Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Little Sensitivity

All I need, is a little sensitivity. 

I wish I have answers too. I wish there are people I can consult too. However, there is none.

*Unfortunately, from experience, the vet is not someone I can consult or rely on.

I do not wish to come across as being selfish, but Rossi has her own issues and I havent been able to figure out, much less, resolve. Her skin is my top most concern. Since day 1, she has skin issues & I have been managing her skin since then.

It is quite apparent to me that her skin is something I have to manage for long-term and I'm prepared for that. I have her to worry about and care for. I really can't afford to divert too much of my attention to others. I dun have the time and energy.

I must say thanks to Daddy. He has been wonderful. He has been by my side all this time, working hand in hand with me, for our darling. Without his support, I would not have been able to persevere on.

Like I have always said, Raw has helped her skin, but it is not a miracle cure as some might like to think.

It seems her skin is just this sensitive & it is just in her. Just like us humans, by default, some have oily skin and are prone to acne, while some have normal skin with few/minimal outbreaks and there are also the lucky ones with flawless skin.

As much as I wish she falls under the category of lucky ones or at least, the normal skin category, she's neither of them.

I need a little sensitivity. Spare a little thought for my feelings. If I dun even have an answer for my darling, how do I have answers for others? If I can't even resolve my darling's issues, how can I help resolve others' issues?

Whatever I do for Rossi is what I feel is best for her. When something doesnt seem to work, I will stop and move on to another way. I also do trial and error to see which ways or methods work for her. I can't say for sure what I do is definitely right too.

At times, I really dun wan & dun like to talk about or be asked about what I do and dun do for her.

Please spare me a little sensitivity. I would really appreciate it.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

What's in the Box?

A big box just arrived for Rossi gal.

What's in there? @@ Ok, here it goes: 

Item 1

I have been wanting to get this bumper bed for Rossi gal & finally, I got it. :P

The bed's stuffing is made from 100% recycled IntelliLoft created from reclaimed plastic soda bottles, which makes it an eco-friendly product. The bed looks & feels very comfy too. :>  Benefits both Rossi gal & the environment (in a way).

A good investment for her.

Item 2 

This nap bed is requested by Daddy. He wants me to get it for our darling.

The nap bed is eco-friendly inside & out, with 85% of the fabric comprising of IntelliLoft fibers, created from recycled plastic soda bottles. It also contains an extra layer of IntelliLoft 50% recycled poly batting for increased comfort and support.

Another good investment for Rossi gal. :>

 Item 3

When it comes to her shampoos, I would look for those targetted at skin conditions and I prefer those with natural or organic ingredients. 

She is currently on Keys MetaClean Natural Healing Shampoo. After this, I will start her on the Pop's shampoo. Both the Keys and Pop's shampoo fit my requirements. 

Item 4 
Made the order for this item with the intention of using it clean her eye area. When she gets irritation in her eyes, I can use it too. Other than eyes, it can also be used for the nose.  
Something good to have in her first aid kit. Animals' Apawthecary is a good brand for herbal products / remedies too.
Item 5  
Another item from Animals' Apawthecary. This is a repeat order, her 3rd bottle of herbal ear rinse.
I like this ear rinse. It is natural & soothing on the ears, gently cleansing them of things like dirt and ear wax. It smells fine too. Before this, I was using another brand of ear cleanser, it had this "medicinal" smell that I didn't like.
That's all the stuff in her box of goodies
I'm always happy to shop for my darling & pamper her. ^_^

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Cream

I just wanna do a quick blog on this product I have bought recently. It is recommended by my frens, who have used it & found it to be effective. Thanks to them for sharing their experiences with me. :>

On & off, Rossi gal still gets her share of rashes / hot spots, especially so when the weather turns hot. I have been searching for a good remedy for her rashes / hot spots and have also tried a number of other products, but they didnt seem to work in the way I wanted them to. I wasn't quite satisfied with the results.

After I got my hands on The Cream, I started using it on her. To my delight, her rashes began to reduce in redness and heal quite nicely within days of application. I'm quite happy with the results I see. The cream will be another essential included in Rossi gal's First aid kit.

*Note: Results may vary with different furkids. 

As per the label, The Cream contains natural emollients with hydrating effects. Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Calendula and Lavender extracts provide anti-inflammatory, anti-bacteria, anti-phlogistic, soothing and healing effects. It is also fragrance & colour free, with no unneccessary additives, no animal testing / ingredient & fit for human use.

I like it that it is all-natural & can be used by humans as well. I cannot tolerate stuff containing chemicals when it comes to Rossi gal. Especially those ingredients with obscure or hard-to-pronounce names, they put me on red alert. @@

The Cream is available at:

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

One Meal a Day

Currently, I'm in the midst of switching Rossi gal to 1 meal a day. Over the past 3 & a half years, I have been feeding her 2 meals daily, so what led to the decision to change?

In a way, it is Rossi gal, who "decides" she wants 1 meal instead of 2. I notice that she don't really have much of an appetite in the morning. She would still eat her breakfast when I feed her, but she would eat it kinda hesitantly. Then when it comes to dinner, she would anticipate her food and eat it up heartily, without hesitation.

Anyway, I have always observed that her appetite is much better after an exercise session (play or walk) & during the evening at dinner time, as compared to the morning. A reason why I hesitated to switch her to one meal all this while, is cos I'm afraid she would feel hungry during the day when daddy & I are at work. Therefore, since her kibble & homecook days to her current raw diet, I have been sticking to 2 meals a day.

I have read in various raw sites that it is recommended to feed 1 meal a day, though feeding 2 meals is fine too. Reasons for feeding 1 meal include; provides the opportunity to give a bigger & more challenging meal, provides the furkid with a more satisfying & "fuller" meal, easier to control food intake & *convenience. I do agree with them.

The thought of giving her 1 meal a day has always been at the back of my mind. As I continue to observe her having a lesser appetite in the morning, I decide to change her to 1 meal.

Till date, Rossi gal has been on 1 meal for a week. Her body is still in the midst of adjusting to having a meal a day, which is expected when there are changes in the diet, especially knowing that she is the sensitive type.

Based on what I observed during this one week, I do feel that that 1 full meal works better for her than 2 smaller meals. She has this satisfied look after her meal, an expression I dun really see when she was on 2 meals.

My usual practice every morning, is to leave a bowl of treats for her before I go off to work. For now, I increased the amount of treats for her, as she adjusts to the change to 1 meal. (Other than the amount shown in the bowl, I do give her abit more by hand. More treats needed during this time, which means more work for the dehydrator. LOL.)   

Then I also take note not to give her too much in one meal at this transition stage. I would eventually work up to the desired quantity I wanna feed her. At the same time, I also feed her a higher/heavier bone content to help in her transition to 1 meal.

There are different ways to transit from 2 to 1 meal. For example, a way is by decreasing the amount of food fed in the morning, while increasing the amount fed at night. Another way is by feeding 2 meals closer to each other then eventually becoming 1 meal (read it somewhere, but not sure how its exactly done). One more way is by switching cold turkey.

My way trends towards cold turkey. Some might not agree with how I do it, like the giving of treats or going cold turkey, but that's my choice. Well, I must say I really hate to be questioned for my choices or my way of doing things.

Feeding one meal a day enables me to feed a big meal like this:

This whole leg is much bigger than as shown in the picture. After she finished this meal, she looked so satisfied & dozed off shortly. ^^

*No doubt feeding 1 meal a day is convenient, but convenience is never a reason for my wanting to change her to 1 meal. No matter how busy I am in the morning, rushing for work or wat, I will make sure I prepare the meal for her before going to work & I have been doing so from day 1 till now. Even when she was on homecook, I wake up earlier just to re-heat her food & feed her in the morning before going to work. I do not make excuses like I gota rush for work or it's too rushing for me to prepare her food in the morning. At times, when I really need to go out at night & daddy is not able to come home in time to feed her, I will go back home just to give her dinner & go out again for my appointment thereafter. I believe it is a matter of whether the pawrent/owner is willing to make the effort for the furkid.

Signing off with a cutie pic of my darling. :P