Friday, December 31, 2010

Korean Red Ginseng

Daddy is Home! He bought this from Korea for Rossi gal.

"Korean Red Ginseng Extract"
in Large, Medium & Small Sizes.
(Guess which one is for Rossi gal...)
Tata! Rossi gal got the Large one!
Mummy got the Medium one & Daddy, the Small one. :>  

Korean Red Ginseng, also known as " Panax Ginseng", is a whole-body tonic that contributes to good heath. Benefits of consuming Korean Ginseng include boosting the immune system, increasing energy & vitality and enhancing the heart function.

Thank You Daddy!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Daddy is Overseas!

Last night, Daddy was doing last minute packing for his business trip to Korea. Rossi gal was blissfully unaware. She was busy sniffing through Daddy's clothing and stuff as he packed.

Daddy gave Rossi gal extra extra hugzz & kisses before we all went to bed. He told her that he will miss her alot alot, though the trip was a short one.

Luckily, it's a short trip, if not Mummy gonna suffer a serious case of panda eyes from prolonged lack of sleep, cos Rossi gal cannot sleep well without Daddy by her side. She will always wait up for Daddy at the corner of the bed facing the door, no matter how late daddy comes home everyday. Such pure love for her Daddy. ~_~  

Poor Mummy cannot bear to leave her alone and sleep herself. Mummy will end up waiting up with Rossi gal and we doze off together as we wait. On and off, doze off..wake up..doze off..wake up..leading to lack of sleep, thus Mummy's panda eyes.  @_@

Daddy is not gonna be home so soon this time. This morning, he was hauling his luggage to the door while Rossi gal watched on and wondered what he was doing with those big baggies. She kept beckoning Daddy over with her little paw paw and climbed right into his arms, kissing him repeatedly, like she knew Daddy was going to somewhere far away from home and not the usual routine of going to work. Guess she somehow sensed it.

Daddy told Mummy to take care of Rossi gal and myself when he's not around, then off he went.

[*Earlier, Mummy was kidding to Daddy that Mummy should ve been the one going to Korea, cos Mummy likes K-dramas (plus a few 'exceptional' actors) & has a keen appreciation for K-cuisine. Daddy actually wished he's flying to Japan instead. Hmm..maybe Daddy will bring some kimchi home for Mummy? Haha.]

Now Daddy is on the plane soaring among the clouds to Korea. 

Daddy! Mummy & Rossi gal will be waiting for you to come home soon! Take care of yourself for us too!

Tata Daddy!  *Muak Muak*

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Rossi gal's X'mas Breakfast - Taiwan Black Pig

Merry Merry X'mas to mummy's little darling, Rossi gal gal.

"Sukiyaki Black Pig Collar topped with a Sunny Egg Yolk & a Sprinkle of Spirulina"

Friday, December 24, 2010

Sakura Eggs

*Update (as of Year 2011): I do not get more Sakura Eggs after this one time purchase. I choose to get organic/free range eggs for her, which I feel is so much better for her.

I chanced upon this while doing some grocery shopping this afternoon and got one pack for Rossi gal to try.

The Sakura Eggs are laid by Sakura Chickens, which are raised without the use of growth hormones and antibiotics. From what I read, the chickens are given special feed made by the Japan Lactobacillus feed fermentation technology.

Perhaps it has been around for a while, but it's just that I have not gone to shop here for quite some time, so I didnt see it until today. ;p  I personally think the sakura eggs are worth a try.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Berkshire Pork & Turkey

Meats bought for Rossi gal today.

Berkshire Pork Loin & Chop

Turkey Breast

Friday, December 17, 2010

Mummy's Letter to Rossi gal

Dearest Rossi gal,

Mummy is terribly sorry for all the times I raise my voice at you or smack your little bottom or both, but you don't know what you have done wrong to get this. In fact, you don't deserve this from mummy at all. Mummy should be patient with you no matter what. It's just that mummy is so tired at times from work+lack of sleep, and coupled with my short temper, mummy flares up quite easily.

There are also times when mummy do this, because I'm very worried about you. Like for example, when you continuously scratch a part of your body and mummy trys to stop you, but you could'nt stop doing so, that's when I will start to scream at you to stop. When you still continue scratching, that's when I will smack your little bottom. It's all because mummy do not want you to keep scratching, which can cause an outbreak of rashes on your skin and in turn, excerbate your skin condition.

Believe me, Mummy is full of guilt and regrets every time I raise my voice at you or smack your little bottom. Mummy have tried to hold back on my temper, at times, I managed to do so. But at times, Mummy failed to do so.

Mummy knows you are never angry with me. You will always show me your sad little face everytime I flare up. You will always shower me with many many kisses, so that mummy will not be angry with you anymore. This makes mummy even more guilty and regrets my actions even more. Daddy has also lectured mummy on my flaring up at you and on controlling my temper. Mummy quietly accept Daddy's lecture, cos I know I'm wrong.

Rossi gal, Sorry..Sorry..Sorry..for all the times mummy flared up at you. Mummy is not a good mummy during these times. You might even think that mummy do not love you during these times.

But mummy want to tell Rossi gal, mummy really love Rossi gal alot alot. Mummy is very very afraid of losing Rossi gal. Mummy worry about Rossi gal more than I worry about myself and daddy and anyone else. In Mummy's heart, my number 1 is Rossi gal.

Mummy will do my very best to be patient towards you. Mummy will do my very best to change.

Mummy is willing to spend on good food, good supplements and anything that will benefit your health. Mummy don't spend on myself like this, but for you, mummy will spend whatever $ I could on anything that can enhance your  well-being.  

Mummy rather stay home with you than go out, unless it's absolutely necessary, like going to work and buying your stuff.

Mummy chooses not to go on holidays, cos I will miss you so so much when I do not get to see you and I also do not want to leave you in the care of someone else, even if I know this someone will definitely help me take good care of you. To mummy, I am the best person taking care of you.

Some people around me (except frens who understand me) thinks I'm crazy not to go holidays cos of you, but mummy don't care. I have told them straight in the face that this is my choice, so it's none of their business. Mummy will not leave you alone here and go enjoy myself. Mummy won't enjoy myself too, knowing I left you alone here.

Anyone who mocks at you or makes any idiotic remarks towards you, Mummy will declare my stand to this person and end off any existing relations with this person. Mummy  have done so and will not hesitate to do it again.

Rossi love, my pride, my life, my world.

With lots and lots of love, hugs and kisses
from Mummy to my precious Baby, Rossi gal

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

New Playroom

Daddy has spent a few days thoroughly cleaning, tidying and arranging the Play Room for Rossi gal. (*Though Daddy refuses to say it, Mummy knows very well that in his heart, he loves Rossi gal to bits. ;p)

This is the room where Rossi gal will rest & relax when mummy and daddy are not at home. This will also be her private sanctuary when she wants time alone (or hideout when she has done something naughty).

But when it's bed-time, Rossi gal will be in bed together with mummy and daddy as usual.  :)

New Play Room

New Tent

New Pee Tray

Rossi gal in her play room

Monday, December 13, 2010

Where is the Effort?

There is something that has been on my mind. Right or wrong, this is how I truly feel. Any negative comments are best left unsaid, for I do not welcome any negative stuff on my space. I see nothing wrong in expressing my own opinions in my own space too.

I believe that one should make an effort to obtain the answer that one wants. If one has made an effort, but still could not get the answer, then  it's reasonable for one to seek another for help on the answer.

But if one never bothers to make an effort and simply leeches on another to get the answer, I find this attitude totally abhorrent. 

Also, there are some answers that are quite easily obtainable with a click of a finger.

There are times when answers have been sought for directly without any visible effort to seek them in the first place. I have experienced this with some individuals. I personally detest this sort of attitude and do not see a point in giving any answers. In the first place, I'm not obliged to do so anyway.

The only question in my mind is, "Where is the effort?"

Sunday, December 12, 2010

More Meat Shopping

The meats we got for Rossi gal today.

 A closer look at each of the meats..

Mutton Sukiyaki

Taiwan Black Pig Sukiyaki Collar

Emu Meat

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Cornish Game Hen

The Cornish Game Hen ' Uncovered'. It's a cute little hen. :>

The hen segregated by Mummy into respective parts - Drummies, Wings, Meat and Carcass, for Rossi gal's consumption over the weekend.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Rabbit Saddle

This is Rossi gal's second rabbit experience. On the first time, she ate it cooked and only the deboned meat. This time, she will eat both the rabbit meat and bones raw.

"Rabbit Saddle"

Deboned Rabbit Pieces & Kidneys for Rossi gal's dinner tonite.
Remaining Rabbit rib was Rossi gal's breakfast.

Rossi gal chomping away at the Rabbit Rib.