just had a run through of its contents, it looks good.  
'The Whole Pet Diet, Eight Weeks to Great Health for Dogs and Cats'
by Andi Brown