Monday, February 27, 2012

The Sisters' Reunion: Rossi & Cookie

26 February 2012 is a very special day for Rossi gal & us. This is the day, where Rossi gal & her biological sister got reunited after 3 years.

We wanna say a big thanks to our dear fren, Elydia, for making this reunion possible for the two sisters. :) 

So how was Rossi gal's sister found?

In a nutshell 
We celebrated Rossi gal's 3rd birthday and posted up photos of it. When Elydia saw my post, she told me that coincidentally, her fren's female papillon was also celebrating her 3rd birthday on the same day as Rossi gal. Then she wondered if they could be sisters. Upon hearing this, I told her that Rossi gal does have a sister. I have seen her sister. She has black & white markings/colours. The person at the shop also told us that they are the only two gals in the litter. I went on to verify more details through Elydia, like where her fren got her papillon from and her markings/colors etc. After the verification, it is confirmed that they are indeed biological sisters. :)

It is so amazing that Rossi gal is able to reunite with her sister and it is through Elydia, who knows both us and her sister's owner. :)

So now, it's pictures' time! ;p

Rossi gal & her sister, Cookie, meeting for the first time after 3 years.

See the resemblence?

Their facial expressions, the way they look at people and their demenour are so alike. Well, they are sisters afterall! LOL.

The most significant difference between them is their markings/colours. (Rossi gal is black & white with a touch of brown, whereas Cookie is black & white.) Both are pretty gals anyway. :>

Last but Not Least, their Handsome escort in Shining Armour, Max, is here with them. (Maxie is Elydia's little darling.) And we love having him around! :D

We are glad to know Cookie is with a family, who loves her. The people in her family are very nice too. We had an enjoyable time of meeting and sharing with them. It is a happy gathering. ^_^

Friday, February 17, 2012

Rossi gal - Before and After Grooming

Rossi gal had a grooming session lately. Ya, its been quite a while since she was groomed professionally. Most of the time, daddy and I 'upkeep' her on our own. Just simple stuff like brushing her furs, cleaning her ears, snipping some butt furs and trimming some nails (the most challenging part).

Then I decided it was time for a grooming session. The fringe on both her ears were also getting long and causing irritation to her eyes when it got into them, especially when the wind blew on her ears. I wanted the fringe there to be trimmed shorter. At the same time, the furs at her shoulder area were thickening and daddy would like them to be trimmed down & neaten up. The trimming needed the hands of a professional groomer.

Through my friend, I got to know this really nice home groomer, Elydia. She goes to the home of the furkids and does grooming in the comfort of their home. 

She is very patient and gentle towards my Rossi gal. (*Patience and gentleness, these are two very important qualities I look for in a groomer.) Well, Rossi gal hates grooming...but who likes to be groomed anyway? LOL. But Elydia took care of her very well and groomed her very nicely. I am very happy with what she did. On top of this, she is also a very cheerful and friendly lady. Besides being Rossi gal's groomer, we have become friends too.  :) 

Personally, I recommend her service to anyone who is looking for a nice, patient and gentle groomer. If anyone is interested to try her grooming, you can contact her here. => PetEly Elydia  

Before grooming: Still spotting the 'long-fringey' look.

After grooming: Looking neater and brighter with shorter ear fringe.  

Thanks Elydia!  ^_^

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Rossi gal's New Tellington TTouch Harness

On the recommendation of my fren, I placed the order for the 'Tellington TTouch Harness' for Rossi gal. At the same time, I was also looking to get a new harness for her.

After my fren got the TTouch harness for her dogs, I got the chance to borrow hers and try it on Rossi gal. It fitted her nicely and she seemed comfy wearing it. Thus, I decided to get it for her too.   

I ordered the harness before the Chinese New Year. And it arrived yesterday afternoon in my mailbox after about 10 business days.

So what is so special about this TTouch harness?

Based on the webby, 'TTouch works on the nervous system, helping to improve mental, physical and emotional balance and bringing in turn an enhanced ability to learn and co-operate by opening new channels of communication.'

A look at the TTouch harness. I like the contrasting colour combination of red and black...

Rossi gal with the harness. Front view...

Rossi gal with the harness. Side view...

The harness suits her well. It fits her snugly and the contrasting red-black design complements her nicely too.