Thursday, September 30, 2010

New 'Hideout'

Nestling comfortably in her New 'Hideout' on a lazy afternoon..yawnzzz...

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Rossi gal's New "Toy"

Over the weekend, Daddy DIY a new "toy" for Rossi gal.

A DIY Tunnel for Rossi gal to run to & fro. The Tunnel is expandable by releasing the red leash. Idea by Daddy :) 

Rossi gal checking out the tunnel curiously and trying to figure out how to play with it :p


Tuesday, September 21, 2010


The following entry is purely my personal opinion in my own space. If there is any difference in opinion, please refrain from posting it. Any negative or argumentative comments are not appreciated and will be removed immediately.

As Rossi gal's mummy, I find it so important to be discerning towards the things advised by anyone, especially the professionals (we know who). This is not to say all things said are incorrect, but it is of utmost importance on my part to use discernment to retain the good and discard the impurities. 

I have learnt a painful lesson by placing my unwavering trust in these professionals or pros. It not only aggravated Rossi gal's condition, but it make me come to the realization that I should not have trusted any of them blindly. The fault is mine, for I should have practised my discernment towards their advices. Why put the blame on them when I am the one who have failed to discern for my gal? It was only when Rossi gal's skin condition worsened before I realised I have misplaced my trust. In my most honest opinion, their words are definitely Not gospel, though many still hold a strong belief in them.

Many believe in the importance of preventive Heartworm meds, deworming meds and spot-on tick & flea meds. Like them, I used to administer such meds on Rossi gal religiously. To ensure I remember to use these meds regularly, I used to mark both my home & office calendars; and set handphone reminder alarms to remind myself, fearing that Rossi gal will be attacked by mosquitoes, pests and parasites if I forget to do so. 

Besides, haven't the pros always emphasized how critical it is to adminster all these regularly without fail, or else our kids are at risk..? Considering the foreign ingredients on their labels, some of which I can't even pronounce, how safe are they? Are they safe for long term usage? Any side effects?

Another area that could not be emphasized enough, is 'Annual Vaccinations', whereby shots must be done on our furkids for every year of their entire life. Shots consist of a combination of various viruses, meant to create immunity in our kids against all sorts of harmful or fatal diseases.

Rossi gal had taken her 1st booster shot. She was actually a few days late for her 1st booster.The pro told me that a few days was fine, but if it's weeks or months late, a SERIES of shots taken during her puppy time might ve to be retaken! I was also reminded that her booster shot should be best taken on the same day next year to keep her immunity up to date! Sounds ridiculous.

Hmm..I'm very skeptical about this annual vac/booster thingy. For one, we ourselves do not take immunity shots for our entire life, why should they have it? Reasons like they are physically different from us or their vaccine types are different from us do not hold any weight. Vaccines are vaccines and they work the same way in providing immunity. Why should immunity be boosted over and over again?

With questions brimming in my mind, I decided that I must not be lazy anymore. I proceeded to dedicate hours into serious research, setting out to seek answers. It's tiring, but Rossi gal is worth every bit of my effort. My efforts were also rewarded with the answers that I had been searching for.

To make the long story short, after I got my answers, I decided on the following for Rossi gal. It may sound scary to some, but its my decision and I know why I'm doing this. Here it goes:

1) No Annual Vaccinations. Her 1st booster shot is her 1st and last. My personal stand on this is, Annual Vaccination is unnecessary. I believe this 1 shot is sufficient to provide the immunity she needs. Less is more. But I will continue to take her for yearly check ups / blood tests.

2) No Heartworm Meds.  I opt to take her for regular tests and use natural means for prevention.  

3) No Deworming Meds. I opt to use natural worming methods.

4) No Spot-On Tick & Flea Meds. I opt to use natural repellents.

I believe the first line of defence against parasites, infections and diseases is a good immune system, which is attainable with a good diet. And I firmly believe it is by giving a Raw Diet. They are designed to consume Raw.Their bodies are made to digest raw meat and bones. They need Raw for survival and sustenance. Just look at their teeth. They are pointed and angular, clearly made for tearing meat and crunching bones.

Ever wonder why more and more furkids' health is deteriorating? Why are they contracting illnesses/ diseases/ cancers even at a young age? Many of these illnesses/ diseases/ cancers are the very same ones that affect us too. Why?

In my humble but honest opinion, this is due to a combination of factors, with the first and foremost being the diet (Processed/Cooked). Others include genetics(which I'm not going into), as well as the ones mentioned above.  

I know any decision I make directly affects my Rossi gal, so I do my best to make the choices that best suit her based on my understanding of what she needs. I would not say I'm doing a fantastic job in caring for her, but there is not a single doubt that I give my very best to her.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Yummy Chicken Tenders

Rossi gal's new menu for the week, "Raw Chicken Tenders with Fresh Greens". Initially, I was quite hesitant in giving her raw chicken, as she used to exhibit allergic reactions to chicken in both the kibbled and cooked forms.

 As I did not want Rossi gal to miss out on chicken, I proceeded to do some reading up to see if it was possible to include it in her diet.

In my read-up, I read about some raw feeders, whose furkids had chicken allergies while on a dry/cooked diet, but did fine on raw chicken and also, learnt that raw chicken, which is in its natural,unaltered state (referring to chicken that is antibiotics & hormones free) is different from chicken in its processed/cooked state, whereby its chemical composition is already altered by heat. Thus, furkids should generally have no problem taking it raw, except maybe for some exceptional cases. With this, I decided to let Rossi try raw, organic chicken.

As per my earlier blog entries, I started off with chicken wings, followed by chicken drummie. She was fine with them and loves eating them, especially the drummie. This time, I'm giving her chicken breast meat. Needless to say, she loves it too! 

Monday, September 6, 2010

The Drummie Challenge

During the weekend, Rossi gal had a "drummie challenge". This is the biggest raw meaty bone I have given her so far. I'm glad to say she did pretty well on it. :)

Chicken Drummie up for Challenge

Rossi gal takes on the challenge and attacks the drummie with all her might.

The remains of the drummie after Rossi gal's fierce attack. She had wanted to devour it. But I took it away before she could do so, as I'm afraid she might swallow up this last bit without crunching. Not risking it.

I could really feel that she was satisfied physically from the generous amount of meat, as well as mentally from the gratifying meat-tearing and bone-crunching experience. This is something I have never witnessed when she was  on dry food or even homecooked.  

In my humble and honest opinion, the fulfillment of both the body and mind is something that can never be achieved with a processed or cooked diet.  

Rossi gal soundly asleep an hour after her drummie.

Sashimi Sashimi

The idea of giving raw fish in its whole form with its head, eyes, scales, fins, bones etc does not sit well with me. For one, I am not an avid fish consumer in its cooked whole form and have had quite some bad experiences with fish. I choked on fish bones quite a number of times during my younger days.

I must admit that I do not handle whole fish well. I do not know how Rossi will handle a whole fish, but I do not feel comfortable at all giving it to her. It is not a problem giving her lamb and chicken bones and she handles them pretty well too. But for whole fish, it is very difficult for me to get past the terrible feeling of choking on fish bones.

I have read that Artic breeds do well on fish. Rossi gal is not in this category, so I do not feel it's a must for her to have whole fish. Besides, based on an article I read about diets, her breed does particularly well on meats like lamb and chicken from the cattle and poultry groups respectively.

Despite this, I do not want to deprive her of having fish in her diet, so I decide to give her Sashimi, which is also my favorite form of fish. Though I do not do well on cooked fish with bones, I love fish in the form of Sashimi very much, especially Salmon.

Homemade Dory Sashimi

Yes, I have read books and heard from raw feeders that they could handle a whole fish. But for me, I do not want to risk it. I believe in giving Rossi gal foods that I am most comfortable with. I do not have to follow what others are doing or do something just because it is deemed to be good. What works best for others might not be the best for my Rossi gal. I believe in doing what's best for Rossi gal based on my understanding of her condition. No one knows Rossi gal better than Mummy. ;p

Friday, September 3, 2010

My World = Rossi gal

This is my personal post, where every expression and opinion belong to me solely. If anyone has any strong opinions or disagreement against my words, it is best left unsaid and unknown, for it will neither be appreciated nor reciprocated.  

My world is Rossi gal. This might sound crazy to many and probably they are thinking I'm bonkers, so be it..But this is exactly the way it is, my world is her, just as her world is me. She is my everything, my daughter, my family, my world. Likewise to her, I am her everything, her mummy, her family, her world.

She is the first I see when I awake, the first to greet me when I'm home, the first to comfort me when I'm down and she is always the one waiting for me to be home all the time. She has every right to be my world regardless of what anyone thinks.

I can still bring myself to tolerate senseless individuals who verbally or suggestively attacks me, but I am unable to tolerate attacks of any sort at Rossi gal. Regardless of who that individual is, I will charge at this person with the vengence of a raging bull. I have to protect my Rossi gal.

In fact, I have ceased relations with some individuals because of some insensitive things they have knowingly or unknowingly said about Rossi gal. Perhaps they think they are doing a wonderfully noble deed by awakening my demented mind and prying my crazed eyes to view Rossi gal in layman terms and being what she is, she is not worth my love or attention.

To me, they themselves are the truck-load of crap. They are the ones who need to have their minds purged of filth and disgust. Their minds need a good, thorough cleansing to rid them of their nasty thoughts. I do not hesitate to break my contact with such  pompous individuals. I truly believe the world will be a better place without such personalities.

Extreme? Perhaps, Perhaps not. It's quite apparent that I am unable to condone these individuals, so I see no reason to stay in touch or even be cordial at all. Any individual who does not even give Rossi gal the basic respect in their speech or gesture is showing a huge disrespect towards me. Individuals like this have no business anywhere near me, for I want absolutely nothing to do with such people.

Way before I met Rossi gal, my hubby made me promise that when the little one we take home, cross over to the rainbow bridge one day, I must not be overly sad or affected, if not he would not allow me to take in the little one. At that point in time, I answered rationally that this was a path that every living being, including him and myself would walk on eventually. I assured him that I would take it in my stride. This was truly how I felt back then.

But I know very well now, that my promise to him holds no more. I cannot live without Rossi gal. Whenever I am reminded of the far far away future when she must walk the destined path, I will be overwhelmed with extreme sadness and heartache. It is not something I want to think about. But whenever I receive news of others losing their sweet babies, my thoughts will inadvertently drift to Rossi gal.

I secretly hope in my heart that when it's Rossi gal's time, I will cross over with her. I do not want to be left behind. I want to go where she is. Likewise, if I go first, I want to take her with me. I do not want to leave her behind too. If there is an afterlife, I want to be with her forever.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Succulent Pork Nuggets

There are raw feeders who are not in favour of giving raw pork due to hygiene, parasitic or nutritional reasons. However, I am not deterred by them.

I believe in giving a variety of meat sources, including pork, in Rossi gal's diet. I believe that as long as I get the meat from a trusted source and handle the meat as I would for my own consumption, there is no cause for concern in her eating pork at all.

In terms of nutrition, yes, Pork may not be as nutritious compared to richer meats like chicken and lamb, but for variety purpose, it's definitely good to include it as part of her diet.

On the other hand, the nutritional level of the pork may also vary with factors like, the pig species, rearing method, country of origin and type of feed. Certain pig varieties can be higher in nutritional value than others.

Rossi is having "Kurobuta Pork Nuggets" this week. 

I guess its all up to individual. I also know of raw feeders who do not hesitate to feed raw pork and its parts like the hooves and ears. As far as I'm concerned, I'm confident in the sources of the different raw meats I give Rossi gal.

Finally, Rossi Gal's First Wing

Finally, Rossi gal got her first shot at Chicken Wings.

A Pair of Wings for Dinner


Rossi gal happily munching on her wings.

'Paw-ly' Licking Good..She enjoyed her wings so much. ;>