Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Rubie, My Personal Massuer

After being with us for nearly 1 & a half month, Rubie did something very interesting yet so sweet, to me.

On Monday night, Rubie jumped onto my lap and massaged me. She also massaged me yesterday morning & night, as well as this morning. A total of 4 times. :)

It is a completely new experience to me. But I do like the feeling of being massaged. She does the massage so well. It feels so nice & comforting. ^_^ 

And she does it only on me. LOL! Daddy was feeling kinda 'jealous' about it. ;D 

Her act of massaging is known as 'kneading' or 'making biscuits'.

Daddy and I have seen Rubie kneading the towel on her beds several times, but we didn't expect that she would actually knead me too. :)

Why Do Cats Knead?
Why Do Cats Knead on People?

The above links list some reasons for their kneading behaviour.

For me, Rubie's kneading on me is an expression of love & contentment. I feel special & loved too, with every up-down motion of her paws.  

Video of the very first time Rubie kneaded me. (Monday, 27 May)
Link to video: Rubie's Kneading 1

Another video of Rubie kneading me. (Tuesday, 28 May)
Link to video: Rubie's Kneading 2

In the first video, she started off her first kneading on my thigh. 

In the second video, she moved on to knead my belly. I love how she gazed at me as she did her kneading here.

After kneading, she rested herself on my lap and dozed off shortly. She was on my lap for quite some while. I'm glad she feels comfortable with me.


I hope Daddy & I can give her the love & attention that she was so lacking in the first 9 years of her life.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Rubie's Cat Condo

I have been sourcing for a cat condo (or cat tree) for Rubie. 

Daddy wanted one with a hammock and stairs for her. He thought it would be nice to have a hammock for her to rest in 'mid-air' and as for the stairs, it is with her age in mind. He didn't want her jumping up and down too much, so he asked me to look for one with stairs to help her move up & down more easily. 

After some sourcing, I found the cat condo that fits Daddy's requirements. Therefore, I ordered it in. It arrived unassembled.

After assembling, here it is, Rubie's very own cat condo. :) I feel that every cat should have one of these to play, scratch and nestle on.

When Rubie saw the cat condo, Daddy and I caught her smiling. She looks really happy with it. :D

She thinks her cat condo is interesting. ;)

She sleeps in it too. ;p

And she looks so contented. ^_^

Rubie has brought smiles n laughs to us with her funny antics & strange habits. I have never expected her to make us smile or laugh, but she did, in her own way. She seems to understand when I talk to her. She seems to know when I'm telling her about unhappy things. She just sits near me n listens quietly. I ask her to give in to Rossi gal, she understands & I can see from her behavior & actions that she is doing so. Rubie is a very sweet girl. She is the sweetest cat I have ever met. It's her ex-owner's loss for abandoning her.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Rubie Enjoying Raw

Rubie loves her raw meals and looks forward to them daily. :) 

She is still on 2 meals and I intend to continue her on the routine at least for the time being. But if I find she does better on 2 meals, I will just continue with it. I have read somewhere that unlike dogs, cats do better on more meals per day. But anyway, I just go with her progress. Watever works for her.

Click video=> Rubie Enjoying her Raw Meal

From my observations, Rubie's favorite meat is chicken. She likes kangaroo and venison too. She always finishes her meal very fast when I give her chicken. When she sees kangie or venny on her plate, she will attack it first. *If chicken happens to be on the same plate with the kangie/venny, she will go for the chicken followed by the kangie/venny.

She is ok with beef, lamb & veal. But she really dislikes pork. Whenever pork is on her plate, she would always leave it untouched. I would ve to nag at her, cut the pork into super tiny pieces and put the plate right in front of her face before she will finish up. And she takes ages to finish up. Well, I decided, since she doesn't like pork, it's off her menu. She can have other red meats instead. LOL.

Unlike my darling, who gobbles up everything I feed her.

I find that cats do have an attitude. Cattitude. LOL.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

New Air Sterilizer

During the month of April, I blogged about new additions to our new home. One of the new additions is an Air Ionizer, for air purification and sterilisation. I also blogged how the improved air quality made a difference to Rossi gal, me and Daddy & benefitted us.

The air ionizer's coverage is just nice for our bedroom, but we find that it doesn't provide the amount of coverage we wanted for the living room area. Thus, we decided to invest in a new air machine with a wider coverage. 

After looking around, we set our eyes on this Air Sterilizer.

We will use the air ionizer in our bedroom and the new air sterilizer will be used for the living room.

It's another good investment & wonderful addition to our new home! :)